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Vancouver House

Instagram photos and videos at Vancouver House

vancouver house by @bjarkeingels - an Escher like twist...Swear it wasn’t the marijuana
The new Beach & Howe tower - a new condo under development in Vancouver has us excited for the final product! We’re just wondering one thing… Howe tall will it be? (not even sorry for the dad joke) Photo by @erikandersen #curiocityvancouver
Amazing building, couldn't resist snap'n pics of it, swipe for details
Admiring the new skyline 🏙
The Vancouver House is a 525ft-tall mixed-use project to be developed by Westbank Corporation at Howe Street and Beach Avenue in Vancouver, Canada.
Vancouver House by BIG [Bjarke Ingels Group] is getting there...
Curtain draw  Photo: @urbanYVR
Cultural starchitecture//economically starkitecture
Take a look at the beautiful Vancouver House Condos by @westbankcorp! These developers are responsible for bringing forth the most uniquely designed Condo coming to King st W. very soon! Stay tuned!
Vancouver House 🧱🧰🏠🌆⚒#architecture
Fact: I did not enjoy the elevator ride up
⚫️ VANCOUVER HOUSE Designed by @bjarkeingels • #bjarkeingels #vancouverhouse #westbankcorp  #vancouverartgallery •
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The most dizzying apartment building 🏢
This is what I imagine the end of the world will look like. An over-designed condo shrouded in a toxic haze. Amazingly there is #nofilter on this photo, #vancouver was just that #grayscale today.
Feeling like this will be a nightmare to clean... #butbeautiful  #architecture #vancouver
T O M M O R O W L A N D 🌆 🇨🇦 ✨
A well done experience is always positive. One year ago...! 🇨🇦. #canada #vancouver #vancity #vancouverhouse #saftyfirst
🙃 wore wrong helmet to the site today but at least the views were dope 🏗
high-density #bjarkeingels
the fun side of architecture. #bjarkeingels
A new "spin" on public art. #vancitybuzz #rodneygraham #spinningchandelier #buildingartistry
🅱️engel gang Survey life
Looking up at Vancouver House. @bjarkeingels @big_builds
🏙. #vancouverhouse #vancouver #shoinvan
gradient #bjarkeingels
Other than a few exceptions; I do not enjoy the architecture in Vancouver.  Other than a few moments in history this city has built mostly crap and it has only gotten worse in the past decade. The only thing that saved us is that we scored this stunning natural environment to park our (mostly) shitty buildings.  That being said:  @westbankcorp and @bjarkeingels have outdone themselves with @vancouverhouse It is just stunning photographer unknown
The Vancouver House (completion in 2019) by Bjarke Ingels Group.
Winter fog rolling into town last night. Vancouver House #findingyvr
So this is hapenning
Vancouver House getting closer. Nice view from the future gym! Definitely one the most challenging but rewarding projects I have worked on. #vancouverhouse #almostdone
Vancouver House 🙌🏻 You sure do stand out amongst the rest! Masterpiece. #architecture #vancouverhouse #beachdistrict #chantalvignolarealestate
#vancouverhouse drive by. @bjarkeingels @big_builds @westbankcorp #archdaily
Vancouver House designed by @bjarkeingels photo by @nickthehalfer #vancouver #architecture #grayeveryday
"Think of Vancouver House as a giant curtain, at the moment of being pulled back to reveal the world to Vancouver and Vancouver to the world" – Bjarke Ingels, Architect