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Norwood Park, Chicago

Instagram photos and videos at Norwood Park, Chicago

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Frenchie “Frenchman” Goodman! I was rescued from the streets of Des Plaines, IL when I was only 1 years old. I had a hard life in the beginning, with owners who neglected and were mean to me, but now I live with my new family in Chicago, and they are heavenly! They give me lots of love and snacks and cashmere sweaters, and think I’m so, so smart and like I’m a little human being. I especially love my human daddy! We are the best of friends! I also have a chihuahua sister named Frida who hates social media, but maybe she will make an appearance on mine someday! Anyway, welcome to my page! I hope you like me (and my beard)! #chihuahuasofinstagram #terriermix #chihuahuamix
Meet the Families and Friends was a great success ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you to everyone for helping it go so well!
Missed you raking leaves today, old pal. Although I still managed to step in plenty of dog shit. But I’m not sure who’s.
Out of all of the pictures I have taken in my time here, I feel that this one is the most significant. Thank you @_youliah for giving me the chance to meet and love this beautiful amazing woman you get to call your grandmother. There is so much meaning and heartache in this picture and I will cherish this little lady forever.