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Instagram photos and videos at Santiniketan

The monk.
This is the place where Maharishi Debendranath Tagore meditated and Rabindranath Tagore started the school in 22nd Dec 1901 with 5 students and 5 teachers. Today its Visva Bharati university with over 10000 students and 1200 acres of land. God, you are repose of my life, joy of my mind and peace of my soul
This is Bakul Bithi, the first classsroom, where Thakur took his first class in 1901 and remains a classroom till now for Pathabhavan. Bakul is the name of the tree.
Santiniketan( h was removed by thakur when he went to post office for telegram and was short of one box) house was built by his father Debendranath in 1863 and named so because he found peace over here. Thakur spent part of his childhood over here. When he was 40 yrs old he came to this house with his entire family. He wrote few poems of Gitanjali here. The campus was named santiniketan after this house.  The mother and child statue made by Ram Kinkar Baij (his student of kalabhawan) was later installed here in 1940. Only from the shadow of the statue  can one see the image of mother and child.
Thakurs elder brother Dijendranath Tagore made this glass house in 1891. Family used to meditate over here and now every Wednesday morning students and teachers come for meditation. Bramha is after bramho samaj followed by thakur. Wednesday is holiday in viswabharati as his father took deekhsa of bramha dharma on a Wednesday.  Chhatim tree is only good for shade and initially there were only 2 trees. Today Chhatim leaf is given along with certificate during convocation to the graduates of the university by the PM of India.
Salbithi, after Sal trees is the path where Thakur used to walk every day. Jodi Tor daak shone keu na aase, ekla chalo re... Was written by him on this path "If no-one heeds your call - then walk alone If no-one speaks (to you), O unlucky one, if non-one speaks (to you), If everyone turns away, if everyone fears (to speak), then with an open heart without hesitation speak your mind alone If everyone walks away, O unlucky one, everyone walks away If no-one looks back towards the (your) unpredictable path, then with thorn pricked (of the path) bloodied feet, walk alone If no-one heeds your call - then walk alone If no-one shines a light (on the path), O unlucky one, If the dark night brings a storm at the door - then let the lightning ignite the light in you alone to shine on the path If no-one heeds your call - then walk alone"
Notunbari, was made by thakur and had three different huts one each for kitchen, living and bedroom. He made over 15 houses in santiniketan as he believed in change
Thakur bought this school bell for rs 40. It weighs 85 kgs. It's used only for start of school and functions.
Eastern gate, singha sadan and western gate named after the amalgamation of eastern and western cultures at viswabharati. Singha Sadan was named after his friends Bhuwan Mohan Singha who donated the land for Viswabharati.
Ballavi kuthi, Thakur stayed here and wrote national anthem over here  in 1911. The painting is Nand Lal Bose who was a teacher at kalabhawan. He also designed the national fkad as also the first page of the Indian Constitution
Chaiti, the house designed by Thakur to replace thatched roofs of village houses which Generaly catch fire.
Dinantika cha chakra, where Thakur used to have tea in the evening
College of fine arts