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Macassar, Western Cape, South Africa

Instagram photos and videos at Macassar, Western Cape, South Africa

if only u guys could see the epic tuck and roll I executed after the fall, it would have made this a hell of a lot cooler😂
I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward. - Tupac Shakur 🖤
There will always be room for your hand in mine💓. #pedalgokart #memories #funlegworkout😁
Karena "PSM Makassar" adalah Indentitas . . . . . #psmmakassar #psm1915 #ewakopsm Bajunya & foto : @pachesmindstore @galerina_pache
Leka vakansie dag. Twee 7kg  en een 4 kg kabeljou
Seek the counsel and guidance of the wise.  @habibomarcom  @mahabbah.foundation
I prefer doors and windows on the side.
21st things. 🦋🦋🦋
💠 الآن بث مباشر من كيبتاون : ✨ درس في كتاب : ماهية التصوف وسمات أهله 🎙 *للعلامة الحبيب عمر بن محمد بن حفيظ* . 🕌 في مسجد نور اللطيف، مدينة كيبتاون ، جنوب أفريقيا . 💻 يمكنكم متابعة البث المرئي عبر الرابط: http://bit.ly/1aPtoAz . ⤵ أو عبر صفحات الحبيب عمر في مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي: . 📽 يوتيوب: https://youtu.be/8vjCLXfpoIE . 👤 فيس بوك: Facebook.com/HabibOmarCom . 🐦 تويتر: twitter.com/habibomar . 🔉 للاستماع عبر البث الصوتي : http://mixlr.com/habibomarcom . ◀ رابط صوتي اخر: http://edge.iono.fm/xice/voc_live_high.mp3 . ▫  ليلة الجمعة ٥ جماد اول ١٤٤٠ھ . 💠 ISR2019 live from Cape Town, South Africa: . 🎙Raatibul Haddad and lesson by *Habib Omar bin Hafiz* . 🕌 From the Masjid Nurul Latif, Macassar . ____ T.me/HabibOmar
@teamhondacpt Motorshow💯 1st Place for Best Static✨
We're all just a kid from somewhere ☄️☄️☄️
Some scenes from the @accordingtotheajfoundation  Blanket and food drive  #beyond67 #mandeladayproject #67minutesformandela #blanketandfooddrive
As goofy as they come but definitely a loyal , loving and trustworthy one . Although I'm going through a rough patch in my life , i will never lose my smile because thats what keeps me standing and I have God to thank for that .  #BlessUp❤💯
Bersama @fahrihamzah. Ziarah, napak tilas & reka jejak para ulama Nusantara di Afrika Selatan. Nampak bangunan latar berbentuk mushollah berkubah hijau, adalah makam Tuang Seigh Yusuf al-Macassari (di Indonesia populer dikenal Tuanta Salamaka Syaikh Yusuf al-Makassari). Yg berlokasi di Macassar Village, Cape Malay, Cape Town, Afrika Selatan. Selasa, 15 Mei 2018.  #nurdinranggabarani #fahrihamzah #nrforsenayan #capetown #afrikaselatan
Persona : I Am  I am an underwater world with magnificent colors. I hear divers exploring. I see parrotfish eat off of me. I want to expand across the ocean-even away from the equator. I am an underwater world with magnificent colors. I am.  Photo Cred. @buyelwa_xiphu
@karimshaawky kiting with his 9m @gin_kiteboarding Cannibal on Friday at Macassar. Epic session and some great shots.  #kitesurfing #southafrica #capetown #photography
Sidnā’l-Imām Abū‘l-Hasan al Shādhilī قدس الله سره said: . “A beloved friend counselled me by saying: . ‘Only move your feet if you are going to a place where you hope for a reward from Allah; . Only sit in a place if you are normally safe there from disobeying Allah; . Only keep the company of those that guide you to Allāh, or to obeying the order of Allāh, and these people are rare.’”
Ini Maccasar Bung!  Kampung Macassar, Cape Town, South Afrika. Jejak koneksi Nusantara di Afrika.  #macassar #makassar #capetown
Great day of fishing with dad❤💪🎣 Couldn't ask for n better way to spend a Sunday!!😁😌 Species caught:... 1.White sea Barbel ×6 2.Smoothhound shark ×1 3.Eagle ray ×1
I hope Miles don't see this🍃🙊🙈💥
Große Vermissung 🇿🇦❤️#tb
2018 held some of my absolute highest highs and then threw at me some of my lowest lows. from exploring cape town to getting to shoot ads and commercials and live in a dreamworld with my love to coming back to the states and starting my little earring business to moving away to train to start the career I’ve dreamed of doing for nearly 10 years to that crashing down to losing my sweet grandmother and my step-dad back to back and learning to deal with loss while taking care of loved ones that are grieving at the same time, this past year was so much and I’m not messing around with resolutions because I am T I R E D. I’m thankful for all the ways I’ve grown this year, thankful for all of you that supported me by buying my art, thankful for all the love and encouragement my family has gotten through everything, and I’m thankful that the beginning of a new year truly feels like a fresh start. 2019 plz be gentle with us ❤️
Watch out for the drip 💧(swipe for drip)🌹
Its been time
Once You Conquer Your Selfish Self, All Your Darkness Will Change To Light... ~ Jalaluddin Rumi  #sheikyusufmacassar #villageofmacassar  #capekaramat
Point a gun to my head but don't shoot me from behind ❌
Makam Tuanta Salamaka Syekh Yusuf Al-Makassari di pinggiran kota paling selatan benua Afrika, Cape Town
"Dis my K-DAY" 🎨 #onsverf ✨
A d d i c t i o n .
J’ai zébron 😎
Kebun anggur dan makam jusuf macassar
About Mr & Mrs Colberg👰
I hope you enjoyed your 18th birthday best friend ✨👑💕
Toe point on point. @viviandewaal @ellementsmagazine
Hey darling Macassar girls, we are so proud of how you rallied for your first Sisterhood today!  Your @hillsongsomersetwest sisters were cheering you on, and believing your best days are ahead as a community as you go and MAKE MUCH ABOUT JESUS 💙