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Instagram photos and videos at HondaIndyToronto

No attack, no chance.
#tbt to the @pintysfoods Grand Prix at the Toronto Exhibition in the @vrxsimulators Ford 📸 @canrace_tv @caitpat96
#tbt 5TimeChampion... @scottdixon9 #throwbackthursday toronto #indycar #canoncanada
“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Profound words from a wise, caring and powerful man….My Papa. .  These words hit me hard as I realized recently that I hadn’t really “given my best” to a situation.  You see, I’m pretty good, actually AWESOME, at manifesting what I want. And oftentimes, the things I want don’t really take much effort. I decide, I put my desire forth, then the Universe aligns to bring what I want into my reality.  And sometimes I forget that I have to put “more” effort into creating what I want, the way I actually want it.  It’s called future pacing and it’s pretty powerful when practiced regularly. See, even coaches need a kick in the pants every now and then.  So, when I realized that the outcome was exactly as I had envisioned it, I realized I HADN’T REALLY ENVISIONED IT!  The shock, right?  How in the heck did I expect the world to conspire for me when I myself didn’t have a clear picture of what it was going to look like? Of course, I’ve had AMAZING things happen in my life before without giving it too much thought, but when I really wanted something and put my energy behind it (and ahead of it) I received what I wanted OR BETTER! . Needless to say that at that realization I remembered my Papa’s words and I snapped back into “the real Iz”. The one who KNOWS what it takes to create what she desires. The one who KNOWS what she has to do to make things happen. The one who KNOWS that the Universe has her back, as do many other friends and family members :) That was a pretty epic and exciting moment.  What did I do next?  I set myself a plan.  I began to DO THE THINGS I KNOW WORK. . I GOT CLEAR on what I needed to do.  Then, I planted the seeds in fertile soil, to be harvested at a later time and I began taking Aligned Action towards my goals.  Easy, peasy.  You can do this too, you know.  THINK about what you want. Envision what it looks like, how it feels, what you’re doing. Take the ALIGNED ACTION
Justin Wilson takes pole position for the 2006 Molson Indy in Toronto. #champcar #justinwilson #torontoindy #ripjustinwilson
Toronto days Indycars.... #torontoinsta#indy#car#porsche#cayem#racemode#canada#instagram
Honda Indy, Toronto, 2013. I love a learning curve, and shooting the #indycar races for @blogto put me on one, happily, for several years. I would love to shoot motorsport again. More here: http://bit.ly/2NkqTjL . . . @indycar #motorsport #photography #cars #racecar #motion #blur #getolympus
Pit crew at the Honda Indy, Toronto, 2014. BlogTO gave me accreditation to cover the IndyCar races, allowing a motorsport fan to climb the steep learning curve while shooting the event every summer for several years. More here: http://bit.ly/2NkqTjL . . . #indycar @hondaindy @indycar #motorsport #torontophoto #torontophotographer #toronto @blogto #getolympus #pitcrew