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Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Instagram photos and videos at Graystone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

"Quietude, which some men cannot abide because it reveals their inward poverty, is as a palace of cedar to the wise, for along its hallowed courts the King in his beauty deigns to walk." - Charles Spurgeon  This morning Pastor Joe preached on what it means to make space, create margin, for God in the silence of our life. Silence can be a scary thing, but it's in the stillness we are left with only ourself. It's a time we are alone with our soul. In this time, God speaks to us. He shows us who we truly are.  #iupgoes2church  #iup @ccoiup
Students learning what it means to follow Jesus and why we gather together as God’s people! Awesome night. #stoneyouthgroup #graystoneyouth
We continue our series through our {Margin} series. Today we are talking about generosity. But this isn't a normal giving message, maybe even the opposite. Ryan shows us that the purpose God has for our giving isn't for us to give 10% but for us to have a generous heart. It's not about the amount we give but how we give it. As God said to Abraham, we too are blessed to bless others. This is a virtue, not simply a percentage that must be reached. So, generosity is a response to what he has already done for us. We look upon the cross and are lead and motivated to give more of ourselves for the Glory of God. Out generosity provides a heart change in us and the working of God's kingdom to take place here on Earth.  #iupgoes2church #iup #church
Today we started a new series {margin}. In today's crazy world, how do make room and abide in what God has for us? As believers we are called to rest in the assurance of God's joy, love, guidance, wisdom, and care over our lives. This can be hard. One of the hardest things can be giving God time, believing He is worthy of having it. #iupgoes2church
Christmas is time our time to celebrate God coming to earth. Emmanuel! God with us!  He came and lived the life we were  meant to live and to die the death we were meant to die. What a Savior!? He is worthy of our praise. May this be a time for you to remember the Christmas story and the reason Christ came. #church #iupgoes2church #christmas
To prove that you actually can ask that, @joestroup did math for you. Math. If you come on Sunday to #stoneyouthgroup #graystoneyouth we won’t make you do math, but we will talk about big questions!
Have you seen the world around us? I don't mean the beautiful stars, the magestic evergreens, or the crisp snowfall. No, I mean the brokenness, the turmoil, the abuse, the trauma, the division, and the violence.  How foolish is the Christian hope? How dare one hope in the world?  We sing, "That the powers of hell may vanish as the darkness clears away." We believe the darkness will someday be no longer with us. We have a confident hope that someday Christ will return and the powers of Satan will be no more. We will live in perfect justice, peace, and love. Yet, we humbly admit we can't bring this about ourselves. Our parties can't do it. Education can't do it. Community, money, freedom, and drugs can't do it. Our radical hope is that only Jesus can do it.  And in Advent, we remember we are waiting for Christ to return to establish this new world. This is the only hope we have in this world.  Praise be to God. #iupgoes2church #iup #finals #advent #love #hope #ccoiup
Still looking at some questions that’ve come up. This one didn’t turn out like I expected. This Sunday we’re looking at big questions that come up about faith and God and it’s going to be a awesome time! Join us this Sunday at STONE PM at 6pm as we wonder #caniaskthat? #stoneyouthgroup #graystoneyouth #youthgroup
Tonight was our White Elephant Gift Exchange! It was an awesome time of hearing the Gospel, giving gifts, and unburdening friends! Thanks for coming everyone!! #christmas #iup #ccoiup