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New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Instagram photos and videos at New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

E aí!? Vamos tentar a sorte ?!🙃😄 Só pra constar: joguei $6 , perdi $6 😂😂 Boa noite amores!❤️✨🌙 . #lasvegas #jogo #brincadeira #nightnight #casino #vegas
Vegas 🎲
Six bars, no line, no cover charge all for $39.99. The Ultimate Bar Experience waits for you.
quiero una relación que dure como la de los viejitos de atras porq los vatos  ni media hora me aguantan🤨
@badgalwayway 🤞🏽
I of course had to start off spring break in vegas! 🤩
In 56 day, I touch down back into Vegas with my Arbonne team. I have gone to Vegas every year for the last 4 years! ✈️ 🌎 ✨ . I started this business with 100% belief in the company but 0% belief in myself. I saw evidence EVERYWHERE that success was possible so I KNEW in my heart I could be successful TOO even though fear tried to take me out. I joined this business with $48 to my name and a ton of prayers!!💰🙏🏼 . This business not only changed my finances but it has changed my LIFE.🤗 . I sit here with tears in my eyes as I write this because of how far I've come. Can you imagine where life would be if you stopped asking what if this doesn’t work and just took the leap of faith in trusting that YOU ARE ENOUGH!?🙌🏽🧜🏼‍♀️ . From a little girl who was abused in every way possible to now a woman on a mission to inspire and encourage countless women and men to JUST BELIEVE! . So I ask you, are you willing to take a chance on YOU!?👊🏼 . SEND ME A MESSAGE so I can answer your questions! 📩 . #theredemption #freedom #grit #girlswithtattoos #mk1 #lightworker #firewalker #success #vibes #godisgood #hope #wakeup #lawofattraction #goals #fitness #wholeness #mindfulness #keepexploring #livestrong  #practicedaily  #exploretocreate #vsco #vwlove #mlm #wanderlust #vegas #intention #vw #girlswholift #themfceo
the city that never sleeps + sin city = bad news
Still in vacation mode ✨ Please tell me some ways you get back to normal after vacay. Post-vacation blues over here have you’re girl feeling a bit off. Can anyone else relate? // And if you haven’t checked it out yet my full Vegas blog post is live. You know where the link is. 🖤
First time for them👪❤️
Ryan’s bachelor party has started off with Ryan hitting the jackpot 📈 and me barely holding off the inevitable 📉
Quick Throwback to Vegas Swipe for bloopers #baileysfinest
TUB 🛀 OF #ranch? ✅  MARGARITA YARDSTICKS FULL OF RANCH?! ✅  #shakeshack PARTY TRAY for TWO?! 🍔🍗🍟✅✅✅ // The mad geniuses at @hidden.valley put a 24-foot tall bottle of ranch on the strip here in #lasvegas. They also invited ranch fans to stop by and fill up on ranch with ANY container you want. #foodbeast (More crazy stuff in our stories!!)
Gamble with life everyday might as well come out to Vegas 🎲
From LA to LV!! We lit🔥🔥🔥
swipe right for a cute montage of our trip to vegas🤩
За последние пол года произошло огромное количество событий, которые перевернули мою жизнь с ног на голову. Выход из зоны комфорта со мной пожалуй случался не раз, но в Америке это мое перманентное состояние, от которого я максимально кайфую, а иногда плачу вечерами, снимая маску «сильной и независимой». Радость от обретения некой стабильности разделяю только с близкими, этим объясняется мое редкое появление здесь. И все же огромное количество вопросов о жизни в ЛА удивляет. Ведь казалось бы уже все всё знают про визы, переезд, получение грин карты  и тд через популярных инстаблогеров и ютюб каналы, но на самом деле каждая история переезда настолько уникальна! Каждое новое знакомство - новый экспириенс и новые знания.  В общем это я к чему, любите и цените людей вокруг вас. Даже если с некоторыми из них вас разделяют километры 💛  #lasvegas #nevada
Vegas baby🤐
Cold nights, city lights. ⭐️
Never forget how wildly capable you are 🌟
comeback bigger than the @jonasbrothers
Vegas with my baby🧳🎫🎰
𝙻𝚒𝚏𝚎’𝚜 𝚊 𝚌𝚕𝚒𝚖𝚋, 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚟𝚒𝚎𝚠 𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝 🏔
your loss
La sonrisa te la debo
Big Apple? No... still Vegas 😜
This guy was walking by & I challenged the crowd to raise $1000 on the spot to shave it all!  It took 30 seconds!  This hero from Minnesota is going to shock his wife when he gets home!  #lumberjack @stbaldricks @mgmresortsintl @nynyvegas #stbaldricks #nyny #cancersucks
New York, New York casino, Las Vegas, Nevada  #newyorknewyorklasvegas #lasvegas #nevada
My Vegas wish...to win BIG! #zoltar #big #lasvegas
tall bitchez to the FRONT !!!
Happy anniversary to my babe! 6 years ago I was 9 months pregnant and we decided to get married at the court house. I was swollen, in pain and wearing Forever21 floral leggings and cheap ass house slippers from Walmart. It was totally worth it. I would do all over again, because it’s with you. I love you so much Jason! Happy 6 years and 9 years together. That’s almost a decade! Thank you for saving me.
Went on a trip to Vegas and came back with a dog and the flu. Funnn. - - - #lasvegas #vegas #statueofliberty #photoshoot
Perfect weather in Vegas☀️!! ________________________________  I enjoy traveling so much that I know I've got to grind to attain the lifestyle that I want.  #travel #vegas #newyorknewyorklasvegas #wealth #pacsun
Muy buen estado Nevada pero me confunden las escaleras mecánicas en las calles