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Cleveland, Oklahoma

Instagram photos and videos at Cleveland, Oklahoma

Tomorrow night (3:16)  I’ll be back in action for @worldclassrev in Cleveland, OK! Tickets are still avail at worldclassprowrestling.com!!! Gimme a HELL YEAH if you want to see me wrestle live!! 🍻 Mañana estaré en acción en Cleveland, OK! Boletos todavía están disponible! 📸 by @photosbymanning  #martibelle #dominicandynamite #worldclassrevolutionwrestling #worldclass #womenswrestling
be obsessively grateful
Halloween 2k18 #thebreakfastclub
“Teamwork makes the dream work”👀🍽
mama i made it 🎓💕
Life is too short to care🤪🍯
dreaming about thanksgiving but remembering ur having it in oklahoma where everything is cream based and ur lactose intolerant
The hardest thing about being a senior for me is that I won’t be there with the people I’ve been through the rest of this crap called high school with😂 I just can’t imagine not walking across the stage with y’all. Our crazy band memories, (some of y’all) or dnd adventures 😂, and just all the trouble we’ve been through together. These memories, well they’re memories I don’t plan on losing them!! #senioryear 😢😅🙃 (some I just also ran out of room for photos. Sorry🤷🏼‍♂️😂)
Love the wintry feel of this cabin near Cleveland, OK! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ 📷: @forgottenoklahoma • • • #travelok
Happy Father’s Day to the single dog mommas out there givin all the love 🐶 #momminainteasy #itsruff
. Cowards never start, the weak never finish & winners never quit 🏃🏻‍♀️⚡️
Find someone that looks at you the way candle-holding Hunter looks at me😂😂
My homecoming king !! (my brother) so proud of you, and the guy you have become. I will forever miss watching you wrestle as a Cleveland Tiger. 💛 && Congrats on being your schools homecoming king!¡ #seniorszn
Tomorrow is our last time to ever step on the field together. Time has flown by but I love these guys more than anything. They will always be family.
Christmas Eve we do legs w dad and brother... @sleefs @basupps @snj_coaching @omnicompression #shreddedwheatz
happy 20th birthday to the person I can always count on. Thanks for keeping me sane, ily🤪💓
835 x 1 squat w/loose wraps at rpe 7.5.  First session in knee wraps in a long time.  #sbdusa #reactivetrainingsystems @tomdeclue
i’m vv proud of my team, tonight we scored more goals than Keys... and dats what’s up:)) (the last slide is me saving the game🥳)
Family by choise #flashmurries
Some things were just meant to be 📸❤
american teen
Its a beautiful day to take a fourth of july picture! Happy Independence Day 🎆
“ a cowboy’s hands are as strong as steel, as tough as leather, but soft enough to touch a butterfly’s wing and the skin of a woman without disturbing the beauty of either.”
Wouldn't trade this team or coaches for any other in the world. Came up a little short but still had another good season. Loved the effort we had all year! Im sure gonna miss it! 25-6
Gods going to do big things in Alpha Gamma Rho this year, already off to a good start at Grow!
It doesn’t have to be national women’s day for me to really love these women (domino included). Thanks for giving my country roads a try.
Just in case you haven't heard already WE GOT A BUCK!! #ppar #83 ❤️💛
As a parent, this is one of those moments you dream about , best all around senior girl and valedictorian. 4.0 and many other scholarships and awards , Proud of this girl beyond words. OSU, Here she comes ! #proudpapa #blessed  #osucowgirls  #gopokes
My boy..❤️ #proudma.  Thank you @kendall_wright20 for capturing this photo! #home. #sweethomeoklahoma
I guess you proved you can do it without me, proud of you man! #statebound
I love going to @taylor_spears13’s home. The land & animals her family owns is beautiful. Today was a good day...a really good day. |THANKFUL| #clevelandoklahoma
I'm very thankful for where I work for many reasons. Today, I'm thankful that my coworkers brought me out of retirement and I was able to play my first round of golf in almost two years. CBEW Professional Group, you rock. ⛳️
So much love in my ❤️ for this 1 :)
i guess it’s time for a senior sunday❤️💛 188 days left🎉
Staff twins dropping the hottest mixtape of 2015. Here's your new album cover @ty___land 😎🎶
We played for you tonight Jennifer!❤️ regionals ✔️, area here we come!🏀🖤 #33js