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Lummi, Washington

Instagram photos and videos at Lummi, Washington

#goldenhour at camp
Such an epic ride with Brady
The view from our treehouse in Lummi Bay 😍  #treehouse #lummibay #explore #nature #bigskies #moodyskies #sunset #oceanview
Goodnight, Goodnight Lummi Bay #lummibay #bellingham #sunset #beachfire
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"Here at Lummi, when we see a relative starving, we don't do medical tests to see how much they are starving - we know they are and we do the right thing and we feed them."⠀ ⠀ The Lummi Nation is asking NOAA to issue an emergency intervention to save Puget Sound orcas.⠀ ⠀ Listen to an interview with Squil-le-he-le Raynell Morris, senior policy advisor for the Sovereignty and Treaty Protection office for the Lummi Nation, by following our link in bio. ⠀ ⠀ 📸: @_meganfarmer. A transient whale is shown on Friday, August 10, 2018, as crews attempt to locate the JPod. (Image taken under the authority of NMFS MMPA/ESA Permit No. 18786-03)⠀ ⠀
Words simply cannot express how grateful I am for @kisennock and Johnson Taylor because of their amazing talent. I am blessed to have received their work! While wearing these custom beaded medicine wheel themed chucks, my prayers of healing will be w ppl fighting for environmental justice, families who lost loved ones to suicide, children/parents who lost their parent(s) or child(ren), families impacted by #mmiwg #mmiwgt2s, and those w poor mental health. Háw’aa / Hy’shqe from the bottom of my heart! ❤️🖤💛#mentalhealthawarenessmonth #powerofprayer #powerofhealing #medicinewheel #indigenousbeading #supportnativeartists #nativeswag
People ask ‘why did you move?’..... @forisvineyards this white goes perfect with a sunset #bellinghamlife #bham #bhamsters #lummi
just chillennnnn🌞 #selfie #youalreadyknow
If anyone ever has the oppritunity to donate blood, please do... it’s a gift that can save someone’s life in their time of need ... \o/ thank you Bellingham Blood Works for coming out to LIBC today for a blood drive \o/
I haven’t posted anything in a while. I did my nails today! * * * #nails #nailart #arrows #pink #silver #gold #regularpolish #dnddc #dnd #pinkbubblegum #24karat #coolnails #naildesigns #nailtech
He went and buried his stick after finishing.
22 minutes and 46 seconds spent hooked up to the blood bag. 😂
Our First Salmon Ceremony went beautifully today. Our hands go up to all who made it possible and all who came to bless the salmon and our fisher people!  #lummi #salmon #salmonpeople #indigenous #bellingham #firstsalmon #documentary #filmmaking #chinook #pnw
The first salmon of the season! I had the opportunity to enjoy the Lummi Salmon Festival today! Much like Jesus feeding the 5,000 or Communion, the first salmon caught in the season has to feed everyone present at the Festival in order to honor the generosity of the salmon and encourage more to come. The sad part is that the first salmon had to come from the Tribal hatcheries because the Nooksack Spring Chinook run was only 12 fish this year, so they could not be fished. Still, I strongly encourage you to go to a Salmon Festival with the Swinomish, or Lummi next year if you get the chance!
I think I should take swimming lessons so I can swim with my dog
182 days + 20 hours and 7 minutes ago this beauty came into my life and changed everything! Basically she’s six months old and I’ve gotten like no sleep 😂😂😂 It’s Satoris 1/2 birthday today and just look at her! She’s so happy literally like all the time. #blessed #satori #helynn #mybaby #mylife #6momthsold #thanksgivingbaby #livingourbestlife #baby #adorbs
At the end of the day I am thankful my blessings are bigger than my problems! ❤️🌅
Well damn the sacrifice is real the things I do to make sure my boys have cold drinks🤥😜! I got this just got them🤥🤫, did it for the team🤥😂 and that’s how you justify a impulse buy!👊🏽👍🏽 YETI Squad!!!
Snapchat Names 👻  Drop em or add me #sewardkid2342🤟🏽😎
Counting down the days (four!) until we return to this little piece of paradise. #memorialdaygetaway #lummiisland #lummibay #pnwisbest #pnwsunset #pnwsunsets
Beach Wedding 🏖 @justaseatowngirl ❤️ @ryguy5150 what up 20 course meal 😋 #beachwedding#sundayfunday#island#lummiisland
Lummi  @luckyscooters  @shopmothership  @1_800_hotsoup
Me and Bryan went to the “beach” at Gooseberry Point while some others rode up into the snow #bayviewboys  #rideyourbike
Fun stuff  @esskateboarding  @welcomeskateboards  #skateboarding #diy #esskateboarding #welcomeskateboards #bellingham #pnw
I just love it when work takes me to beautiful places ☺️
They really enjoyed Matt's serenade #lummiisland #wtatacoadventures
Yep we live in a beautiful place turn up the volume #bird #birdsinging #birds
Happy birthday to my baby brother, the first man, Adam Marquel. I may be 2 states away but you’re always in my heart and in my prayers. I hope you take today and realize how much you are truly loved. I miss you always but especially on days like your birthday. Love you so much baby brother. Always and foreva ❤️😘🥳🎊
Hey just woke up
Peep the otters wishing me a happy birthday
Can’t wait to see more beautiful sunsets like this one all summer long | #beachhouse #sunset #robertsonhouse #lummi #washington #springtime
Built a ramp and a deck out of Trex boards.
Get on my Canuck level🤯😜 F-ing rights maaan!!! My kids don’t need to know about this! We stacked though, and I will know why someone is being nice today, don’t even try it! 😂 thanks to the best co-worker Tracy
The Second Tiny home for Eagle Haven is now close to being able to be delivered🙂 will have the same cedar siding and exterior looks as the first one and both will be delivered in the next week to their permanent home... today both foundations were dug, and are expected to be completed by Thursday... so that the two homes can be moved and the finishing work can soon take place... A big \o/ thank you \o/ for today’s work goes to Roy Finkbonner, Sit Ki Kadim James for digging the foundations for both homes and clearing the site for further work, and Mark Julius, Issac Jefferson, Nathan Jefferies and our lead Lee Plaster of FH Construction for today’s long day of work and who will be finishing the tiny homes at Eagle Haven going forward. FH Construction has been an amazing partner in every journey of work in serving our people and community... To those in the community, please know what we are trying to do is do something beautiful for our community and people, these are not cheap sheds or run down in anyway... it is a clean and sober village that is comming to life and everyone that will be living here will be working or going furthering their education, people who will be living here will have a strict and high standard of taking care of the home and the village so that it will never bring dishonor to our community and people... it really is going to bring a new sense of healing to our community and those who can finally have a place of belonging ... \o/
There’s something about being back in the OG motherland that makes me feel complete 😊💕
#membermonday shoutout to Lummi Victims of Crime for holding space for #mmiw last week. Photos by DVSAS - Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services in Bellingham.
Grandma,  You have been there as my mother and guardian angel since the very first memories I ever had in life, you were there to give me a whopping (or to tell grandpa to whoop me) when I acted up, you was there to listen to the struggles in my life life wether it was self inflicted or caused by another, and you was there when no one else was... when I was at my lowest in life, you were there to tell me to pick my self back up and I have no excuses and on this day especially, Mother’s Day... I cherish every moment I can with you ... I love you grandma and I’m thankful for all these moments I can with you... thank you for being my North Star ⭐️ ...
#cheers to the #coolest #mom! Happy moms day!
Learned a bert slide today, 100% nailed it 🔨 #skatelikeagirl
Bonfire kinda night!