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The Horse Shoe Bar

Instagram photos and videos at The Horse Shoe Bar

Old student day haunt. Horse Shoe Bar. And they’re playing The Cure Boys Don’t Cry #horseshoebar #glasgow
Pint nr1... in the horseshoe...
⚡️ G L A S G O W • DAY ONE ⚡️ Back to traditional for pub no. 5 and we visited The Horseshoe Bar on Drury Street. There’s such an eclectic mix of people here, from the old guys that have been drinking here for centuries to students preparing for a big night out, and it’s full of welcoming Glaswegian atmosphere. It’s also famous for the legendary ‘longest bar in Europe’ and the fact that an American company once tried to buy the entire contents of this pub and ship it all to New York, but the offer was thankfully turned down. (I couldn’t get any interior pics as it was absolutely choc-a-block)... #glasgowdrink #weekendvibes
When yer mates mum arrives to party 🥳 😂
When you have an hour to kill in Glasgow before your train to Inverness, you grab a pint at the Horse Shoe Bar. That's just facts.
Just Me and my besties 😜❤️ @codybx93  @jadeybriggs
Pearls a singer after 3 nights out on the trot 🎤🤣 Love this wee song 💁🏽‍♀️ #horseshoebarglasgow #pearlsasinger
Outaaaaa 💃🏻
dont dead, open inside? 👵🏻 😆😆😆
Buzzing for the jambos today let's do this hmfc and bring the cup home and the maroon & white army will fill Gorgie to watch the young team make history again. So lucky to have got a ticket now 🏆⚽️❤
• f • r • i • e • n • d • s •
Glasgow. Local Pub. Local brew. Best. Birthday. Ever. #glasgow #beer #birthday #36yearsyoung
Look who we ran into at the Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow! Great to share a pint with the Heaney’s
Two on the bounce #10iar also doesn’t watch Game of Thrones #got🐉
Empty #tennents #tennentslager not good. Refill please
£10 for 4 drinks? That'll do champion, cheers! @james_urquhart87 @theresegrethe8 @sararooney #drinks #kraken #fridaynight #session #friends
before I got a 2 wk ban for wearing joggies🙄
And another...
A wee wander down Drury Street past the iconic Horseshoe Bar with a classy little bit of architecture on Renfield Street at the end. Glasgow, whether you call it shabby chic or smart casual, you wear it so well 😍 #glasgow #peoplemakeglasgow #thisisscotland #architecture #cityskyline #streetsofglasgow #mywalktowork
Me heading into my home, the horse shoe.
Easy like a sundayyyy 💘
my bestie boo 💚
Sooo much love for my mates ❤️ #meantheworld
Old fashioned horseshoe bar with beautiful details. #glasgow #beautifuloldbuildings
My favourite lady ❤️
Day 123 - hump day drinks #project365 #365project
Taste of Scotland 🍺
No one:  Literally not a soul:  Me on a Monday night after college:
Catching up with @galbraithgillianx @tangelaah ❤️❤️
Still fucked just uploading cause a love yous all and Josh is melted 😘
Waiting on @bertkreischer to show up What a show, some of his funniest stuff in that set
At the longest bar in these islands. AND, the famous Horseshoe delicacy 😉👍😂
easter fun 🐣💚
Easter weekend 🐣💘✨
The Gambler is going straight on those karaoke slips
Lost these glasses
Out Out!! Happy birthday Melissa 🥂🍻
‘Remember that time we got banned from ‘Horse Shoe Bar?’ ‘Lets go try and get in....’ #karaoke
Quiet Sunday’s |  Auld boy doing young boy things celebrating Falkirk & Liverpool wins at the weekend in the Horseshoe. I was going home an hour ago......honest 🤔⚽️🍺🍺🍾❤️ #falkirkbairns #mariners #redmen #mates #drink #karaoke #makeusdream
They take their karaoke very seriously in Glasgow - even an extra day just for karaoke
Bumped into an actual hobbit last night in the horse shoe bar with my bro! Haha good night but I’m suffering for it today #thehorseshoe #kenstott #outout #reallifehobbit
Friday innit 👌
nice photos aren’t a thing
Oot oan a night oot, go tae walk into a pub... low n behold ma faithers oot side having a tab! 😂😂😂 big shexy ratty boi oot in glesga way the mustard jumper oan! #photoopportunity #fatherandson #glesga #faitherjustpoppedootforapintaemilk #noo hesoutout #outout #mafaithersahoosedrinker