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Taylorsville, Maryland

Instagram photos and videos at Taylorsville, Maryland

And the finished, decorated🎄!!! Alyssa is Sooooo excited for Christmas!!! She's so cute! #ourchristmastree
#decoratingforchristmas #familytime ❤️🎄⭐️
They didn't have it on the news, but we had a tornado here in Taylorsville right after one went through Mt Airy. I don't think it made the news because it's so rural here and it missed the houses (BARELY!)... But it cut a path straight through these woods by our house. It went through these woods, down the stream, across the neighbor's horse field (damaging their fences), crossing another street (Baker Rd) and then snapped those pine trees in half (I'll have to take pics of that next time I drive by). It's been a while since the storm, they've fixed the fences and barn, but the tree damage is still there. It's incredible how a tornado can snap HUGE mature trees (right in half) like a tiny match stick #tornado #f1tornado
The girls carried the tree, through the woods, all the way back to the car 🎄
Alyssa was allowed to carry the saw this year...and she was so excited! She even cut down our tree! (with a little help from Jay). After not finding our perfect tree on the 'big tree farm'... We went to the woods!!! 🌲❤️🌲❤️🌲
We cut our tree down in the woods this year! #thewayitssupposedtobe #christmastree
Two of my absolute favorites, ever!!
All who come are reconciled through Him.
The 135 and 953 installing a new septic system
We rejoice at the deliverance that He has accomplished!!
And live abundantly!!