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Hanoi, Vietnam

Instagram photos and videos at Hanoi, Vietnam

Mostly work but a dash of play⛩🥢🏮🇻🇳 #lastday #pho #werk #vietnam
Bắn tỉa hơi nhìuuuuuuu☺️☺️☺️
Day 1: HANOI ✔️ • • • Busy first day on the ground. Started out with the logistics; getting a SIM card, exchanging money, learning how to cross the street with a thousand motorbikes coming straight for me. Finally got my bearings and hit the major sites with pit stops at some of the most delicious food carts I’ve experienced. Gave creamy egg coffee a try, had a delicious pho meal at Pho Thin in the French Quarter, and ended the night with a Bahn Mi at Bahn Mi 25. Sleeping off the rest of the jet lag and prepping for another early start tomorrow. #wanderlust #vietnam #solotravel #backpackingthecoast
Crush đã có bạn gái thì làm sao? Buông tay hoàng hôn thôi :))))