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Instagram photos and videos at Gaggan

A special meal experience at @gaggan_anand in collaboration with @quattropassi_nerano Thanks to @michelinguide #michelinguideth2019 #michelinguide2019 #michelinstar #markwiens_bangkok
Happy birthday to my Superwoman 6/9/2018  I LAVA U ❤️❤️ #รักแม่ต้องหยอกแม่
Who knew ‘charcoal’ would make a gal so happy. #gaggan @gaggan_anand @chefstablenetflix #emojimenu #dreamcometrue
Don’t get wet in Bangkok !! I declare wet open first three days we checked the sound we checked the lights we checked the food  It took the longest time to make the restaurant and shortest time to make the menu (2 hours) and the most comfortable soul food we did so far menu prices starts from 190 onwards !! Why wet ?? Becoz we wanted to have a bar with very comfy home feel .. where u have conversation natural wines and my curries with bar food ... is it a bar is it a wine bar is it a restaurant ?? For me it’s wet a natural wine bar in the neighborhood whit very easy feel, and good that I used to do 20 years back and improved from then to now  The project is all about @drula9 who dream was to have a small natural wine bar although we mushroomed from there to this massive monster .. @rydoanton89 put his 💯 effort to the kitchen and the first chef of Gaggan @jalamsinghrana is the guy behind the curries there menu is short and every week we will come with new dishes to add on !! A big mention to @pigatemypizza who is the host working while drinking and helped massively to finish the project... Again location is just the next house to Gaggan and in the same Soi where we have @restaurant_gaa  And designed by @gunnnlee with his awesome eye for 💡  Open Monday to Saturday  Hope to see u around !! Follow @getwetbkk to get updates it’s about great wine 🍷 simple tasty food 🥘 and retro music 🎵 📸 courtesy: @trip_series  #gaggan #wetbkk #world50best #asia50best
Beautifully crafted creations through genius sense of tastes! Thank you to my favorite chefs!  @gaggan_anand and @yojitokuyoshi 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼
묘미 가족들이랑 특별한 경험!😺✨
Every foodies dream,epitome of progressive Indian cuisine, the best  restaurant of the Asia. GAGGAN  I am just running our of words, I'm too excited. Wait for the pictures,stories and review.  @gaggan_anand  #bestrestaurants #bucketlist #indianblogger #indianfood
นี่คือ​ Bar ที่​อาหารอร่อยที่สุดในประเทศไทย​ อันนี้ไม่ได้พูดเกินจริงแม้แต่นิดเดียว​ เพราะทุกเมนูถูกคิดและทำขึ้นโดนเชฟ​ @gaggan_anand และทีมเชฟแห่งร้านอาหารอันดับ​ 1 ใน​ Asia เสิร์ฟพร้อม​ Natural Wine ที่ผ่านการคัดมาจากทั่วโลกโดย​ @drula9 Sommelier มือ​ 1 จากร้าน​ Gaggan ที่เข้ามาเป็น​ Partner ของ​ Project​ ใหม่ล่าสุดในซอยเดียวกันกับร้าน​ Gaggan และร้าน​ Gaa เป็น​ Bar​ ที่มีชื่อว่า​ Wet  #itan #tanraitiemtarn #huaweimate20pro
กินกัน 21:30pmยัน12:30am😂✌🏻😋 อาหารยังไม่หมดดูต่อได้ในpostต่อไป #ebayfamily #2starmichelin #bkk #thailand
eleven.eleven 👅💥🌈 #besteight #youandme #gaggan
The most incredible, interactive, creative eating  experience of my life. We went to the number one restaurant in Asia, a two Michelin star restaurant of progressive Indian cuisine with molecular gastronomy! Crazy insane flavors and presentation. Here’s part 1 beginning with their famous emoji menu. 25 courses to represent ...some involved music, floating sparkles, fire, smoke, and licking! 😛@dcutt44
👅 Lick it up 👅
娘は、しいちゃんに用意してもらったタイの正装ドレス(しかもワンショルダー)に着替えて念願のガガン。 全25皿のコース料理は、手で食べたり、音に合わせて食べたり、急いで食べたり…とにかく最初から最後までドキドキして、楽しかった。 夫の早めの誕生日も祝えました💁‍♀️ 旅行中一度は正装できる日があると嬉しいなぁ☺️
. アジアで最も予約の取れないレストラン<Gaggan>❣️本日のメニューはコチラ✨ . その独創性溢れる料理の数々は、実に驚きに満ちていて楽しい😆!!まさに「美食のエンターテイメントショー」でした💕 . #foodie #indianfood #メニューは絵文字 #スプーンのは2番目のメニュー #ほとんど手で食べる #アジアno1 #予約の取れないお店 #もちろん美味しい 最後のは餃子 #gaggan #bangkok
#getwetbkk It's been a great week cooking at the new kitchen in @getwetbkk !🍷🍷🍷. Food photos will post later.  Wet is all about natural wines from artisanal producers, arranged by the master @drula9 🍷🍷🍷👏👏👏of course, delicious food to pair and great music!  Wet is a natural wine bar situated right beside Gaggan @gaggan_anand 💥 and @restaurant_gaa  Come take a peek or stay and meet the cliques #getwetbkk #gaggan #naturalwine
Happy Easter yall! Reminiscing on some great moments of the year so far. Here's a lil throwback to the absolute best meal of my life, spent with my favourite person and conducted by the coolest chef in Asia 💯
漫長又愉快的4小時25道菜晚飯~ #結婚7週年 快樂 Long and enjoyable 4 hours and 25 dishes dinner ~ Happy 7th Anniversary of Wedding 😁😁
Capped off our most recent trip to #bangkok with a visit to the place that has been named Asia's Best Restaurant for the last 4 years. 👏 (This apart from being voted the World's 5th Best Restaurant.) It was difficult to contain my excitement and my gosh, I was not disappointed! 💃😍 #gaggan met my expectations with every bite of the playful yet flavorful 25-course, emoji-represented, 3-hour tasting menu. If you have great appreciation for Indian, Thai & Japanese food and flavors, you are most likely bound to love the Gaggan experience as much as I did. 💕 #iwannagoback #kunghindilangganonkamahal #ifyouregoingpleasetakemewithyou
What an amazing experience dining at Gaggan! We got lucky & got chosen to sit at the chef’s table (14 ppl a day are chosen from all over the world on the day itself), which changed our entire experience. Listening to Gaggan himself tell the stories behind his dishes, cracking crude (but gold) jokes, blasting accompaniment and music to drown out the sommelier, personally finishing and serving the plates etc. If you’re thinking about making a trip down, don’t think twice cause it’s going to be gone in 2020 and reservations on average take 6 months! Food photos & videos coming up in the next post 👅
มาสอยดาว อีกแล้ว ⭐️⭐️
Winner. Fortunate enough to be dining here on the night @gaggan_anand wins #1 restaurant in Asia for the fourth year in the row. Also, three years since I met the amazing @mel_sanch. #sousvide
2nd visit to this really rather awesome place that treats you with 25 courses by chef @gaggan_anand and his wonderfull team, even better this time🤘👅will return! #asia50best #gaggan #🤩 #hugmeismelllikecurry #world50best
Home with a super full belly with these guys ❤️ Photo credit @pranaip
@amarottara is doing first destruction of #getwetbkk
Another one off the bucket list. Asia’s best and the world’s 7th best! #gagganbangkok #chefstable #2michelinstars #aboutlastweek
...and finally great after-dinner party with maddest chef ever @gaggan_anand hosting great  @ristorantelido84 and his famous Cacio e Pepe. Thanks all, specially @markokovac, For great experience in BKK. #myjobisbetterthanyourvacation😂🤣
Får man chansen igen så kommer vi absolut tillbaka hit indisk mat när den är som absolut bäst :) #gagganexperience #gaggan #michelinguidebangkok2018 #twostarmichelin
Definitely dressing up for @gaggan_anand !
Trying not to @getwetbkk last night 🍷 awesome spot @drula9 🤙
25 𝑒𝓂𝑜𝒿𝒾 𝒸𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈𝑒 // 👅🌈 #auanbabnaruk
After a 4 months wait... --- From an Eggless Egg 🥚 to Cheese Liu Sa Bao 🧀 to Eggplant Ice Cream🍆🍦, these are a few of my favourites from Gaggan. --- Coupled with wine pairing (all natural/bio wines), @gaggan_anand and his team gave a carefully orchestrated performance for the palate and the eyes. Absolutely stellar. --- Thank you #gaggan for the amazing experience and @deryliciouss for the perfect company
To close 2018, let’s have some real good sht. Had the chance to taste 25-emoji course served by @gaggan_anand restaurant , and met fabulous people. Progressive Indian cuisine, cheers to that! #top1asianrestaurant #top50worldsbestrestaurants #bangkok #nye2018
Barely made it to our dinner at Gaggan last night. Best restaurant in Asia! It was beyond anything we could have hoped for. Truly incredible 💗
Pre bday dinner for คุณสา ❤️❤️❤️ เลี้ยงทุกวันยันวันจริง
I’m not one to care for hyped up resteraunts, but Gaggan was truly something special. 25 courses paired with sake and wine with an incredible service experience that left us 👌🤩😊💪🏽👍🙏 #gagganbangkok #hypeisreal #emoji #michelinstar
🇹🇭I’m happy to be able to work here🇮🇳✌️🤩✌️#somm #bangkok
Lots of fun as Chef Riccardo Camanini of Lido84 took over Gaggan’s Food Lab for the night. Here are some of his yummy creations led by the superstar Spaghettoni, cooked with butter and dried yeast - simple yet complex! Could have had a ginormous bowl all to myself! Very impressed with the deep thoughts, research and experiments put into creating every single dish. Will definitely drop by @ristorantelido84 during my next trip to Italy. #pranaismunch #pranaismunch_bangkok
This was an experience! .. @hashveen_sethi & I went to the famous Gaggan Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand - October, 2018 .. No Menu (Only Emojis) 25 Courses 2.5 Hours .. Everything was amazing and everything was Indian .. No wonder Gaggan is the voted The Best Restaurant in Asia & The Best Indian Restaurant in the World .. Shoutout to @karan_chawla252 for the almost impossible to get reservation! #baysideboys
Gaggan Surprise Menu.
I think you might have forgotten haha but happy #9 to the cutest and strongest person I know! A lot of things happened this past month but you stayed so strong and never lost that beautiful smile of yours! I’m so proud of you and I’m so lucky to have you for the past 9 months! Be back before you know it!
🌶 #tbt #emoji #foodporn at #gaggan