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Deer Park, Victoria, Australia

Instagram photos and videos at Deer Park, Victoria, Australia

Me now age 47
Here’s one aged 25 or 26
Been raining all night long
Don’t know if it’s showing whole clip
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Not fake sounds
This is kool as slow motion listen 👂 to sound sounds awesome
You get the idea make sure you listen too
Slow motion
It’s not soft like a punching bag try it you ll c
Has anybody seen this technique? Well waiting for answer
Has anybody seen this technique?
Think you’re know it all have anybody seen this technique been working on it twenty years
This wat gunna do the cunts who keep asking for money 💴 on net
It’s not a soft bag
Has it’s merits
I do this every day losen up back listen for cracking
I know wat you’re keyboarding warriors Gunna say trees don’t hit bck but it’s good form
Mucking around today
It’s got its merits
My sister going ohh
Hard style
Any opinions welcome
Been perfecting this for about twenty years
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You’re going see this move
On bus 🚌 way back from Canberra
bored and quite so posting random
Twenty first photo
Then I go leaner here age twenty five
Younger years aged 25
Younger years age twenty five think 🤔
Younger years aged 25 think 🤔
Leopard tank.War memorial Canberra photo 1980s
Trip to Canberra wen I was a kid with skool
Old photo I think 🤔 I was 25
Old photo
Think that’s 47 punch’s in 16 seconds not sure how many
Don’t don’t know if it would work in real fight but it’s a new punching techniques anyway
Don’t even do weights no more this wat I look like it’s got its merits any way if did weights again I d kick ass
Mucking around today
Don’t know if its the whole three minutes
On a good day
I was into this before half you guys wer born
That’s me age twenty five some you weren’t even born it’s nothing new been there before all off all ov is
Sunshine 🌞 that day nice 👍
We have our good and bad days
Hear the snap it’s bracelet still that’s wat your want that snap all the books 📚 I read that’s wat you train for any opinion welcome
Got one right hear the snap