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Mathis, Texas

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so we went to a farmhouse...
Blood sisters❤️🦵🏽
Youth on Fire for Jesus
OK gotta admit this is hella funny
@_4dak better come through this year cause I named my dog after him  #labradorretriever
road trippin 🚗
At Mesquite Hill harvesting grapes for making wine!  I was on spider duty! 😬 We had such a great time with everyone!  We would totally do it again!  #onthegowithscottandjo #homeiswhereyouparkit #fulltimerv #rvillage #rvliving
❤️Happy ❤️Fathers ❤️Day ❤️Daddy❤️Love ❤️you ❤️A Billion❤️Gazillion ❤️Times🥰
To my brothers and sisters I understand today will cause some pain laughter and pain,  While pits around the world will be smoking... unfortunately ours won’t be the same,  For some... you’ve have had your moments of despair way to long,  Don’t feel as if you celebrate that your doing something wrong,  We must continue to fight the good fight even when it doesn’t seem fair,  For God is with us every step, and will always to there,  Daddy, so today I honor and remember the memories we built and thankful that God gave me an opportunity to be your son!  In Loving Memory of my Amazing Father, and, Fathers who we still honor!  Happy Fathers Day!!! -Luis Alberto Alvarez Sr,
Days like this.
I lost the game
The two I adore 💕
Pit stop on our way to Beachnjeep 2019
Hanging out with my cousin😁😂
The flew through my yard to this tree need next to mine.
📍💜"Höŵ dä h룣 thëŷ jüdë më.ŵhëñ ï çämë fröm dä böttöm"📍💜
Nucelle goin up ...
ohne Doppelkinn wäre es noch schöner gewesen 🌝
Catfish on lake Mathis! One of the most underrated fishing lakes IMO.
Dad said his back was hurting and needed my help. Lol I wasn’t expecting these were causing his problem.
Finally got it how I like it.For now😎
Little bit hot today rolling hose with Cody Jo, wouldn’t want to change anything though
Something to post
Early morning work commute, Happy Thursday
Mi Bebesita linda  Miss u so much
On a Father Son road trip to who knows where
"These are soo old" miss da old days
Not the biggest plant in the world but I'll settle for 5 bolls per branch
This passage from 1Kings refers to the question of who was God – Yahweh or Baal. There had been a severe drought and the prophets of Baal set up a test with Elijah as to whether the God of Israel or Baal could end the drought. No matter how the prophets of Baal tried to bring fire to their sacrifice, they failed. As we see, when Elijah prayed, God brought fire down that consumed everything and the people believed. We have just ended the Easter Season and celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost but are we still looking for a sign?  We are given signs all the time but we need eyes of faith to see them. They’re not as dramatic as with Elijah, but no less powerful. We hear all about the disasters that happen and don’t quickly forget, but we don’t always hear of the miracles that occur. We know about plane crashes when all die, but there have also been those when all lived. A mine collapses in Chile and all are rescued. A hurricane or tornado or other natural disaster occurs and millions of people work to put things right with money or volunteering their expertise, whatever it takes. All of these are signs that God is working in our world. What kind of sign do we need? There will never be an end to tragedy. So much of what is wrong in our world is a direct result of the action of people using their free will. There’s not much we can do about that, but we can look for the little miracles that happen every day instead of the tragedies. The cancer that is caught in time, the donor match that means a person will live, the couple that has tried for years to have a child and now are pregnant, the day you were late for work and missed being involved in a terrible accident, all these are daily miracles. If we look, we’ll see the signs.  Prayer: Lord, we do believe, help our unbelief. Amen.
#reflection  For Christ's sake, his disciples will be hated by all men. Why? Because they hold that he is the only Way to God, because they reject all other religions that claim to offer a path to God, because the light of God shines in their holy lives and convicts the world by the contrast, and because Satan is working in the children of disobedience to animate them in hatred against the children of God.  #prayer  May we be willing, Lord Jesus, to be hated by all for loving you; and we know that we love you only because we were first loved by you. May we not shrink from living holy for you and speaking a word in season for you for fear of man. Let us be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. (Mathew 10:16)
2k19 anything through Christ !!✊🏽
"If i live chu was a promise. would chu break it? If chu honest?🌠💛
I broke my phone like a dumbass i am 😂😂😂😢
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Day one of camping.
I love this amazing mom. She is the best in the world.
Been a while since I posted of picture of myself 😊👌 #goodvibes
Two beautiful girls, Vickie and Amelie.
“for with god, nothing shall be impossible” -ℓυкє 1:37 #churchunlimited
My oldest 2 #son's back in #1995 #brotherskeeper #bestfriends from the beginning #unbroken #bond. . you all shared a common #space at different times.. My #womb.. My #blood , your true #home. #offspring
Today, just 30 minutes ago I saw a man walking down 281 along with his belongings & a helmet dangling from his hands. I passed by to make sure he didn't look sketchy & when I did I just saw him smiling lol. I turned back & picked him up. I am in no way exaggerating but this dude was the most humble person I have ever met in my life. He told me he gave up all of his materialistic items, his vehicles & home to live his life his way without the weight of being stressed all the time from work or expectations from others; he said he loved everything about life & the encounters of the many people, cities along with different cultures. He is a skater from Oklahoma & has been on his way to visit his brother whom he hasn't seen since he was younger in Corpus. I wasn't able to get him as far as I wanted to, but he was so appreciative for the ride & being able to be understood; just to have someone to talk to. I can honestly say that we made each others day & my good deeds won't stop there! I feel so good about this, one of the best feelings ever other than being with my loved one's.  With that being said, I hope everyone can look past the crap going on in their lives & do something positive, something that makes you happy or others happy! Much love to everyone & I hope you all have a great weekend!
My favorite filter to mess with
Good night
Bill went to get his fishin pole. 😍🐟
I know I look the same in all my pics don’t ask me why idk...
Jesus asked the apostles to wait for the coming of the Spirit so that they would be clothed with the powers that they needed to complete their mission. Jesus knew what they would need just as he knows what we need. We are called to be disciples also, and we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with our baptism. The powers that we need are right there for us. But like anything, we need to use them, the more we ask God to help us, the easier it gets. No one becomes a great athlete with putting in a lot of practice. I know I have heard the phrase "practice your faith" more than once. Do we think it’s just a phrase or is it something we take seriously? The Holy Spirit, I think, is the forgotten person of the Trinity. We think about God as Father, as Creator, and we know the Son, Jesus, but how often do we think about the Holy Spirit? These next few days are the perfect time to reflect on the Spirit as we celebrate Pentecost. We know the gifts outlined in Scripture but do we take them seriously? Which gift do you need in your life right now? I think I am always looking for wisdom and understanding, but sometimes courage is first, especially when I don’t want to do what I know I should do! Perhaps counsel is the most important thing if you have big decisions to make. I see little reverence in today’s world, and we all could use a little fear of the Lord. And we can all use more knowledge. Let’s take the time for a spiritual check-up and ask for we are lacking.  Prayer: Gracious God, help us to remember that you are always there ready to give us all that we need to come to you and spread your message to others. Thank you for all the gifts you have given us, and help us know what we need today. Amen.
#reflection  John chapter 8 is a very unusual and startling chapter. Here in verse 30, many are said to have "believed on him." But yet, he immediately says that only if they continue in his word are they truly his disciples. (verse 31) By the end of the chapter, Jesus has called many of them children of the Devil and they have taken up stones to stone him, but could not because his hour had not yet come.  #prayer  O Lord God, there is that which is true saving faith and that which is merely external and intellectual and even temporary. By your grace, let us continue in walking in your Word, showing ourselves to be your disciples indeed. We shudder to think of false believers, but we know they exist. Let us examine ourselves to see if we be in the faith. Let your Spirit confirm to our spirits that we are the sons of God.
Gotta love the seeing the sun rising over this huge state of industrial energy
Here comes the rain again
Field of windmills with no wind. Doh! #wind #texas #windmills #traveltexas #roadtripping #summer