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Waikanae, New Zealand

Instagram photos and videos at Waikanae, New Zealand

Went to check in on the morooka we did back in August. She’s been working hard in her short life, but the Nano-Clear is holding up well and the feedback has been positive😁  For more information on the benefits of Nano-Clear on earthmoving machinery (or anything else) then check out our website: www.nanoclear.co.nz Or contact Shaun: wellington@nanoclear.co.nz 027 535 8301
Just happy to be here
Me and my friends brother
Congratulations @msedengrace and @snipermoneyseven on finding true love that will last a lifetime. 💏 #seanandeden4ever #herecomesthecruz #seanputaringoneden #cruzinlove #edenitywithsean #sorrynotsorryfordemhashtags😂
Holiday time 💛
Backyard paradise 🌿
That’s one none threatening ATAT 😂😱#starwars #cardboard #project #colorfull #homemade #funky
Bello! (That’s minion for hello 😉)