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East Village, Manhattan

Instagram photos and videos at East Village, Manhattan

as touristy as it gets  @philippemodelparis #philippemodel #ad
#behindtheinstacurtain: today I asked 10 strangers to take my photo. I’ll admit it. I was nervous! When I first went outside, I kept passing people and in thinking in my head... “ok, ask that person! Ask! GO, DO IT!” and then they would walk by and I would chicken out. . We’re not used to talking to strangers. Or asking people we don’t know to do things for us. And New Yorkers in particular have mastered the art of the resting bitch face as they speed walk down the sidewalk. . My first targets were two older ladies sitting on a bench. I nervously asked them if they’d take my photo for a project, and they were so sweet and said yes! In fact, I asked ten people not a single one said no. . Most were very much willing. Only one woman seemed less than enthused. But to make up for it, two people were OVER THE MOON excited. One guy had the most serious look on his face as he was walking towards me, and as soon as I asked him, his entire face lit up. He was so excited, and I was cracking up as he snapped away. That was my favorite photo, the very first one you see in the carousel. . Originally I thought this challenge was about getting out of our heads about always needing fancy/professional/perfect photos. But after completing it, it really feels more about the reward that comes through the risk of putting yourself out there. And the quick, yet joyful, fleeting moments we could potential have with people everyday day. . As my mom put it after I texted her these photos... . “You know what? Everyone LOVES the chance to connect!” . Ain’t that the truth!!!
imma be ur sk8r boi ✖︎☺︎✖︎ • wearing @hm clothes + sneakers
Spring has arrived in NYC. 🌞 Captured by @josh_lucchese
Bicep mantis pose  Single arm cable crossover  Position cable to highest point, take one cable in hand and step forward. Leaning forward begin to bring handle closer to the mid section of your body, once chest is contracted squeeze muscle. Slowly let handle return to starting position without putting to much pressure on your shoulder, but enough to really stretch the chest. Use the position of your torso to assist with your engagement.  #bodybuilding #biceps #sweat #weightlifting #passion #oldschool #shredded #aesthetics #instafit #igfitness #inspire #gym #goals #grind #followme #gains #motivation #health #workout #lifestyle #fitness #ripped #fit #muscle #training #legend #gymlife #fitfam #flex #fitnessmotivation
This is  roaming about the East  Village following green markers on Saint Paddy’s  Day. Actually its feels quiet  and somewhat nostalgic,  having so many memories  here. Egg creams with Robert  at Gem Spa. Scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes and challah  bread with Tom Verlaine at  B&H. A sunny, windy day  with a faint sense of spring.  Now for just one more stop,  coffee to go in a small oasis  then heading back home.
Happy girls don’t hate 🖤✨
Finding my light! Then a dude standing in it :( Today was lazy day #chocolatepom #pomeranian #lazyboi
Interrupting is always rude, but there is one phrase that I believe always warrants gentle interrupting. ✨ “(Fill in this blank with whatever…) is killing me.” ✨ Nothing is killing you. And if it is, stop doing it or get out of whatever the heck the situation is that could be causing you such distress that you even consider using the “K-word.” ✨ Don’t use the K-word flippantly. Don’t use it, period, in any reference relating to yourself or another. ✨  Our subconscious mind takes directions. Always direct it positively and see what happens. ✨  This is Silver Disobedience® philosophy. I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience ✨ A Perception Analyst who shares my Daily Meditations for other Ageless, Passionate & Curious People.  Modeling info @Wilhelminamodels —other info in my bio & on my websites.
3 months vs 8 months 😱 #transformationtuesday
90s babe forever 💋
When @carlytumen catches that strong mid-stroll shot 🖤
At KGB in the East Village for an interview with @mortalcitypodcast. It was so awesome to see @itsdwaynecooper in the audience... thank you so much! . . "Hat Not Hate" beanie by @lionbrandyarn Jacket by @theseriesny . .  #mortalcitypodcast #desmondisamazing #beyourselfalways Booking: @pegmgmt
6th & 2nd. East Village. 🏷🏊‍♂️ Overheard by @jacobrreich 📥 #millennialcreed #deepdive #overheardnewyork
H A P P Y  S P R I N G! 🌸 It won't be long until the Wisteria is blooming in NYC. Here's a shot from last May in my hood to tide us over. #springinnyc #housegoals #socharming #prettycitynewyork
the doorframe is all ur birthday love and support 💜🎉thank u for all your beautiful wishes! #tiktok
Thanks @colafancyofficial  for my Long Buttoned Coat. Finally I can use ⚡️🧥⚡️ . . . . . #colafancy #outfit #coat #winter #spring #menstyle #streetstyle #newyorker #eastvillage #nyc
The mondayest tuesday ever 🤯 . . . . #nyc #me #photooftheday #fashion #blogger #style #styleblogger #fashiontrends #blog
Thirty, flirty, and thriving. Ok, maybe I’m 31,  but can you really tell? 😂🙊🌼
first day of spring !💐
Put your heart in the bag and no one gets hurt 🖤On a side note thanks for 4k guys 🥳
It’s a vegan crunchwrap 🙆🏼‍♀️🌮🌯 try making this recipe, until @tacobell finally catches up with the world and adds a vegan version to their menu 😉 . . . . Recipe: (Makes 2 overstuffed wraps) . 1 package @beyondmeat burgers 1 yellow or sweet onion 4 large gluten free rice tortillas, like @foodforlifebaking  2 small corn tortillas 2-3 tbsp taco seasoning 4 tbsp vegan sour cream, like @tofuttibrands (I prefer to add a tiny amount of vegan lactic acid or drop of lemon, since vegan sour creams tend to be sweet) 1 Roma tomato or handful grape tomatoes, chopped ½ package vegan cheddar shreds, like @so_delicious cheddar jack  ½ cup green leaf lettuce, cut into ribbons. Guacamole according to your favorite recipe (or check mine from my recipe for taquito burritos!), for serving. . . . To make: Dice onion and add to cast iron skillet with oil - caramelize in pan. Remove and set aside. Add Beyond Meat to skillet and break into crumbles, searing over medium heat with taco seasoning until browned. Remove and mix with onion. . . Fry corn tortillas in a small amount of oil until crispy. Melt vegan cheddar shreds in 1-2 tablespoons of water or soymilk, stir until smooth. Put a “tostada shell” on a large rice tortilla and use to trace and cut a smaller soft tortilla with a knife. Repeat with one more large tortilla. . . To assemble, put half of seasoned “meat” onto the center of a large tortilla. Add ¼ of melted vegan cheese. Add crispy “tostada shell.” Spread 2 tbsp vegan sour cream, then add half of lettuce and half of tomato. Pour another ¼ of melted cheese. Top with small soft tortilla and fold in the edges of the outer tortilla to seal. Holding tightly, carefully flip the Crunchwrap seam-side down onto a heated & oiled skillet. Sear each side for a couple of minutes until the tortilla is browned. . . Enjoy with a side of guac and maybe some hot sauce 😋
e já são 5 meses de Thereza...são 5 meses que eu e meu marido criamos uma serumaninha sem rede de apoio,sem muitos amigos e familiares próximo,subindo muitas escadas carregando muito peso.São 5 meses me preocupando tanto que me fez mal pra saúde,são 5 meses que eu fico muito ansiosa sem saber se você vai dormir e eu vou poder descansar e daí quando você dorme eu fico te olhando com saudades.São 5 meses sendo excluída da sociedade,são 5 meses que eu entendi o machismo e a importância do feminismo.São 5 meses cantando todos os dias e dançando até sentir dor nos joelhos. São 5 meses que você veio me mostrar que eu precisava muito amar de novo e veio me mostrar que eu sou capaz e que dou conta de cuidar de você. Meu Deus! Quanto medo eu tive de não conseguir te dar banho,te parir,te dar as tetinhas,te atender! São 5 meses que eu entendo que dar conta e ser capaz não significa nem de longe não ter problemas. São 5 meses que eu tento me achar.São 5 meses que eu não vivo e nem quero viver sem você.São 5 meses pensando no que eu vou ser pra te inspirar a ser uma mulher genial. São 5 meses falando de você.São 5 meses que eu não faço ideia de como vou pagar a sua faculdade em Harvard (essa é pra entendedores😅).São 5 meses que eu gasto muito menos comigo.São 5 meses que eu penso em contratar uma babá pra poder curtir teu pai mas morro de medo de alguém te roubar/te maltratar e eu sei que isso é maluquice de mãe,mas deixa eu ser maluca então. São 5 meses que eu te amo com o amor mais profundo da minha alma. São 5 meses que eu não planejei viver porque eu de fato não teria competência pra planejar amar do jeito que eu te amo. Eu sei lá pra onde a vida vai me levar,mas eu sei que você sempre esteve e sempre estará comigo. Minha Thereza❤️ E sim,a gente vai se vestir igual SIM! Me deixa!😒💆🏻‍♀️
Stop looking at my butt. #splootlife
“If you wish to heal your sadness or anger, seek to heal the sadness or anger of others. They are looking to you for guidance, help, courage, strength, understanding, and assurance. Most of all, they are looking to you for love.” — Ana Castillo . . . . . #kitten #kittensofinstagram #kittenlife #topcatoftheday #kittenoftheday #kitnipbox #bestanimal #rescuekitten #instakitten #catsrule #tuxedokitten  #rescuekittensofinstagram #feminist #feminism #feministcat #girlpower #socialjusticekittens
뉴욕 배경 영화나 드라마 보면 너무 그립따. 여운이 너무 길어 .. 꼭 따뜻한 계절에 또 가야지 💭 일단 굿빰 ,,,🌜
💛 Walking into this Spring season with some cute new white open toe caged booties from the Spring Shop Collection with @justfabonline !! Swipe left for a closer look AND click the link in my bio for these beauties!! #justfabpartner #swipeleft⬅️ #sponsored #nyc
Happy Tuesday! 😀💙 I thought I would join in on the #igquiltfest fun and share a few photos of my thread collection. My favorite of the bunch is the @aurifilthread 80wt on those adorable wooden spools 😀 what is your guys favorite? I recently used the aurifil monofilament thread on my applique heart quilt and loved the results and will definitely be using it again soon 🕺  There's a shot of the CEO ready for work if you swipe 🐕🙂💕 I'm teaching my Squareburst Quilt this Saturday March 23rd at @GothamQuilts. More info at the link in our profile or gothamquilts.com.  Next on April 6, I'll be teaching my Squareburst at the @rimodernquiltguild. For tickets email rimodernquiltguild@gmail.com to register 😀  We'll have a review of our new @olisohome smart iron to share soon and spoiler alert - I love it! ❤️ You can use coupon KEATON20 to save 20% on one at Oliso.com. Link in profile 💛  And if you like our workspace - you can get your own at @theoriginalscrapbox and save $100 off with code KEATON on your Dreambox, Workbox or Sewingbox along with free shipping! 🎈  We hope everyone's having an awesome week!  XOXO - Justin & Diane Keaton ❤️💛💚💙💜🌈🐕🕺 #sewing #quilting #aurifilthread #theoriginalscrapbox #aurifilartisan
last minute #basquiat ✨😵👑🗽 h/t @amosshart
I haven’t painted a flower in a while.  Oh or Mike.  Happy Spring! “Mike with Peony”, 20” by 20”, Oil on Canvas, 2019
Hasta La Vista Upper East Side, this girl is officially a downtown girl! After four years in Manhattan, I have officially moved into my own apartment and couldn’t be more excited for this new adventure—and the biggest thank you to @roadwaymoving for making this day a breeze! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The past month has been absolute chaos with New York Fashion Week, signing my lease and traveling.  I flew back to New York at midnight last night and this morning the Roadway crew took care of everything. They packed up my apartment and moved me in just a couple of hours! 🤗 I literally sat on my couch and didn’t have to lift a finger (talk about being spoiled!) The Roadway crew was so great to work with, super efficient and professional. It’s honestly the best moving experience I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t have done this without them today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Make sure to use my code AUDREE10 for 10% off your next move with Roadway! ✌🏼
spring is just around the corner but it's still 30° out 😩 what's your favorite spring activity? mine is suffering from hay fever. jk LOL. I love wandering the city aimlessly when it's warm 🌸
Loving the entrance hall flowers chez @artistaaronyoung @heriarddubreuil #laureheriarddubreuil appropriately celebrating Home @thewebster @voguemagazine
Doing my best Tom of Finland impression ⛓️🖤 @macevannoni
promise I’ll stop wearing the same outfit everyday now that the weather is getting warmer 👽
Thanks @tsol_apparel for these handmade kicks & 🎒 My shoes have spikes ⚡️👟 失われました • NYC