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My Nana had a favorite story to tell of me. When I was 4/5 and still lived in Illinois, my nana and I were having a tea party with pretend tea. She acted like she drank all of the tea, and I apparently turned and called her a bitch. She would always get a great laugh from telling that story. My favorite memories of her are the times I was able to sit and listen to those stories of her life. Thank you @passionpoortaste for nailing this and making it super cute, I can’t thank you enough.
Thanks, Cam ♥️
Draw on lil spot ♥️ I love @fulltime_babe
Shout out to @passionpoortaste for this amazing piece! Looking forward to continuing the sleeve dedicated to being strong in the face of adversity and having hope in the darkest of circumstances. Check Marah out in Hilliard at @luxurytattoowest !  #tattoo #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #columbusart
This one was too much fun on new friend P A T !  Thank you!  If you want tattooed, please call the shop!  XOXOXO
Trey’s first and last head tattoo... thank you Trey!!! #beautifullife @LuxuryTattooWest
Thanks Taylor! ♥️ #mustlovedogs #ready2bone
Pt 1 of 2 avec @RaisingAsher ‼
Rose morph knee pair TY Jack!  Call the shop for apts ♥️
Inner thigh on an inner thigh @LuxuryTattooWest #tgif
Goin down rn rn rn 🌹👶 and I coulda rotated this for y'all but I didn'tttttt
ITS MY FRIEND FLEURS BIRHDAY!! Heres a tattoo I did on her so I can make this day about me!  HBD FLEUR!!! #i❤️theshomos
Favorite tattooer and soulmate @passionpoortaste is putting the lovers on me, bit by bit ☀️
Healed! We have a lot of new things happening at the shop... Say HELLO & welcome to our new artists @chinatownling @jarretttattoos @kyletattooer !!! We are always accommodating walkins and will be open EVERY DAY!  Call the shop or stop in if you want tattooed ASAP or to set something up ♥️ XOXO
Sexy mama-to-be for Hannah from the other day... if you wanna bleed and listen to depeche mode for a few hours, HMU ❤
👁 🦂 🌙 ♥️ @LuxuryTattooWest
Pain pupper for Hannah!  Thanks for the trust 💘
🦀‼️‼️‼️THANK YOU ALWAYS, Rick!!!
Sexual Tyrannosaurus on David!  Thanks David you rule you rule #gagballsarein #boringsexisout
Gemini element ladies on my 6th favorite Gemini @LuxuryTattooWest TY, Anastasia!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Happy Sunday!  Here's a face friend on Joey!  #❄️☃️❄️
Healed stuff on a near future dog dad ♥️
Healed for about 2 years @LuxuryTattooWest if you want a battoo or a cattoo or a mattoo, HMU ♥️
Ty Ron! ❤️ @LuxuryTattooWest #adventuresofronandxander
Last one of 2016... (TY, Cody!) I sincerely thank each of you who chose to have me apply a tattoo... I cannot comprehend the patience you've all had for me.  I'd be lost without you... 2017, for me, will be about discipline and balance. It will be for under promising, and over delivering. My heart is swollen with love. Thank you, be well, and please have a very happy New Year ✨
Healed 🤖
A classic... thanks, David!
Carmen Miranda Jaguar @LuxuryTattooWest TY, Livia! ♥️
RIP Malcolm McCormick #macmiller #larryfisherman
🌵 for my favorite 🐶🐶🐱🐱 mom... TY, Ms. Meow
Lucky 13 🖤 and a 🐰for Taylor!! Thanks girrlllll... if you wanna listen to ODB and talk about ethically sourced angora, HMU @LuxuryTattooWest
Painted for my good friend Omar of his best friend Blizzard #adoptdontshop #whorescuedwho #omarandtheblizz
Thanks Tiffany!  Made @LuxuryTattooWest If you like skulls, roses, and talking about astrophysics, HMU ❤️ #loveisreal #itsalchemy
Tatuajes en el elevador @luxurytattooshop @pabloatry I love you 💗
Thank you, Val! @LuxuryTattooWest
Wounded Deer start! Blood next!  TY, Mercedessssss!
I'm not always grateful to be a woman, but today I am.. and I don't always do roses like this, but today I did... 2 tough chicks in one day, I love it. TYVM, Trinity!!!
Dome panther FBF... if you’d like a wild cat on your side face or a Sting lyric on your side boob #oranythinginbetween HMU @LuxuryTattooWest ❤️
Kewpie kid slug on Stephanie... thanks girl, I LOVE YOUUUU @LuxuryTattooWest
HBD, Sam!!! ♥️♥️♥️ @LuxuryTattooWest
Pug thief for Robey!  Thank you...❤️