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This picture took place right after a rainstorm.  You can see the storm clouds moving out right behind me. .  This is a gentle and loving reminder that it's important to look beyond those clouds and remember what's behind them! .  No matter what you're going through in life, dear reader, remember this too shall pass, and there's a beautiful and bright sunshine behind those dark clouds!  I leave you with a Monday afternoon reminder that you are amazing, and you can handle anything! ❤. 📸 @andoraphotography  Shop this look:  http://liketk.it/2AI3E .  @liketoknow.it #liketkit #ltkstyletip #ltkunder100 #ltkshoecrush #springlookbook #wearthisnext #springlook #springfashion #over30style #styleover30 #fashionover30 #nordstrom #classyandsophisticated #dcinfluencer #baltimoreinfluencer #rewardstyleblogger #effortlessstyle #momentsofchic #anotheroutfitpost #mystylediary #outfitblogger #blogmode #topshopstyle #californiablogger #dcblogger #baltimoreblogger #shopmystyle #shopmylook #spotmystyle . ***Download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to shop my daily looks!  Shop this pic via screenshot on the free app!***
Breathing in the ocean with my all natural and nicotine free @monq My favorite flavor is “ocean” and I highly recommend trying this one first. So sit back, relax, breathe in through your mouth, and exhale through your nose. 🌊 #ad #sponsored #monq #mymonq
this is giving me conan gray vibes and i am not mad about it
Sunday funday. Where you guys driving today?💨
I remember when i got off the stage after this song, something in my heart told me it would be my last time in front of the judges, and it was.🖤 American Idol taught me things and pushed me to limits i didnt even know existed. Im so grateful for this experience and everything its given me, especially you guys. I hope you all continue to join me on this journey, it might be the end of my time with Idol but this is only the beginning. Love you all. #americanidol
just around the corner... #lajolla | @unknxwnvillain
🌵💘☀️🌷🦋🌸 LOVE YOURSELF for what you ARE, rather than hating yourself for what you are not! Xoxo 💋
PV Fans! #pvspringbreak starts TOMORROW! ☀️🏝🌊 Celebrate Spring Break with five days of sunny surprises with our fave brands!  Tag a friend so they don't miss out 👯 #livefree #puravidabracelets
Monday morning motivation with a beautiful topless Brit!  #mclarenmonday . @dealerstrip  @sandiegomclaren . #dealerstrip #mclaren #mclarenmonday #570s #600lt #sandiego #720s #senna #p1 #mondaymood #carsforsale #automotive #photography #blog
my right hand man ♥️ took galpin to dock diving lessons today & he did awesome for his first time! he stayed on the ramp but was slowly getting used to it, can’t wait to take him again!
I wish you all could have seen that standing ovation, but we made it through the first round of Hollywood Week! . . . . . . . . #americanidol #thenextidol #hollywoodweek #gold #goldticket #singer #songwriter #music #nashville #countrymusic #newjersey #home #hometown #tv #show #katyperry #lukebryan #lionelrichie #bobbybones #ryanseacrest #orpheumtheatre
Uno pensaría que como soy casi transparente no podría agarrar color, pero aqui la prueba de que si se pudo 👻 si quieren los tips de cómo lo hice déjame un mensaje y te paso los productos que utilicé #tanfordays #tanned #sandiego
Looks like a good movie 🎥
Be a ray of sunshine ☀️
Got pooped on by a bird today..but that’s good luck right? Which means we’ll have more sunshine like this?
Sometimes you gotta know when to let go! #cfly #wlyg
last year, i wrote this for a boy🥴 but 2019 is for girls & birbs‼️🤧🥰 so here it is, resurrected for my baby Avocado💌: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You are my Emerald downfall, darling. 🥑 that soul of yours meditates  timeless,  striking knowing and noble, soaring age-old,  familiar, Conquering. a haven of truth like faithful glass,  an honest mirror, the eyes of  God. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ HAPPI sprung broke y’all!!🤩🌷let’s clean (or come out) our closets and smell the flowers (without trampling on ‘em) 🌿 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ from me to you, let’s make the rest of this year amazing and bright 🥳💞
#dream #live #believe follow your heart ❤️, be BOLD and don’t be afraid to take chances! . . . #betterbodieslifestyle #sandiego #california
Is your body ready for summer!? 😎☀️ - Although summer is still 3️⃣ months away for the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to start planning your cut now! - People often don’t start dieting soon enough... which causes them to panic and eventually starve themselves ☠️. This is called crash dieting, which is terrible because you lose weight way too fast and end up losing all your hard earned muscle 👎 - Crash dieting is extremely stressful both mentally and physically and can damage your hormonal balance as well as your metabolism. An example of crash dieting is losing 20+ lbs (9 kg) in 4 weeks. - Now if you are extremely overweight, then losing 20 lbs in a month may be acceptable but for most of you out there, I recommend losing anywhere from 0.5 lbs-2 lbs (.23kg-.90kg) a week or 2-4 lbs (0.91kg-1.8kg) a month ✅. This will allow you to lose fat without losing muscle, but only if you are training hard in the gym and eating properly 🥗 - Now if you do the math, 3 months=12 weeks which means you could safely lose up to 24 lbs (11kg) before summer 😏! BUT only if your diet and training are perfectly aligned. You have to also factor in the days which you will not be on track with your diet, such as special occasions when you over eat 🐷 - Long story short: give yourself more time ⏳ than you need when dieting because there are always unexpected events that come up and deter you from your goal. - Message me if you are interested in online coaching and need someone to tell you exactly what to do in order to achieve the physique of your dreams 😊👍
Casual breakfast day 🍳...
good morning ☀️ ft my puffy morning eyes & lips
Bird Rock is a charming seaside neighborhood located in the south side La Jolla and named after an offshore rock that resembles the shape of a bird. It's a great spot for exploring tidepools and viewing  birds on the big rock near the beach. There are several roundabouts along La Jolla Blvd that add to the fun of driving through the area. Wishing everyone a wonderful week! 🌞🌊🌴 .  Captured with the DJI Phantom 4 drone 📷
I don't wanna waste no more time, I'm ready to go - weight ; brckhmptn ☁️ . . .  torreypines , la jolla , sd (1/3)
A moment with my fiancé @chuckychuckdgaf - - - - - - Photo by @thomasmathew
waaave check
Somebody throw Shamu back in the ocean
You could travel the 🌎, but nothing comes close to the golden coast. 🏖 #cali
mondays arent always bad 🤫
Happy birthday to my little bear 🐻
Playing damsel in distress in @_sau_lee_
3 years man... :)
No matter your age, u always need your mom.💗🌺💘Happy Birthday to my mama!!! I love you to the moon and back and back again!🎉🎂🍨🎁🎈🌼I'm a strong woman cause a strong woman raised me, mom!👭You deserve all the happiness in the world.💯 Miss u so much and can't wait to spend time together!!!😘💋💘Have the best day ever. XoXoXo💜 @kathyw325 🌺 . . #ig_color #ig_masterpiece #ourplanetdaily #wonderful_places #worldcaptures #main_vision #dream_image #earth_shotz #majestic_earth_ #globalcapture #worldbestgram #natureprimeshot #fiftyshades_of_twilight #fiftyshades_of_nature #sky_marvels #marvelshots #fingerprintofgod #sky_brilliance #sky_sultans #skymasters_family #splendid_shotz #naturegram #royalsnappingartists #fantastic_earth . 🎂🎈🎂🎈🎂🎈🎂🎈😘💋💜
Drive slow. Park low. Photo: @jarod.foto
sea lion VS east side gorilla.
Who's ready for the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection to launch TOMORROW at 10:00AM MST? Coral, Sea Glass, and Sand are some of our favorite colors we've ever created, we know you're going to LOVE them. Remember, our seasonal collections are LIMITED EDITION and won't be restocked once they sell out, so make sure you set your alarms! #ss19 #coral #seaglass #sand
🦄Пост посвещается моей маленькой малышке, она немного проболела и у неё температура. Уверенна, что завтра утром она проснётся бодра и весела, как ни в чем не бывало! . 🙌🏻Поделюсь с вами ее успехами, пусть это ей придаст новых сил. . 👸🏼К свои 11 месяцем Блюби научилась ходить на горшочек по маленьким и большим делам. Конечно основную часть всего  она делает в подгузник, но после сна с удовольствием пользуется своим троном и бывает, что днём тоже проситься. . ☺️К 11 месяцев Блю пошла, пока конечно очень смешно, как пьяный матрос, но она большая умничка и все делает старательно. Посмотрите последнее видео в карусели до конца.😉 . 🐰У неё 6 зубов, она знает и понимает много слов, показывает их на картинках, знает животных. . 🥁Блю очень любит музыку, играет на клавишах и барабанах, танцует под песни и очень любит играть в мяч. . 🚘С утра бежит к своей красной большой машине, подаренной папой и просит покатать. . 😂Любит авокадо и мультики Chu Chu Tv. . #chefamily #our_blue_be #together #forever
♥️♥️ 🇬🇷Χρονια πολλα Ελλάδα !!! Ωραια να εισαι συνοδηγός .... . . . #trendsurvivor #40plusblogger #40plusstyle #fortyandfaboulous #fortyplyfashion #50plusfashion #50plusstyle #40andfit #50andfit #fashionblogger #greekfashionblogger #heart #sunglasses #wiw #streetstyle #wiw #instastyle #mangogirls