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The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Instagram photos and videos at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Let’s talk about SELF-CARE. We get into routines that stress us out and we’re always on the go. We forget that we sometimes need a moment to relax and take care of our mind and body. If you’re not well on the inside and outside - you’re setting yourself up for failure and an ultimate crash. I know too many people that get into bad habits to get by. It’s important to do things for YOU to ground yourself and remind you of what’s important. Here are some examples of what you can implement to sooth your soul. It doesn't have to be grandiose, a little goes a long way. 🔸Exercise 🔸Meditation 🔸Keep a journal 🔸Read a book or a magazine 🔸Call an old friend 🔸Schedule time for yourself/ pampering 🔸Unplug from technology 🔸Cook your own meals 🔸Get enough sleep 🔸Get creative 🔸Daydream 🔸Spend weekends with family and friends  I know some of you may be thinking you don’t have time for such “activities” but if you love yourself you will make time- and in the end thank yourself for the rejuvenation.
VEGAS! I’m backkkkkkk
Happy Year of the Pig 🐷
Bouchon-in’ my morning away. Quite literally a croissant 🥐 in my past life. A @bouchon_bistro croissant. (Croissant not pictured because Emin ate it) #venetianvegas #wanttheworld #brunch #croissant #goodmorning
Teman selfie ku seumur hidup🙂❤️
a little cover of someone you loved - @lewiscapaldi  I hope you like it , it was my first try. I will probably upload this again after some practice💫 (sorry to the people that had the room next to me)
Chip collecting is a pretty cool hobby, however, just like the numismatics (coin collecting), it’s also an expensive one. It is true even if you only collect chips from the active casinos that you happen to visit . It’s a relatively new collecting hobby, so it is not as widespread as many others, however, the casinos have already realized that chip collectors are a small but good additional source of income for them. And this is the reason why they started issuing a lot of commemorative (thus, collectible) chips. The Venetian is not an exception: these are the variety of designs that I picked just out of 70 chips . And those commemorative chips are never $1 chips. Any ideas why? . . Коллекционирование фишек - достаточно прикольное хобби, но так же как нумизматика, оно также достаточно дорогое. Причём, это так, даже если вы покупаете фишки только из тех казино, которые вы посещаете сами . Это относительно молодое собирательное хобби, и оно не настолько широко распространено, как многие другие, тем не менее, казино смекнули, что коллекционеры - это маленький, но стабильный дополнительный источник дохода для них. Именно поэтому они начали выпускать большое количество «памятных» (а значит, коллекционных) фишек. «Венецианский» - не исключение: вот это разнообразие мне удалось выбрать из всего 70ти фишек . Но казино никогда не выпускают памятные фишки номиналом в 1 доллар. Угадаете почему? . .
Nueva York🗽, el Imperio Romano🏛, el antiguo Egipto🏜 e Italia🛵, entre muchos otros, se dan cita en una de las ciudades más famosas y extravagantes del planeta.  Y recorrerla es transportarse a otro mundo o, mejor dicho, a muchas partes del mundo. Es el caso del Hotel The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, que nos lleva hasta Italia y nos permite incluso dar un paseo en góndola. 😍👌😊 Hay muchos hoteles temáticos en la ciudad, y éste es uno de los que no os podéis perder.👌😊🇮🇹🎭🚣‍♂️🛵🍕 Las Vegas, Nevada (EEUU. USA) 📸🇺🇸🇮🇹🌎🇺🇸🌎🇮🇹🇺🇸📸 #lasvegas #vegas #cityoflasvegas #nevada #ciudaddelpecado #thevenetian #thevenetianresorthotelcasino #hotelestematicos #thematichotel #themehotel #rutacostaoeste #costaoesteeeuu #usa #eeuu🇺🇸 #usatourism #turismoeeuu #tourism #nicepic #picoftheday #fotosviaje #fotodeldia #traveladdict #travelpics #sixsensestravels #sixsensestravelseeuu #sixsensestravelsunitedstates #instatravel #travelgram
It’s not that deep
El Hotel #venetian #lasvegas es una pequeña #venecia con sus #gondolas y sus #gondoleros cantando por los canales...
Wine stained lips & teefs. Two date nights in one week. We must be lucky 🍀
.·˖*✩  お母さんも一緒に 色んな国に連れてって あげたいなぁと思うものの👀✈️    私のお母さんは 保守的なので 生まれてこの方🐣🍄    海外に1度も 行ったことがありません🙈🌎    お母さんいわく 外の世界は怖いから 行きたいと思わないと🧓✈️     もったいないなぁ🥺🙏 と思いながらも(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷⸝⸝⸝)✨    きっと それぞれの価値観で💕 それぞれの今いる場所で🗺    思いっきり楽しんで🌈 思いっきり笑って😆    毎日の さりげない幸せで 心が満たされていたら🐝🌹    そこには それぞれのハッピーが いーっぱい溢れてますよね🥰💕     📍The Venetian Las Vegas  
Vegas baby
What are you waiting for? #vegas
When you see a sweeter ting walk by but you gotta be discrete 🇮🇹
Light it up #vegasnow | @juanfbgm
Could spend hours at this candy shop! 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬
Walked out of @taolasvegas at 3am and thought them clouds were real as well. ☁️ 🧐
Gentle love, but touch passionately... #wcw
Shoulder & Chest Workout: 1️⃣Cable Arm Raises - 4 x 10 2️⃣Lateral Dumbbell Raises - 4 x 12 3️⃣Plate Pushes - 4 x 15 4️⃣Cable Chest Flies - 4 x 12 5️⃣Rear Delt Dumbbell Flies - 3 x 15 6️⃣Shoulder Press - 4 x 10 7️⃣Pull Ups - 3 sets . . I’m continuing to work on getting stronger with every lift and putting on some muscle! ☺️ It’s such a fun process to feel your strength increase in the gym and watch your body change! 🙌🏻 Currently working on my next 8 week workout plan for March/April! That plan will be available to you guys as well! 🏋🏼‍♀️ . . . .  If you are at a place in your journey where you would benefit from one on one guidance, message me to learn more about my coaching. 🖤 Plans are customized to you and your goals and I’m there to help you along your journey! Now go slay your Tuesday! 💓☺️🥳 . Outfit: @echt_apparel 🖤🖤🖤
Ciao Amore!!! Happy Valentines Day to my everything! 🖤👱🏻‍♂️♥️ #valentinesday #happyvalentinesday #lasvegas
Happy Valentine’s Day from my love to yours 💕
Going, Going, Gondola!
Ein wenig erinnert mich Las Vegas an die riesigen Kaufhäuser in Dubai 😳 Nur mit mehr Alkohol, Glücksspiel und nackten Hintern! 🍑 . Heute ist der dritte und letzte Tag im Vergnügungspark für Erwachsene. Mir machen die Temperaturen und der extreme Wind ziemlich zu schaffen. Gestern wären mir um 17 Uhr fast die Augen zugefallen, weil ich keine Energie mehr hatte 😴 Ich bin froh, wenn ich über meinen Geburtstag am Freitag endlich ein paar Tage an einem Ort bleiben kann. Und das Wetter wird auch mitspielen 🤗 Wo es hingeht verrate ich euch bald 🤫 🌴☀️ . Habt ihr schon den neuen Post zu meinen ersten 24h in Vegas gesehen? Link: @creamsbeautyblog . #carinasweltreise #weltreise #worldtravel #reiseblogger #travelblog #reise #carinareist #lasvegas
اکثر هتل های لاس وگاس از روی شهرها و کشورهای مختلف دنیا الگو برداری شده و هتل ونیشین به افتخار کشور ایتالیا و از معماری های زیبای شهر ونیز الگوبرداری شده😊 کاش وسط این همه هتل یه هتلی به اسم پرسپولیس بود و از معماری های زیبای ایرانی الگو برداری شده بود 😞 #هتل  #لاس_وگاس  #امریکا  #ایرانیان_آمریکا  #توریست  #گردشگری  #لوس_انجلس  #هالیوود  #کالیفرنیا  #واشینگتن  #مسافرت
Welcome to Venice, Las Vegas
21 and brewed to perfection 🍷💅🏽 ~02.08
कुछ रंगीन वाइब्ज़ 🌈 . . . #shellslookbook #vegaskiyaadein2018
군것질거리 사서 들어가는 길 봉다리들고 Venetian💫 휘적휘적🙋🏻‍♀️ #2019usa_bc #🇺🇸
Not your valentines
You gotta go thru Zeus to get to me ⚡️I’m such a headache 😆 Comment the Goddess below 👇🏾
All you need's a strong heart and a nerve of steel #vivalasvegas #elvispresley
Agora a brincadeira é de gente grande!!! . #lasvegas #lasvegasparty #lasvegasstrip #trip2019
📍@venetianvegas  最喜歡的飯店之一 真的很像置身在威尼斯 滿足一下想去歐洲的心 這家飯店很好玩 裡面有著一條小小的運河 貫穿飯店 可以坐在船上 划船的人會唱著傳統的威尼斯歌曲 不過旁邊滿滿的遊客會不停的拍著船上的人 想體驗明星感的話 可以去坐那船😂😂😂