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Pacific Coast Highway 1

Instagram photos and videos at Pacific Coast Highway 1

GWARN Big Sur! Truly one of the most epic meetings of land and sea 🌊
Big Sur, California 🌊
Catch me if u can 😍
Hey mom so I drove a car yesterday. Just for 12 hours, perfect for my first time driving in the US (also I obviously had to stop every few miles to take photos)
Parking here for the weekend.
I'm leaving home for the coastline Some place under the sun I feel my heart for the first time 'Cuz now I'm moving on oh yeah I'm moving on ⠀ And there's a place that I've dreamed of Where I can free my mind I hear the sounds of the season And lose all sense of time ⠀ I'm moving far away To a sunny place Where it's just you and me Feels like we're in a dream You know what I mean ⠀ The summer end by the sea side The way it feels so lost The Fire burns in the night sky This life will keep us young, yeah Keep us young ⠀ And we will sleep by the ocean Our hearts will move with time And we will wake in the morning To see the sun paint the sky ⠀ I'm moving far away To a sunny place Where is just you and me Feels like we're in a dream You know what I mean (С) Hollow Coves  Coastline  #travelgirl #travelbucketlist #travelblogger #travel #lifestyle
Sunrise on the Pacific.
سفر در جاده شماره ۱ کالیفرنیا جزو خاص‌ترین تجارب زندگیم بود.  صحنه‌های بدیع و جذابی که تا وقتی از نزدیک ندیده بودم باور واقعی بودنشون سخت بود. هیچ دوربین و کلمه‌ای نمیتونه اعجاب‌انگیز بودن قاب‌هایی که تو این مسیر دیده میشه رو ثبت و توصیف کنه، این آبی بی‌انتهای اقیانوس آرام...
Трасса California State Route 1 - самое красивое, что я видела в жизни. Бесконечно длинный серпантин вдоль побережья Тихого океана, с каждым поворотом открывающий новый вид нависающих скал, бьющихся о камни гигантских волн, лесов и озёр, водопадов и холмов, цветочных долин с пасущимися коровками. Бурная, атакующая своей красотой природа, захватывающая, дикая, непокорная, и ты такой маленький, с открытым ртом только и делаешь, что фотографируешь. Но передать это все величие не сможет даже видео. #shotoniphone
Besides the wonderful quality time we got to spend together, I would definitely say the highlight of our California Road Trip was the FOOD. Needless to say, my Whole30 went down the drain real fast when faced with all of these incredible meals. More (non-food) pictures of one of my very favorite trips I’ve ever taken can be found in my story!
From Carmel ➡️ San Luis Obispo
Haven’t showered in 3 days, not a single reservation booked, slept in the car on the beach and in the redwoods, blasted music down highway 1, saw all the animals, laughed and loved so hard with my best friend. If you’re wondering what my happy place is, THIS is it. 💙🏕✌🏼🌎
Pacific Coast Highway 1; A few tears, a whole lot of laughs, a forecast of primarily rain, and gallons of wine
Мой любимый пацан #мишалаптев .. путешествует с нами, изучает мир, познаёт новое и взрослеет.. очень быстро...
Pa na te lacze! California dreamin’ ...🌴 #mood #californiadream #adilette #tbt
Too grateful for you, west side. See you very soon 🛫
today last year ✨
ROADTRIP with my other half 👭 🚘 Sacramento - SF - Carmel - Big Sur - SLO - LA with 693930 stops and even more pictures 💞🌊🌤🚗
finally got some film from the summer developed 🌱
I pleaded with the sun for twenty minutes to stay up long enough for my mom and I to make it to this spot and watch it disappear below the sea. . It listened. . And we stood, and watched it perform. Quiet. Intense. Peaceful. . Ever since I started prioritizing sunrises and sunsets, I’ve found myself a increasingly aware of how important it is to just stop, at least for a few moments. .
nic appreciation post
Самое обидное, что может произойти с вами в Калифорнии - это выехать по трассе ЛА-СФ часов эдак в 15 с надеждой проехать по самой живописной дороге на закате. В итоге мучиться от жуткого джет лага, доехать до самых красот уже затемно, останавливаться каждые 15 минут, чтобы поприседать и побегать вокруг машины, а не насладиться красотами скал и океана. В итоге добраться до точки в полной темноте, упасть без ног, но...проснуться с утра под шум океана и унестись встречать расссвет по этой же самой безлюдной трассе и наверстать упущенное сполна. #такоеутро #bigsur #bigusatrip #californication
G R A N D E Z A // Essa foi a palavra que me veio à mente quando olhei para essa imensidão! Percebi o quanto sou pequena e falha, mas tenho o privilégio de carregar dentro de mim o criador de todas as coisas, Ele me faz forte e corajosa, faz minha vida ter significado e valor. Não tem nada no mundo que possa preencher nosso coração a não ser o amor do nosso Pai! Amo o salmo 40 que diz: “Ele me pôs segura em cima de uma rocha e firmou os meus passos. Ele me ensinou a cantar uma nova canção...” ‭‭
Never have I met someone like her. Happy birthday my queen @24hrdiner ❤️
Memories from California (1/2)
Uno de los lugares más increíbles y mágicos  en los que he estado✨ 💙 video by me  #droneshot #retro #dronestagram #bigsur  #mavicpro
The Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey to Seal Beach. California does not fail to impress even on repeat visits. May it no longer burn or shake.
🔥 Пора Подводить Итоги Уходящего Года И Ставить Цели 🎯 На Будущий Год 🔥  Мечтать лучше где красиво и где много пространства 🔥  Куда съездить попутешествовать? 🔥  Сколько Денег Заработать? 🔥  С какими людьми познакомиться? 🔥  Какие цели по здоровью и питанию? 🔥  Как улучшить отношения? 🔥  Как улучшить понимание жизни и стать успешным? 🔥  Каки цели на 2019 год?
12 hours of driving for this
Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse the words “I love you”
“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain
I sat down with the universe & told her I wanted to grow. I told her to use me as a vessel. So she made me uncomfortable. Threw rocks at me. Watched me fall. Watched me pick myself back up. Taught me how to let go, how to move on. How to stand my ground. How to fight, how to survive. How to be more loving, less naive. How to find my light while being surrounded by darkness and use it as my ultimate power.  So thank you. For helping me find my light and making me unstoppable ✨
find yerself a boss who will turn a 7-hour car drive into a 3-day excursion, complete with roadside conference calls
Jumping into the weekend 🤩💫 I wish everyone great weekend and stay out of buying unnecessary sh*t lol #blackfriday #nothankyou
Thanks for your hospitality Big Sur I’ll have a shower now
Vista del Big Sur /  Big Sur View . Más al sur de Bixby Bridge encuentras este mirador, perfecto para admirar el paisaje lleno de pequeñas formaciones rocosas, y un océano que se extiende hasta el infinito. 😍 . Further south of Bixby Bridge you can find this viewpoint, perfect for admiring the landscape full of small rock formations, and an ocean extending to infinity. ❤️ . 📸 @boliz_13
No coast left un-photographed. #vanlife
hey mom, was your suggestion to road trip down to OC just a ploy to get me to come back to california postgrad? because it’s not not working
Welcoming the New Year from Highway 1 💙 #california #pacific #ocean #windy
Don’t take the PCH there’s nothing to see