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Nikko, Tochigi

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Details.  #gojunoto #nikko #nihon
Home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites
😬😬😬 #autumn #nikkojapan #nikko #japan
do it for the onsen
ไปทุกที่ ที่มีเรา 😂
🎶♥️ 'Tis sundown. The golden sunlight tints the bule sea. Paints the hill and gilds the palm tree, Happy be, my love, at sundown. 'Tis sundown. The multi-coloured dancing sunbeam Brightly shines on in my heart's dream Of the one I love, at sundown. The birds come to their nest At peace, they bill and coo. The wide world sinks to rest, And so do I and so do you. 'Tis sundown. In splendour sinks the sun, comes twilight, Day is done, now greets the cool night. Happy be, my love, at sundown. 🌥🌥🌥 #loveatsundown #ยามเย็น #japansolotrip #shinkyobridge #nikko