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Instagram photos and videos at Konohagakure

( t i k  t o k  k o n t o l )  ____________________________________________  #instagram #folk #folkgreen #folkmaluku  #exe
Sedang mencari jalan ninja..
‘s post🍃 “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” - Coco Channel she’s my best girl and her development is everything💓 ib @sakuraaqueen ☺️💞 And don’t even bother to comment shits I’ll delete everything so better just ignore if you don’t like her. ———————🏮——————— Make sure to like, comment and follow @roadtoshinobi (me) if you don’t so you can se more like this🍡 ———————🏮——————— If you watch My Hero Academia make sure to follow me on my second acc @bnhastuffs where I post edits from that anime🥦 ———————🏮——————— {if there’re some grammar mistakes I’m sorry english is not my native ugh, everyone makes mistakes so do I😂} ———————🏮——————— Credits to artists of all stuffs on this page which don’t belongs to me🎨 And also if you repost my edits, please give me a credit😄 ———————🏮——————— 💭qotd: fav kunoichi? 💬aotd: sakura ———————🏮——————— #naruto #uzumakinaruto #narutomanga #anime #rasengan #dreams #hokage #konoha #hiddenleaf #shinobi #kunoichi #uchiha #uchihasasuke #sakura #hatakekakashi #boruto #narutonextgeneration #nanadaime #sakuraharuno #sakurauchiha #sakuraedit #narutoquotes #cherryblossom #byakugou #cha
Kage bunshin 😄
Pernah jadi Anak Basket...
No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who'll misunderstand you. That's ok! As long as you do your best with a straight mind and a kind heart, people will see who you really are!
Love me just the way I am 😘 @andre_oroh94 💙 . . . . 📸 by : @crsnlm  Pengarah gaya : @raisakriss @bellagbriella
Silence is the most powerful scream.🃏
- j'ai peur de te perdre ma dit mon miroir - ❌🍑
Be grateful for everything you have and you'll be successful in everything you do🏆🍫~@augustmcgregor🐉
Szekunder szégyen
When you lose a person you love so much, surviving the loss is difficult. @cristiano
Omae wa mou.. Sinde iru.. Nani!!!
Duck-butt was and always will be❣😂 - - - ©🎨Thelittlechook on Twitter
Woy Puasa lu! • • #cumancemen #cumanfoto #cumanmainan  #toysphotography #ceritanya
Liam wenn du das liest, du bist ein Kek 📸: @samuelzscherer
Elclassic 🤘XII MIA 11
See you next time BRAK ALLBASE😇🎉
What is your favorite sensei? 😍🎎💕
Sedih dan senang Tidak bertahan lama Hanya datang silih berganti di setiap waktunya.
There! Lol 🤗😓 - - - - FROM: @yahiko__tendo
Betrayal must be paidback by blood!
In the Shinobi world those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.
Udah berotot blum🙃
Thought i find a way⭐ • • •  #tumblr #tumblrboy #profilepicture
Para petinggi desa KONOHA🕴️ #lfl #fff
Saat mengikuti ujian masuk konohagakure 2018. Apa daya tersangkut skor toefl yang kurang mumpuni
Katon: goukakyuu no jutsu
Allblack Wie ein Ninja 🦹🏾‍♂️#SOUFFSiDE @migouzphoto
Not everything went well but I‘ doing the best that I can and I even got a few dreams...☝🏾⚽️❤️#brigante
Kanca old😂
Merokok dapat menyebabkan petani tembakau makmur, pajak negara tercukupi dan gangguan pada perusahaan farmasi. . . . #donttrythisathome #donttrythisathomekids #berbahaya
“I’m only 15 but my mind is older. When the things get for real, my warm heart turns cold”