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Trevose Head Lighthouse

Instagram photos and videos at Trevose Head Lighthouse

18 with the parents πŸπŸŽ‰
Moonrise at my fave pondering spot.
Cornwall at it’s finest, love it here! #relax #chill #beach #nature
Hate fal rc
A great walk on a summer's day, then back to Padstow Townhouse for a rest #coastal #lighthouse #summer
my most favourite photo I have ever taken of an unsuspecting couple watching the sunset πŸŒ… #35mm #filmphotography #filmisnotdead
I’ll handle the press Sargent Angel
β–‘ Dusk at Trevose Head Lighthouse.
Dreams come true πŸ’₯ #lighthouse
Lighthouse love IV
Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening. . It took me sometime to understand what was meant by this statement, just like a lot of things in life, I was unsure of the meaning behind it. That was until I dug deeper into human psychology and began to discover the incredible power our mind has in driving our daily attitudes and behaviour. Without us consciously knowing it, our mind is always listening and responding to our inner voice. For this reason, the way we train our mind and communicate with ourselves internally is of utmost importance. . From the dawn of human history, our survival was dependant on our ability to avoid danger. To keep us alive, our brain programmed itself to have a primary goal of keeping us safe from risks and to be fearful of possible threats. This has meant we have naturally evolved to have a negative bias that makes us more sensitive to information that our brain deems risky. All well and good in that it keeps us alive, but having this built-in sensitivity to possible risk means that same negative mindset bias is also present in every sphere of our lives. . This sophisticated natural defence system has seen the human race evolve to where we are today, but the negative bias is a drain on our quality of life and happiness in today’s modern world. . Nowadays, we are generally removed from day to day threats of significant and unpredictable nature, but our brain remains a protective and negatively oiled machine. We still become fearful and anxious whenever there is a feeling of risk or unease deep within, despite the fact these risks are of a very different nature to the life threatening experiences back in ancient times. Once we understand why our brains have become so protective and that the feeling of unease stems from our thoughts, we can start to rewire our mind and set ourselves free…. To read the rest of this blog, please visit my website (link in bio). πŸ“Έ @alin.ostafe  #onelife #freedom #thenakedprofessor
Charlotte, you remind me of a lighthouse: beautiful, but outdated and kind of pointless. Wait. No. Um... Charlotte, thank you for teaching me to drive a manual car. Among other things.. Uh, okay. Nope. Charlotte, attempting to put into words the impact you have had on my life (& many others) is proving to be quite the struggle. Perhaps because there is not much to say (😘) or perhaps because it is simply beyond words. Let's just leave it at this: happy day of birth, my Norwegian nugget. I am so grateful to know you.
Nothing in the world is better than coming home to this little fella #cockerspaniel #travel #home
Trevose head this evening. F'in cold. #trevosehead #nationaltrust #kernow
Golden hour πŸŒ…
3.272 mi
Floofers first hols πŸ’–
Got up early to go out walking. Snow in Padstow, twice in one winter? Inconceivable! #cornwall #snow #padstow #beach #landroversrule
Trevose Head, Cornwall, πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ One of my favourite places to watch the sun set πŸŒ…  #trevosehead
#trevose #head. You can stay in the lighthouse. @nationaltrust
Camping and exploring the Cornish coastline with one very happy doggo
Getting back into the habit of running more often again, feel like I’ve really let my exercise slip over the last couple of months so glad to be feeling the benefits again.  Left a little message for the heavens along the way πŸ’› #thisgirlcan #running #widowlife
Tried not to fall in
Ever close your eyes and stick your finger randomly on a map πŸ—Ί? That’s what we did today and this is where we ended up. We were off on a mission around the South West Coast Path to find Cat’s 🐈 Cove that we spotted on the map so we found ourselves at Trevose Head. Clinging to the cliff sides which rise 150ft from the sea 🌊, were bright yellow flowered 🌼 gorse bushes with lots of ladybirds 🐞 on the branches. You can hear birds along the path in the bushes like skylarks, linnets and corn buntings and the RSPB and the National Trust are working together to encourage this natural wildlife habitat (you can just about hear them on my Stories). The Trevose Head Lighthouse built in 1847, can apparently be seen from as far west as Cape Cornwall to Hartland Point in Devon! When looking up the area online when we came back we found, if we had turned left instead of right, we would have seen the amazing 80ft wide ‘Round Hole’ blow hole in the cliff that goes right down to the sea - another  good reason to return. There are just so many places to explore in Cornwall!!
The face when you know you got scones at home.
The perfect picnic spot πŸ₯ͺ🍎πŸ₯‚ We walked to Trevose Lighthouse last week in the sun! You can take a short drive here from Newquay on the way to Padstow, or see if you can find it whilst you walk the South West Coast Path! #newquay #cornwall #visitnqy
Last but not least πŸ˜‚ Trevose lighthouse peeking over the flowers
M Y  W A R R I O R  S I S T E R
Half mooning on the clifftops, wobbly in the wind & the oh so soft grass 🌼🌊
πŸ“· @christian.leee
Still browsing the photos of my trip to the north Cornwall coastline and staying at this lighthouse cottage in the background. Also the start of my vintage fashion style vibes (September 2010) which over time saw me become a tomgirl! Maybe it shows here but styling this way was the best feeling I could ever have! If you ever want to ask more of this, don't be afraid to ask! Thank you! πŸ™‚
That's it I've graduated ! I'm a fully fledged Bachelor of Arts ! Look out world here it come ! #falmouthuniversity #hrbphotography
6 mile Cornish coastal path walk this afternoon through Constantine Bay, Booby's Bay, Trevose Head, Mother Ivey's Bay & Harlyn Bay #cornwall #kernow
And that’s Cornwall crossed off my bucket list!βš“οΈβœ”οΈ #cornwall #trevoseheadlighthouse #theearlybirdgetstheworm #offthebucketlist