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The Home Depot

Instagram photos and videos at The Home Depot

The things you see at Home Depot! This guy has these horns super glued to his forehead! No joke!
First time at Home Depot!! So many new smells!!
#toomanychoices This is the fun part, right? πŸ€” What do I choose?! #indecisive 🀦🏻‍♀️ #bathroomremodel #design #accessibledesign #raredisease #curefa #stephanieshope #santaclarita
Even parking lots can be pretty if you’re looking
#homedepot Reminder to check smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Make sure all the batteries work and pick up a small fire extinguisher for emergencies! I got all this @homedepot for under thirty-five bucks!
I think I found a long lost relative at @homedepot
When frosty does a couple lines of snow!
Dear Home Depot, can we stick with the Halloween decorations? Come on, Xmas trees first week of October?