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Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Instagram photos and videos at Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

There’s always healing in the places where our ancestors spirits still roam \o/ a very much needed afternoon with Mother Nature 🙂
It’s views like this that keep me going back for more. It’s also what keeps me motivated to stay in shape while I don’t have any mountains near me. In fact the highest point in this state is 524’ above sea level. Guess I’ll be training on bridges and overpasses to get that vert!  #imwhining #wherearethemountains #makethebestofit #westcoastdreaming #mountains #sunset #keeponkeepingon
Done with finals and on to doing crazy stuff for a month before school starts up again. I may be driving from Portland and checking out all the cool waterfalls on the way home or I may not. We’ll just have to see 😉🤷🏻‍♂️
My type of relaxation
I was scrolling through photos on my phone this morning and stumbled upon one that just does me in every time I see it. The family I nanny for does not allow me to post any photos of the kiddos (which I totally respect!) on social media, but I have this photo of E looking at me with her hands folded together & this angelic smile on her face. // The way she looks at me makes my heart melt in a puddle. You see, when I started with this family, she was a year and a half old. Now she’s three. I have watched her for half her life. When I started, she was only babbling. Now she speaks in full sentences and asks questions that most elementary schoolers wouldn’t think to ask. // This kiddo, who tackle hugs me when I pick her up from preschool & lets me hold her hand when we go on walks & will curl up in my lap for hours while I read book after book, is just the kind of kiddo I want to have. She’s just the best & I love her so much.
Somewhere in the forest Where the waters meet
Evergreens are the best kind of trees
I am normally super productive when I sit in a coffee shop. It’s the perfect “I want to introvert but I also want to be around people” vibe. But today, that has not been the case. I have been unmotivated, unproductive, and not in the right headspace. And it took me a few hours to figure out why. // December is hard. For those of us who live with anxiety & depression, the holiday season is generally harder. But for me, the holidays have been increasingly harder since returning home from the World Race & it usually kicks in around now. // We spent the month of December on the World Race working in refugee camps on a tiny island in Greece. We were witnessing the worst moments of people’s lives as they fled their home to seek asylum in another country for fear of being killed. They walked into our camp in freezing temperatures with only the clothes on their backs, sometimes with no shoes & sometimes soaking wet from rough waters. We spent Christmas Day at the camp, serving 400+ beautiful humans as they came off the water, feeding and clothing them before they continued their journey to the next required camp. // That month was a mess of emotions for me. That month I debated quitting the Word Race & staying in Greece. That month is the reason the song It Is Well causes a mixed bag of emotions any time I hear it. That month is the reason long-term missions is what God has called me to do. // So while I am going to sit here & still attempt to be productive with my off day, I am also going to allow myself to feel all the feels, and know it’s okay to do so.
The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.  w.b. yeats