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ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen Nürburgring

Instagram photos and videos at ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen Nürburgring

Hab mich mega gefreut, dieses Jahr von @Zurich_Deutschland zum 24h Rennen am Nürburgring eingeladen worden zu sein. Was für ein Wochenende, nirgendwo im Motorsport hat man diese Atmosphäre und dazu die über 20km Nordschleife durch die Eifel mit begeisterten Fans rundherum auf den Camping Plätzen. Ich hab euch versucht all das in einem XXL Vlog festzuhalten. Link ist in meiner Bio. 🏁 #24hnürburgring #nürburgring #wahreliebe #zurichversicherung #werbung
Well it wasn’t the result that we wanted but what an incredible experience!! Huge huge thanks to my teammates and the whole #40 @astonmartinracingofficial crew for making my first @24hnbr one to remember! 😁💪🏻🙌🏻
Nordschleife @sporttotal_ag @24hnbr 📸 @philipscholl
Chegamos ao fim com um P13 suado. Queríamos muito mais, mas tiramos o máximo do nosso conjunto! Na chuva não encontramos o grip ideal e nao tínhamos o ritmo para acompanhar os líderes no molhado. É sempre muito muito bom guiar na melhor pista do mundo. Obrigado a todos os 200.000 fans que vieram acompanhar a maior corrida do mundo! Ano que vem voltaremos ainda mais forte!  P13 at the end. We hoped for much more, but unfortunately on wets we did not have the pace. Thanks @nuerburgring for having us. It's always a pleasure to be here and race in front of almost 200.000 spectators! See you next year! Special thanks for @bmwmotorsport and @shell to make this possible! Top job by my legendary mates @mpalttala @fabischiller @christian_krognes and @walkenhorstmotorsport team for a top job!
was 1 starkes bild 🌲🌳
Adenauer Racing Days today😁🚗🏁 was amazing! 👍🏼🏁 •📸: FW MEDIA /  Fabian Werner
PHOTOS: Some great photos of our Leopard Lukoil Racing WRT Audi RS3 LMS cars around the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife today.  photos : Audi Sport #wrt #audisport #leopardracing #wtcr #oscaro
Hyundai N Track Day @ 24 Rennen - Tag 2 #hyundaii30n #24hnbr #24hnürburgring
Willkommen am Nürburgring - willkommen in der Grünen Hölle: das @24hnbr-Rennen ist DAS Motorsport-Highlight des Jahres. Alle Infos zum Rennen gibt es bei @audisport. 📷 @audipicture__
Heute gehts um alles in sachen Startaufstellung!! 14:55 Q2 und heute abend live auf @rtlde Nitro das Top 30 im kampf um die Poleposition!! Drückt uns die Daumen #10 #teamcb #top30qualifying
Mit GigaSpeed durch die grüne Hölle. 24 Stunden Livestream & 24 Stunden pure Emotionen. Schalte ein auf: http://vod.af/24hrennen
Congratulations to the @falkentyres #falkenfam on their impressive @24hnbr finishes. P9 for the FALKEN Porsche and P15 for the FALKEN BMW - proud of the whole team! 💙💚 #falkenfam  Check out some of the action at the end here: https://youtu.be/NxOzJPBhlVY . . . #repost @falkentyres with @get_repost
Team is ready to go !!! FP1 and Qualy 1 today !!
Showdown!  Das Gazoo Racing Team und der atemberaubende Lexus LC wenige Minuten vor dem Startschuss des legendären 24-Stunden-Rennens – die ersten Runden fuhr der LC auf den vorderen Plätzen des Klassements.  #lexus24h2018 #lexusgermany
I can't wait!!!! 🚗🚙🚗💨💨💨 Only 3️⃣ more months & then it starts again -  the 🔥hottest🔥 race in the world!! @24hnbr  @nitrotv  @nuerburgringnordschleife
24H Nordschleife 🏁‼️... We made it to the finish 24 hours later P39 overall of 140 starters! Firstly to @ktm_official & @atu.de we have you to thank for making this entire project possible, thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏽. So proud of our entire team for the huge effort. To my team mates  @laurakraihamer, @l_na.l_ni & Rahel, thank you for your hard work in those tough conditions you were amazing. To @aimpoint_racing & @reiterengineering  who worked for hours to make sure our @ktm_xbow GT4 was able to drive the entire 24hrs without one single issue 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. And to my family who came all the way to support .. love you 😘 (@schiffdavid, @xoxonailah, @negricyrilla1 ). And ofcourse to the fans ... Wow never seen something like that before thank you for the support. I hope to experience this all again one day! Adios for now green hell 🖤💚 SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE to see the fantastic pics made by @joelkernasenko & @gruppec_photography
Buckle up!  #24hrennen
Legends. #24hnbr #n24
24h race👌🏼
#nürbörchring #securitydarfalles#audimaudidanebenderraudi #skrrt skrrt
Keep your fingers crossed 🤞🏼 #24hnürburgring
24h-Rennen🏎 #nürburgring #racecar #race #raceday  #tb
Very proud to be part of the #falkentyres family. P15 in the race after some early problems. Kudos to all the teams and drivers who got to the end of the 24hrs in such tough conditions!
Superbike Weltmeister @carloscheca7 führt unser Pani V4 S auf der Nordschleife aus und alle anderen müssen folgen! Gesehen beim 24h Rennen auf dem Nürburgring, Einführungsrunde.🏁💪😎 . . . #proudtobeducatista #leagueofperformance #momentsontrack #24hrennen #24hrennennürburgring @audisport @audisportr8lmscup
First turn in the #47 done. Night stints are going well, running steady in top 5. #24hamg
Big apologies to my ROWE Racing team and teammates @alexandersims @martintomczyk @jessekrohn. Got caught out in a code 60 zone with a slower car and a small contact cost us our race. Team is working hard now to repair and continue but unfortunately I've taken away our chances at the overall win.
THX Silberpfeil Energy Drink for the inviting to the 24h Nürburing. #silberpfeilenergydrink #mercedesamg #24hnürburgring #mercedes
24 Hours of Nürburgring 2018🏁😎😁 #racing #24hnbr #24hoursnürburgring #cars #wtcr
Los gehts ins erste Qualifying bei den 24h am Nürburgring!  Jesse Krohn und  Tom Blomqvist werden die ersten Runden übernehmen.  Seid live auf unserer Homepage dabei: www.mcg-ag.de/live-stream/  #bmw #m6gt3 #nürburgring #24hnbr
Lecker 4-Scheiben Arrangement #stinbr24 #proudofboxer
‘Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart’  #cvdracing #stinbr #subaru #nordschleife #24hnurburgring
RESTART!! This is a bit weird. The race was red flagged for fog, it’s still foggy, and they’re gonna restart it now. AMG is (naturally) upset because they HAD a 4+ minute lead over the #2 Porsche, but the restart wipes that out. The mood here in the AMG pits is that Porsche slipped fat stacks of Euros to race control. Long story short, assuming the race doesn’t get stopped again, it’s going to be a two hour sprint in miserable, dangerous conditions. Real racing, folks!! Grüne Hölle, indeed. @24hnbr @mercedesamg @porsche 🇩🇪⛈🇩🇪⛈🇩🇪💥🔨
"A bit" of hiking at the Nürburgring 😅 I need an @super73 hook up for the @24heuresdumans  #fromthenürburgringwithpain #andabitoflove Shot by @swen_snoek best photosletje in the game
einfach unvergesslich. #greenhell #carporn #24hnbr #wirdnielangweilig @annalenaa5 🤤❤️
Serious later-gram of antics in Germany at the Nurburgring two weeks ago, ankle injury 😭 #wtcr #n24h #n24 #hyundaimotorsport #liferacing
#redflag - due to heavy fog the race has been interrupted!
I'd like to thank the winning @manthey_racing @Porsche 912 for compensating the lack of green on my plate during the Nom24.  #nom24 #porsche #24hnbr