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Quartzsite, Arizona

Instagram photos and videos at Quartzsite, Arizona

Apparently some cowboys do cry!! #donttakemyhat #gemshowfun #celticfamily #littlebitcountry
Desert Star(Monoptilon belliodes) in the Sonoran Desert near Quartzsite, AZ
Remember, you should never go shopping if your butthole is itchy
So damn good. #dateshake
“The Big Tent”... they weren’t kidding! #vanlife #takemymoney #workcamping
I am going to just leave this here. #danjennevada #rvlife #quartzsite #friedfoodheaven
Joel and i (angela) pulled our home to Quartzsite last week! while Courtenay ran the office for us.  Rob, former owner of Colorwright, met and assisted us there with choosing some new inventory, and introduced us to friends & colleagues of his in the biz.  It poured rain all the first day!
I had such a wonderful time at the #rtr and met so many wonderful like minded people. Let’s create a life we don’t need a vacation from
Who are you dreaming of???😴🤔
Taking in what Quartzsite has to offer 😜 #quartzsitervshow #homeiswhereweparkher