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Instagram photos and videos at California

Lemon Pepper Buttery Parmesan Crusted #tilapia🐟 🔥😋🍻
Finally found the California from the brochure
Perfect for travel !! 3 in 1 action ✔ Smooth foam that cleanses and moisturizes your skin; as well acts as a make up remover. YOU CHOOSE!!! ♥
I’m currently at work right now and am VERY tired. Teaching yoga full time is not an easy profession but I LOVE it sooo much and it is truly one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. You get to hear so many stories and watch so many personal transformations unfold that have absolutely nothing to do with the poses. Feeling very tired and grateful right now 🙏🙏🙏✨💜 Yoga mat @focused_lyfe  Link in bio
🌴My happy place😊 #home #innout #california
go shawty, it’s ya birthday. I love you so much and you’ll be my sister foreva. Happy birthday to my best friend. 💓💓
🎤We are reunited and it feels so GOOD!!! 🎼 #cousinlove💕
This speaks volumes to me. Same generation but I would say my Beatles were the Beastie Boys (#RIPMCA) Tribe and Mobb Deep to soon follow Thank you @furrycalamari for that old Beastie Boys Plan B love. What you know about Kangen Water though?! Durrant drinks it, LeBron, hundreds of pro athletes on top man this is the new ball game! Surprised Nijah doesnt know about it.. (I just told Nick about it yesterday..) This is J Wussler btw 👊🏽Repost By @istillloveher.de:  How did I have no idea he was a head? 😄
For we walk by faith, not by sight🦋