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Instagram photos and videos at Nebraska

This is from a poem I wrote in memory of my late brother. Could use a different frame. Check out my etsy shop. Looking to add some different items here soon. #crossstitchersofinstagram #loss #memory #peaceful #mommaxstitches
Both my brothers younger then me and bigger then me. 丹‍儭 #peeptheshoes #gucci  #supreme #rockrevival #skiptothedrip #beenonmygrind #retros #lostinthesauce
The weather is on fire 乒儭
Reminiscing on my last night at home for the summer of 19. After a night of competitive spikeball, stunning fireworks, perfect weather, & amazing people, it ended with a sparkler burn, a lightning storm, a good fire, and a kind of peace that can only be found in the right company.
Summers been a crazy ride
#quiet #smalltown 12:00 AM town of 1,500+ people nothing open very quiet #car #horn if you hear it or not!
Highlight lighter and brighter  who loves a great all over foil? ME!
Sunday night has rolled in and my time back home is waning for this visit. Melancholy settles in. • I want the time to hang, only coming in drops. • Needed this time, gratitude to the time • My steps are slower and my breath is deeper, my feet naturally know where to move me in tasks. It’s automatic and familiar. My room, favorite walking spots for watching dusk blanket itself for the sun’s descent and how the right touch on a muck fork for shifting shit feels so satisfying. Cold beer chats after a hot day spent outside since morning...I hold these smells near until next time. #visitnebraska #nebraskasummer
The best part of coming home from vacation are the snuggles! 湘‍ . . . #momlife #family #bedtime #snuggles #welcomehome #blessedbybonne
Find someone who makes 25 hours of a #weekend #roadtrip an #adventure supporting one of my #halfbakedideas. We pulled it off  in just two days despite last minute #schedulingsnafus and managed #camping, #sailing and #tonsofqualitytime.  Here’s to #family, #love and #weekendroadtrips with a #carload of #vintagetreasures and #weddingdecor !
Photos from the recent flooding in Harlan County. The first few photos are from roads, and the others are fields. The river swelled finding an old channel and ran through roads and fields. It was interesting and understood why this happened. Walking along the road in the morning made me listen and observe where to walk more than ever. Nature was asking to observe and listen again and again taking out the routine of what was known before. #midwestflooding #nebraska
imma buss down with the aliens
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Sunset from the overlook by Ionia cemetery.
After the June afternoon I realized I was in love, Conrad and I made a habit of pulling off the highway for Nebraskan public pools.  This one stood out to me not because it was hashtag Accidentally Wes Anderson, but because even now Conrad’s handsomeness slices through my memory like a machete among undergrowth.  Even as this golden-hour instant was happening I thought: How am I here? How did I get so lucky to have a boy this hot and kind look at me like I am the only girl alive left on Earth at a public pool in Nebraska?  Before we arrived in O’Neill, Nebraska—a place where Conrad has driven me because my distant family@lived there—I said: “I want to talk to my cousins about liberal politics and if they disagree I will call them out with facts.” Conrad grimaced. This conversation could have gone so wrong. But here’s the mort important truth: It didn’t.  5 PM in the American prairie looks the way Instagram look through filters. Saturated. Golden. Lens flares. “You are so sexy,” I said as I took photos of Conrad day’s after meeting my extended family. “Ha,” he said, shyly reaching out for me. Holding the camera, my plam inside his, away from my chest so I couldn’t take more photos he said, “Do you really think so?” And, evenly, again, I said: yes. And then he let my arms go like someone cutting the strings on a puppet show.  When Conrad has his phone back and  turned the lens on me I didnt know what to do. So I dabbed as a coping mechanism. All the while I hoped I looked cool COMMA BRO.  Something I remember about these Nebraskan pools is that they made us split up to change. Women always to the right. Men—left. Why? But something I loved was the moment when I finally spotted him after we walked out. One of us would always be done first. Usually it was Conrad. And when I walked out I would search for his silhouette among the strangers until I found it and then we would splash together into the shallow ramp, holding hands.  After we
Floating into another year of life filled with an amazing family, great friends, good times and the bestest four legged friend a girl could ever ask for. #herestoanotheryear
Shout out to Nebraska!  We did It in Oklahoma, you can too! #sq788  Nebraska organizers are hitting their goals with petitions for legal cannabis on the 2020 ballot! Go! (Full article on the PufStyl twitter page)!
happy lil’ soul儭
pee break US20 Nebraska
Boats ‘N Hoes
of all the things I have in my life I’m most grateful for the family I found at southwood
Its been ages since Ive posted. Snapped this quick picture with my mobile phone this morning after getting off work. #skyaboveme #dgrimmphotos #clouds
Found a little gem in a corn field today.
#repost @taylor_thatdancer • • • • • #youshouldseemeinacrown @billieeilish . . .
If you don’t photograph a clean kitchen, did it actually happen?? 仄‍儭
Boots, class, and a lil’ sass #countyfair #countrylife #momlife #nebraksa #countrymusic
Nebraska is vast, and I found it enjoyable to drive through . #vast #prairie #farm #nebraska #roadtrip #drive #corn #soy #farmland #ne
The only line that is true is the line you're from
So golfing went swell today‍儭
鳶  h h, h '   . 湘  h ,    ' .    &   ...      h.
“Our little Kayaking meetup” due to thunderstorms our turnout was lower than anticipated but those who showed up took home lots of swag & the sun came out! What a great day! 歹 #vipkid #vipkidmeetup
Who else say’s “one more cast” as the sun goes down, but ends up casting far more than once? 井 ————————————————— Need tips and tricks to help you excel in fishing?  Check out and follow @the_freshwater_fisherman informational fishing blog. The link to the website is also in my bio. New informational pieces are usually updated every week, so be on the lookout.  Tight lines!  • • • #fish #fishing #thegreatoutdoors #nebraskagameandparks #nebraska #bassfishing #pike #crappie #bluegill #freshwater #thefreshwaterfisherman #getoutsideandfish #spring #spawn #scheelsoutdoors #favoriterods #lookin4fish #kayakfishing #fieldandstream #nebraskaland #nebraskalandmagazine #slaynationtournamentfishing #smallmouthbass #titantungsten #honeyholefishing #cortlandline
#sunsets #photo
P.s 98.3% of the photography was done  by us. We are little over 50% of the way in our Nebraska Passport journey. But only approximately  30% in our journey of life and as friends. And as we progress through these journeys things will only get more complete and full. I Encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zones and try something new and fun. Life's a garden you gotta dig it!  #nebraskapassport2019 #getouthavefun #trynewthings #roadtrips
Today was good.  It was raining off and on this morning so we opened the windows and enjoyed the summer shower. Daddy made us brunch- his famous pancakes 中- and we did devotions then laid low all morning. It was just what we needed.  before Zane went off to bed he and I went outside to pick up their toys. I snapped this of him day dreaming and looking at it makes me smile, because this is so him right now. His imagination is soaring and he is often in a little boy dream land. But he truly loves to share with us all of his stories and dreams and big ideas- which just makes this time all the more special.
Teaching some kids to do the archery thang!  #opportunityroad #homestead #homesteadlife #nebraska #archery #getskills #getoutside
Suite Child is H I R I N G in both locations - Elkhorn & Kearney! . This week we’ll be posting the link to our job descriptions and application, so stay tuned! 予 . We’re so excited about the future of our shop! We have awesome plans and huge goals to accomplish and with the right team, we know we can achieve them! . #wearehiring #jobdescriptions #career #careerchange #careeropportunities #team #suiteteam #weloveourjobs #positivevibes #positivity #hustle #teamwork #nebraskamoms #babyboutique #childrensboutique
No sunday scaries here.  Make sure to check out our sale tab tonight to grab some steals & new arrivals will be coming tomorrow! • • • #sunday #sundayscaries #bathtubgoals #sundaynight #ltksalealert #sundayfunday
Last night- en route for beer, live music and a good night. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ootd #ootn #ootdstyle #summerstyle #summervibes #weekendvibes #weekendwear #junkfoodshirt #casualstyle #casualoutfit #instastyle #midwestbloggers #bloggerstyle
Time for my nephews 2nd birthday party!
Sunflowers 弘
Giggles for days. Best audience ever. #safecamp
I’m picking up a load from Universal Pure tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be able to pick up a man, too! Which one?! A convict or a country club member? #recreationaltrucking #roadsidefruit #worklifebalance #hitchhikerswelcome #truckingisforlovers
@iamcardib  in Nebraska. If u are going give me a okurrr
S/O grandma for making our moms & S/O moms for making us cousins
Weekend Vibes