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WOW. 🔥  Reconnecting with people is one of my favorite things. I love hearing all about how God is working & changing lives. I don’t normally do headshots, but this session was so much fun! Thanks for being my ‘lab rat’, Abbye! Your summer is going to be so rad! 👌🏻
Jumping into day 3 of #ditd2019 with @anamariaalvarezct. 🤸‍♂️#danceinthedesertaz #latinxdance
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. ✨ |  #blackx ————————————————————————————— For educated students/alumni to network & be recognized!  To be featured FOLLOW & TAG @blackexcellencexx S/O using #blackx . . #blackscholar #blackgirlmagic #blackmen #blackmengraduate #graduation #melanin #blackexcellencexx #blackgrads #collegegrad #gradschool #undergrad #blackqueen #empowerher #blackking #gradszn #graduationpictures #blackhistory #model #blackexcellence #melanin #melaningirls #collegebabes #hbcu #hbcugrad #inmybag #love
I’m legitimately surprised I made it this far #beardown
The best has yet to come
I should invest in some sunscreen
"and this is where I partied with @gronk ,  Philip!"
Thank you to our amazingly talented @arizonapomline coach, Brianna Jensen, for leading our workout this morning! The 2nd drum camp is going terrifically so far!
My son and grand-doggy just graduated!
Trying to quit smoking come by and try these Vance Global Hempparetts out. These smokes are blended with cbd flower not biomass and a herbal botanical blend very nice smooth smoke each hempparette has a whopping 100mg cannabinoid profile providing an instant relief. . . #cbd #cbds #healthandwellness #tucson #tucsonaz #tucsonarizona #az #arizona #tucsoncbd #tucsonmmj #arizonammj #prop203 #eltourdetucson #tourdetucson #igerstucson #arizonawildcats
Trying to quit smoking come by and try these Vance Global Hempparetts out. These smokes are blended with cbd flower not biomass and a herbal botanical blend very nice smooth smoke each hempparette has a whopping 100mg cannabinoid profile providing an instant relief. . . #cbd #cbds #healthandwellness #tucson #tucsonaz #tucsonarizona #az #arizona #tucsoncbd #tucsonmmj #arizonammj #prop203 #eltourdetucson #tourdetucson #igerstucson #arizonawildcats
a year ago today @j.j.jordabeth & I started the summer of Italy...🦋
Okay ladies now let’s get in formation ⚡️❤️ #aliandariel
The worse thing go happen during a run of shame 😂😂
Will the people still in Tucson please stand up?
The element of distraction @foreplaypod
When I dream of distant realms beyond I wonder to what far off shore our souls abscond To what hallowed hall forever flit our hearts and to what place our love departs? I wonder, too, what we leave behind Tied as we are in weirdly woven twine Bound as we are by fates met both ill and well What do we leave behind when we from mortal sight have fell? Are there tears, drops enough to form an ocean whereupon we might safely ferry our emotions? Our deepest wish carry across that sapphire sea which flowed from sorrow to bind you again to me. But I wonder, still, what might we leave behind what memorial, what mark, to stand the test of time? What cross, what sword, will mark our earthy tombs, What do we leave behind when sojourns in heaven are resumed?
Happy Saturday!!! We stay on the grind no matter what day it is!!! Garden trillis job whent in flawless and simple .. big difference!!! #trisfabrication#520#tucson#arizona#garden#trillis#welding#fabrication#homeupgrades#decore#growstuff#clean#uofa#letshookurhouseup
Became an (eligible) bachelor of science last week. This is only the beginning, I’ll be heading back to UA to get my masters in the fall! #graduation #arizona #betterlatethannever #education #dontatme
Last week, I graduated with my MPA. In 2 weeks I’ll be moved into my new home in Philly. The love of my life is by my side for all of it💕💕 . . . . . . . . . . . . #boyfriend #love #loveofmylife #grad #graduation #capandgown #mpa #mastersdegree #classof2019 #accomplishments #moving #ldr #longdistancerelationship #newchapter #newadventure #sweet #cute
A week ago I graduated! 🎓🍾💙📷:@joelofcereal
Sometimes #coding in bed feels like the best idea, until your back starts hurting and your neck has been looking down for a long time. - 📷 Also testing with bolder and more saturated photo editing, what do you think?
Congratulations to 3 of our wonderful SA’s for graduating last week🎓We’re so proud of you and all of your hard work🧡Can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you all will do in life!!
Damn!!! It really happened... A week ago was graduating with BS in Geosciences (Emphasis I’m Geophysics). Yeah, there is a new Geophysicists on the streets. It was great. It was a great feeling graduating and hear your name being called. I wish Mom, Dad, big Broh  @__conhecedordelinguas and meu Kota @antoniojosepanzo were there, but it’s okay, I could still feel their energy and spirit with me and I know they are proud of me. Nonetheless, I had my friends there, I mean my FAMILY, to shout “Mo Mykwera, Mykweruska”. It wasn’t an easy journey but guess what? Your boy Mykwera made it. I wanna thank everybody that was part of my journey; My Family in Angola, family in US, My Boys and Girls at UA Rec Center. Last but not least, I have to the thank the man above. Thank you God for all the blessings that you threw and you’ll keep throwing my way. “For the strong minded, the "impossible" is just a matter of opinion” Charlie Brown Jr.  Wauu!! Realmente aconteceu ... Há uma semana estava se formando com BS em Geociências (Ênfase em Geofísica). Sim, há um novo geofísico nas ruas. Foi ótimo. Foi uma grande sensação se formar e ouvir seu nome sendo chamado. Eu gostaria que minha Mãe, meu Pai, meu Irmão @__conhecedordelinguas e meu Kota @antoniojosepanzo estivessem lá, mas tudo bem, eu ainda podia sentir sua energia e espírito comigo e sei que eles estão orgulhosos de mim. No entanto, eu tive meus amigos lá, quero dizer minha família, para gritar "Mykwera Mykwera, Mykweruska". Não foi uma jornada fácil, mas adivinhe? Seu menino Mykwera fez isso. Quero agradecer a todos que fizeram parte da minha jornada; Minha Família em Angola, família nos EUA, Meus Meninos e Meninas no UA Rec Center. Por último mas não menos importante, tenho que agradecer ao homem acima. Obrigado a Deus por todas as bênçãos que você jogou e você continuará jogando na minha direção. "Para quem tem pensamento forte, o "impossível "é só questão de opinião"
“Work hard and always do your best, and great things will happen”....... so proud of my boy who had a dream, set his goal, had a plan, worked hard, determined and committed to doing his best!  We had the honor of celebrating his graduation with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Finance!  He far exceeded my expectations in so many ways and others too as he was 1 of the 10 in the US who were inducted into the Hall of Fame for his fraternity for contributions as Vice President and Director of Finance & Operations. He made the most out of his 4 years and dove in #rubgy #crew #outreach #commercialrealestate #skydiving just to name a few. He also made time to become lead certified and Argus certified. Most of all, I’m so proud of his character ❤️. We also had the pleasure of seeing a project he worked on downtown #phoenix during his internship over the summer and accepted a full time position in their Dallas location!  Momma’s - We give them life, teach them while their young, be an example and hope and pray they make the right choices. Very proud and I’m excited so see what’s next. I know God has great plans for my boy ❤️ #uofa #graduation #2019 #major #civilengineering #minor #finance #proudmama #workhard #myboy #lovehim #goal #plan #determination #commitment #paysoff #entrepreneur . . . . . . . . . #fit #firmom #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessgirl #engineering #realestate
After an amazing 3.5 years plus a little staycation ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼Tucson! Excited to be attending UMD’s Master’s of Science CFT Program next Fall 🐢❤️🥖
Only 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ days until you join the Wildcat Family! 😸🎉 Fall classes begin on August 26!
WOW Caroline! 3 days of celebration and honoring your hard work and incredible accomplishments, and surrounding you with love. I am filled with joy and pride 💙❤️
Eryka, you are such a joy to be around! It does not surprise me one bit that you are the epitome of strength, beauty, charisma, + intelligence. You have such an amazing example in the women who have raised you. It was such a pleasure to have this session with your gorgeous mama and grandmother by your side. They gleamed with pride of your accomplishments. ♥  I am so excited for your future to unfold. It is so incredibly bright! Congratulations sweet girl, change the world ♥
Wow! That was one roller coaster ride of emotions, hardships, happiness and achievements. I’m lost in words to express this experience that has impacted me immensely. I’ve understood the importance of relationship with all people who have come in my life! I thank everyone (you know who😉), who have helped me achieve the Highest Academic Award and Dean’s list with Distinction Honor. 👨‍🎓 Hopefully I made some people smile... Thank you all... I love you all...😍😘
Wish these beautiful birthday twins a Happy 19th Birthday! Wishing you a great day and year ahead! Happy Birthday Taylor and Reagan! Love you guys! #birthdaytwins #happy19thbirthday #wildcats #beardown #celebrateyou #uarizonaactingmt
Another poem from volume 2 of Strange Diary Days- another that practically full out of my mouth, so to speak❤️
Watching your lil sis graduate college sure is crazy but I couldn’t be more proud of all the things she’s accomplished 🌟
I’m so happy for my sister! 👏🏽❤️
Didn’t see this one coming...🐻💙❤️
Every day I find cool new places on campus, though this might be my favorite 😍
been home for a week but it still doesn’t feel real. cheers to actually needing real jobs!
Happy birthday auntie Amanda!!💛💛 i love you & I’m having separation anxiety already . . . . . . . . . #americaneskimodog #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #puppy #dogstagram #dogs #cute #doggo #doge #miniamericaneskimo #eskie_spitz #spitz #spitzpuppy #spitzlovers #eskie #midnighteskie
All good things gotta come to an end. Thank you to everyone who made my time at the University of Arizona so special, especially my teammates. Can’t even begin to explain how much I am going to miss this place. Till next time Tucson 🐻👇🏼#BearDown
Couldn’t be more excited for a lifetime in this uniform 💙💉
Still can’t believe I’m done, for now 😉😝
Auburn is playing Softball at University of Arizona!! Go WILDCATS!!
Shoutout to these ladies for contributing to the best memories & the nights that will forever remain mysteries 🥂 probably would’ve dropped out without ya
I can’t believe this was four years ago already 😭 #prejay #prelawschool #prehenri #prebotox
Many of our staff have been in Tucson AZ for the joint #cimassa2019 annual meeting this week. Former director Michelle Light gave the opening plenary, and staff members Sarah Jones, Jimmy Chang, Emily Lapworth, Karla Irwin, Su Kim Chung, Peter Michel, Tammi Kim, and Cyndi Shein all presented on various projects and initiatives underway at UNLV Libraries Special Collections and Archives. These included project management, social media, assessment in archives, and working with the physical and digital records of Las Vegas architectural firms. Peter Michel also received the CIMA Lifetime Achievement Award at today’s award ceremony luncheon. It’s definitely been a good week all around for our staff! #specialcollections #archives #conferences #cima #specialcollectionsandarchives #cimaannualmeeting #archivists #conferenceofintermountainarchivists
Want to bring your pupper with you next year? Don’t worry we are pet friendly🐶🐱 ⁣ ⁣ Sign your lease today! #uofa
Junior year done is a whole mood