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Costa Rica

Instagram photos and videos at Costa Rica

🎉CONGRATULATIONS🎉✨Birder of the day ➡️ @chinowongcr ✨OUR FAMILY MEMBER✨ ✨Bird of the Day ➡️ Scarlet Macaw ✨Location : Costa Rica ------------------------------------------- Thanks for sharing this fantastic bird capture. For more great photos visit the gallery of @chinowongcr . #ybb_chinowongcr  #ybb_scarletmacaw -------------------------------------------- ➡️Photo selected by Jan @jklewis52 ------------------------------------------- ✨WANT TO BE FEATURED? ✨ . ➡️Please tag your birds #your_best_birds ➡️Please follow us @your_best_birds ➡️Please indicate your bird's species & location ➡️HubDirectory Member since Jan 2015. ------------------------------------------- #thetweetsuites #thebirdingsquad #ig_discover_birdslife #bns_birds #feather_perfection #only_raptors #eye_spy_birds #birding_lounge #perfect_birds #fowl_waterfowl #planetbirds #kings_animals_love
#internationalforestday 🦎🌱🍃
this chapter feels really good.
Amo tus pies  sino porque anduvieron  sobre la tierra, y sobre el viento, y sobre el agua, hasta que me encontraron. #junglewoman
Pre wedding night vibes in Costa Rica for my A1 @bconn1002
The other day I was having a conversation with someone about tennis, and I said how I feel at my most relaxed when I’m on a tennis court. 🎾⁣ —⁣ Yet, I realised that I’ve only played a handful of times this winter — go figure?! 🤷‍♂️⁣ —⁣ I’ve been working hard to strengthen my body in the gym @equinox so it only makes sense that I channel those efforts into other parts of my life, too! 💪⁣ —⁣ As it’s the first day of spring (yay!) I’m making a commitment to myself to live better by making more time for this sport that I love to play. ✨ #eqxambassador #makeyousmilestyle #itsnotfitnessitslife
Right now, you have two choices: Comfort or change  Most people choose to remain the same, Until life cracks them open and they finally see That who they have been is not who they are meant to be There is all this talk of letting go As though it were effortless to surrender our sorrow But I prefer to let the world in  So that I am not numb to feeling the warm sun on my skin  Or the smell of a rose blooming in the night  We give life meaning so whether you think it’s good or bad, you’re right 🌹 Video @dakotaadan thank you for bringing the poem to life
MY COSTA RICA TRIP IS LIVE!  From August 12th to 17th, I want to travel with YOU! I’ve worked with @trovatrip to curate a dream vacation,  packed with hiking, sightseeing, wildlife adventures, incredible food, and, of course, highly Instagrammable moments! 😜 Sign up today to explore the paradise of Costa Rica with me. Let’s create some unforgettable memories! Who’s in? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🌿 LINK IN PROFILE 🌿
WE are in this TOGETHER 🖤 #hexagonians #tourlife
Día del síndrome de down ❤️
Who else got a B-cup booty? A B-cup booty means that you’re not flat, but you’ve never in your life thought to yourself “do they like me, or just my ass?” A B-cup booty has the potential to look bomb in select angles, but put on some low rise jeans and you look like a bean. A B-cup booty won’t get you compliments from strangers, but it might get you the occasional, “okay, I see you jr. Whopper!” from people who know you well. #proudbcupboodyowner
Little #tbt to the best party of my life back in January in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Two days full of fun, incredible music and dance at @ocasofestival with these beauties who I’m counting the days down to see! Are you girls ready? #ocasofestival #puravidalife #tomorrowland2019 #studio4lara
“Las adversidades de la vida producen dolores, pero la falta de propósito y sentido de vida hacen el dolor insoportable”. #yokoikenji “Constantemente buscamos reinventarnos para mantener nuestro proposito fresco, nuestro mensaje es actual y práctico pero no un secreto para hacer riqueza, es más bien un despertar de humanidad para intentar vivir mejor en épocas afanes efímeros”  Si usted asiste a nuestras conferencia en vivo siempre encontrará un mensaje fresco y nuevo, combinado también con algunos clásicos para no olvidar lo esencial, pero especialmente un mensaje lleno de esperanza sin proselitismo político ni religioso, apenas nuestra humanidad.
The White-necked Jacobins primarily feed on nectar taken from a variety of brightly colored, scented small flowers of trees, herbs, shrubs and epiphytes. They favor flowers with the highest sugar content (often red-colored and tubular-shaped) and seek out, and aggressively protect, those areas containing flowers with high energy nectar.They use their long, extendible, straw-like tongues to retrieve the nectar while hovering with their tails cocked upward as they are licking at the nectar up to 13 times per second. Sometimes they may be seen hanging on the flower while feeding.  See these beautiful birds in Costa Rica with @tropicalphototours you won’t be disappointed!  Live life with passion,  see the beauty in all things  and share it with the world.  #nikon #d4s 600mm 1:4 ISO2000  F/4  1/250  Please visit @audubonsociety  and support the Audubon Society at www.audubon.org  #photoarena_nature #exclusive_bird #macro_freaks #global4nature #eye_spy_birds #animalelite #bestnatureshots #igscwildlife #nature_sultans #ig_discover_birdslife #kings_birds #best_birds_of_ig #your_best_birds #exclusive_animal #nature_brilliance #animalbestshots_member #bird_brilliance #exclusive_wildlife  #igworld_nature #animals_in_world #wildlifeowners #macro_vision #instanaturefriends_ #bns_birds #animal_sultans #yourshotphotographer
Costa Rica looks so nice! 😱 Tag someone to go here with! 🏷 FOLLOW 👉 @tv.earth 👈 FOR MORE FOLLOW 👉 @tv.earth 👈 FOR MORE cc: @abdullah_evindar . . . . #nature #travel #photooftheday #beautiful #instagood #tree #naturephotography #picoftheday #sunset #art #autumn #amazing #summer #mountains #adventure #naturelover #photographer #naturelovers #travelgram #visitcostarica #night #blue #water #costarica🇨🇷 #wanderlust #costarica
It’s #worldfrogday, earlier this month we celebrated in splendid fashion, finding seven Cruziohyla sylviae, five Anotheca spinosa, and numerous Sachatamia ilex. While it’s a day about the frogs, it’s important to remember many species of frogs that we enjoy from the tropics are facing a multitude of issues, deforestation, resource destruction, poaching, climate change, disease, and countless other adversity’s. If we want to keep enjoying these frog species we have to make choices that help them, many conservation organizations have posts to read about some of these ways make sure to check them out. @rainforestalliance @rainforesttrust @thewcs @conservationorg @amphibiansurvivalalliance @tropicalherping
What if we went back to the world where cacao beans became our currency again? A currency that can be grown in your backyard, is an actual medicine and is regarded as sacred? Imagine how different the world would be if our collective relationship to money and value was like this. . . This cacao though☄️ sexy, wild, heirloom, perfectly ripe, and divine. And just an update to those asking, our Costa Rican heirloom will be back soon! In the meantime, we have our #denominaciondeorigen Ecuadorian heirloom at the kitchen 👏🏼💫✨👏🏼💫✨
#tbtout2018  Saudades da Costa Rica...e do seu café! 😃☕️ Sabiam que lá é fabricado um café único? É imerso e fermentado em águas termais na floresta tropical.  Eu tive o privilégio de o provar e vocês também já o podem fazer numa @Nespresso  #masterorigin #costarica #viajarcomsabores
Wishing we could freeze the feeling of this moment in time 💫🌅 #chasingsunsets #gaycouple
Swipe left - Over the next 12 months I’m bringing my vision to life... if this video triggers something within you, hit the arrow button and share it with your friends. This is just the beginning…  Watch the cinematic landscape version on > > irekpiekarski.com
Owls 8 of 10. A Spectacled owl keeps an eye on me as it sits in the canopy of a Costa Rican rainforest. Spectacled owls are large nocturnal owls living in the tropical forests of Southern Mexico to Argentina. Nikon D850 camera body and Nikon AF-S 800mm 1:5.6 FL ED VR lens. -•••- : : : : : #owl #owls #raptor #spectacledowl #birds #bird #nikon #birding #birdphoto #elite_raptors #elite_owls #your_best_birds #nuts_about_birds #birds_adored #bestbirdshots #bird_brilliance #pocket_birds #birds_nature #eye_spy_birds #birdsonearth #birdphotography #birdphoto #birdphotos #wildlife #wildlifephotography #nature #naturephotography
#goodmorning  Credits: @iehti
A Resplendent Quetzal Male from my trip to Costa Rica this year .. Quetzals are the one of the most beautiful birds of the Costa Rica and if you are planning to see one and photograph, plan your trip with @tropicalphototours .. . . #planetbirds #bestbirdshots #feather_perfection #nuts_about_birds #bb_of_ig #your_best_birds #bird_brilliance #kings_birds #bns_birds #allmightybirds #birdsofinstagram #bbcearth #birdlovers #ig_birds #birds_adored  #birds_illife @bbcearth #quetzal #best_birds_of_world #ip_birds #nature_worldwide_birds #puravida #birdsonearth
In the rainforests of Costa Rica there is a relationship that doesn’t happen anywhere else on the planet. The film follows three of Costa Rica’s most noteworthy botanical events, one flower hatch and two fruit hatches, in three very unique rivers to tell the story of the relationship between the machaca and the forest. The feeding behavior and fishing techniques can be easily identified by trout fishermen all over the world, but the machaca’s aggressive takes and exotic characteristics make them an adversary all their own. Flylords caught up with Tom Enderlin from @tropicalflycollective to discuss MACHACA. [LINK IN BIO] #flylords #costarica #machaca #flyfishing
A group of long tailed silky flycatcher were feeding on berries very close to one of my photography spots in Costa Rica's highlands and I sneaked up real close to get this shot.  Long-tailed Silky-flycatchers are omnivorous, commonly eating insects and small fruits.  #marvelshots #birdsonearth #your_best_birds #nuts_about_birds #planetbirds #birds_adored #nature_worldwide_birds #best_birds_of_world #instagram @naturee #discoverychannel #bbc
Some call me Nature, others call me Mother Nature.  I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years.  Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you.  I don’t really need people but people need me.  Yes, your future depends on me.  When I thrive, you thrive.  When I falter, you falter or worse.  But I’ve been here for eons.  I have fed species greater than you, and I have starved species greater than you.  My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests, they all can take you or leave you.  How you chose to live each day whether you regard or disregard me doesn’t really matter to me.  One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine.  I am nature.  I will go on.  I am prepared to evolve.  Are you?  __ -Mother Nature (@juliaroberts)  TAG 3 friends who inspire you to make a difference. In unity we rise.  #weareone
New video featuring from Costa Rica is 👆🏻. @haciendabarrigona was a place of our dreams and we’ll definitely go back again. This time I decided to do the video differently: featuring all of us, using ND filters and a gimbal (best investment ever). Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. 🕊📷 @alexanderramp
In a beautiful world that has come to hooray the hustle I find my sweet-loving soul rebelliously dancing to the contrary. For this season, busy has no place—busy cannot lasso my time. It is down by the river, sunbathing on silky rocks.  Hab heute eine Nachricht erhalten von einem Mädchen, das ebenfalls Psychologie studiert. Hab sowieso immer diese Kommentare erhalten, auch, als ich in Deutschland studiert habe, auch, als ich in Barcelona studiert habe. Wie ich so gelassen sein kann und mein Leben lebe, “trotz” Studium. Hab den Ansatz nie verstanden. Hab die Bib nie zu meinem Lernort erkoren oder mich wochenlang eingesperrt, um auf eine Klausur hinzuarbeiten. Vielleicht leb ich zu sehr das Leben, mach mir zu wenige Gedanken, aber wohin kommt man da? Mit den Gedanken in der Zukunft und nicht im Jetzt, das ist genau, was ich vermeide. Mit vollem Herzen im Moment, das bin ich. „Busy“ war für mich noch nie etwas, womit wir uns schmücken sollten. Viel zu oft hab ich Menschen im direkten Umfeld gehabt, wo aus busy Burnout wurde. Und große Ziele hab ich trotzdem.
Happy #worldfrogday! Our friend @gourmetbiologist spotted this Cruziohyla sylviae in the forests of Costa Rica just last week. ⁣ ⁣ Forests are home to two-thirds of the world’s plants and animals, which means that deforestation wreaks havoc on ecosystems. We've trained more than 1 million farmers and forest communities in methods that safely boost the productivity of the land, thereby preventing agricultural expansion and the destruction of vital forest habitats for wildlife within.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #rainforestalliance #followthefrog #amphibiansofinstagram #cruziohyla #costarica⁣⁣
Cette photo représente un moment de bonheur assez intense pour moi : être dans une villa paradisiaque au Costa Rica un peu pompette avec l’humain que j’aime le plus au monde @benjibrunelle, tu veux quoi de plus 🤪? Bon là tu vas me dire ça aurait pu être mieux il aurait pu pleuvoir des 100$ et de la pizza ... oui là ça aurait été le bonheur total 😂! Pour vrai le bonheur c’est simple les amis, bonne journée internationale du bonheur ☀️❤️! .  #bonheur #happiness #trip
Reality:  It is always red poppies in one package, however you’d wanted to have peach. Be passionate, please... with my bright feed, very soon, it will be neutral, blue and blush... #poppy  #colorfullife
This moment marks a week exclusively comprised of toes in the sand.... sun on my face.... sea on my skin....
normal is boring
an old soul in a little body. 🐍☘️🐸
Worm 🐛 Moon of March... bold and bright along the Costa Rican beach ~ Moon and Tides are those powerful forces of nature, that affect our everyday... 🌍
This if the male Magnificent Frigatebirds expressional equivalent of..."bruhh." 📸 with @brianmoghari and @acr_conservation_photography on assignment for @natgeo
💦🐚Soo yesterday was the first day of spring n’ I’m all here waiting for the first day of summer so I can hit the beach! 💦 . . What’s the weather like where you are? 💧 . . Mermazing bronzer from @besamecosmetics 🐳 Disney collection
Hi guys!! Happy Thursday / March Madness! I wanted to thank all of you who took the time to complete the survey for my upcoming early 2020 Costa Rica retreat with @adzentureretreats !! We are in the first steps of planning but I am already SO EXCITED & have so many ideas for you all! So here’s a brief overview of the retreat 🤗 🌟 LOTS of yoga + other workouts!! : traditional vinyasa, hip hop vinyasa, yoga sculpt + HIIT (I can show you guys my @workouts_by_katya workouts too!), yin yoga 🌟 workshops!: acro play, meditation + breathe, essential oils for symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc), chakra balancing, crystal healing, & more! 🌟 self expression: poetry, journaling, dancing in the moon light!! 🌟 excursions: zip-line, hiking, surf lessons, beach yoga (durrr), culture immersion, jungle exploration, bribri indigenous reserve, chocolate tour, waterfalls & so much more!. 🌟: photoshoots!: @sfreneenyc will be available for photo shoots! Imagine the beautiful sunrise / sunset beach + jungle shots 😍 so exciting! . This is just the beginning my friends! Feel free to continue plugging in your input by taking the survey on my story! I am so excited. This retreat is for EVERYONE. No judgements, no bullshit. I want everyone to feel comfortable and know you’ll be in a safe space to be your fully authentic self. We are going to get raw, learn, and develop ourselves both mentally and physically so that you leave this trip feeling renewed, energized, and motivated to live up to your fullest potential upon your return home. Who’s ready?! Tag a friend below who you’d want to bring on this awakening Costa Rica yoga retreat! 🌱 . . 📸: @sfreneenyc 💚
Yes this just happened first day in Costa and my phone fell in a freaking lake so much for water resistant. Interviews coming up and so much on my plate worst timing. Trying to make the best of it with a disconnected from technology week ahead with my kids. If anyone needs me please message, email.... #iphoneproblems #waytostartaweek #disconnectingconnection #costarica🇨🇷