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Mount Rigi. Lucerne,switzerland

Instagram photos and videos at Mount Rigi. Lucerne,switzerland

woke up for sunrise and was greeted with warmth, silence and beauty. @rigi.ch @ilove_lucerne  @myswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland
snow in switzerland
Caprisunday 🌞
Mondaying ☀️
아무 걱정 없던 저 때로 돌아가고싶당🙉  #switzerland#rigi#리기산#⛰
You can take the boy out of America, but you can’t take the America out of the boy
Tutti bönor in the Alps 🇨🇭⛰️.
The hills are alive, with the sound of music. 🎶 #thisisultimate
گزارش تصویری راهنمای تور سوئیس، آلمان ، اتریش شرکت رزآبی _ ارتفاعات آلپ ( کوه ریگی) 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭 ⁣ ⁣#سوئيس #اروپا #سفر #تور #اروپاگردي #سفراروپا #سوئيس_زيبا #سوئيس_بهشت_زمين #اروپا #اروپایی #اروپاگردی #سفر_خارجي #تور_خارجي #تور_نوروزي #تميزترين_هواى #رز_آبي #ويزاي_شنگن #ويزاي_توريستي #دانستنيها #اطلاعات_عمومی #اطلاعات_گردشگری #گردشگري#ريگي #جهانگردي #بهشت_زمين #🇨🇭 #switzerland #travel #europetravel #rigi_mountain #europe
"Never let your mind tell your heart not to wander." #wednesdaywisdom ❤️🗺🇨🇭 (📷@allyy_burns) #travelquotes
멍,, 나 왜 한국이야,,❔
I’m super introspective lately... and writing every little chance I get, helps me to find a balance between a digital life and reality. I feel blessed for having the ability to pull myself back from it all and find some peace when I write. . . . I can see our house from where I’m standing. Looking up from our garden this huge mountain started to become invisible. The more often we see the things around us - even the beautiful and wonderful things - the more they become invisible to us. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. Looking at all the houses down below- I try to spot the little dot we call home... our posturing, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by things we should never have control over. Just a little change of perspective on our daily routine can shift a whole new dimension far away from the cages we hold ourselves in. It’s important to mark on the things you have long taken for granted. It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered, or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that REALLY matters. Perspective is necessary. This is where I want to be. #rigi #switzerland #immensee #ilivehere #mylittleparadise
염씨의 역마살 그램 😈🇨🇭 표정이 모든걸 말해주는거 인정? 한국말 엄청 잘하는 센스쟁이 직원이랑 함께 🤗 . . . . . . . . . . #스위스 #루체른 #리기산
Pengalaman pertama hiking 🤗 dan sangat amat berkesan ♥️ Thanks God 😇 , Yapsss begitu lah dari kecil anak ce sendiri meskipun dari kecil cukup tomboy 😅 tiga saudara cowo semua kebayang kan? Tapi tetap aja sama Mami pasti ga boleh pergi pergi hiking gini 😆 pas camping pramuka aja mami ngintip dari jauh 😂 tapi tenang yah yang punya Ibu yang sama... sabar ajaaaa semua yang dilakukan orang tua karena terlalu sayang jagain anaknya 🤗 , untuk segala sesuatu akan indah pada waktuNya , belum telat lah yah di usia 30th coba hiking 😆 , dan bersama suami ♥️
I always fantasized about falling in love between snowfall, cold weather, long cool walks, lots of cuddling, dreamy wooden houses, colorful trains , pine trees, snowmen, Christmas feels ,snowy mountains, brisk and frosty winds, but I just never thought I'd be the kind. I can't describe those magical tinglings enough, you gave me. ❤️
feeling swiss by now
yummie egliknusperli us em Vierwadstättersee #yummie
The hills are alive!  #love #classic #rigi #switzerland
Lucerne 🇨🇭Switzerland like a paradise 🤩
O que é um ponto preto ne qlqr lugar ? 😬❄️🇨🇭 Ps: saudades desse friozin #tbt 1/3 • • • #wanderlust #travel #switzerland
تمسك بالأمّل 🌼 مَهُمَا كَانَ حَلمَك مستحيّل  واهمس لقلبك  إنّ الله عَلَى كُل شي قدير 🌝✨❤️
Parental guidance ⛴@maria.akers @mikedmfy #luzern #lakeluzern #lucerne #rigi
Not sorry for the spam 🗻
Breathtaking views on our way back to Vitznau 🌲
En invierno tomando el sol ☀️❄
baby feeling blue ❄️
Switzerland is so beautiful
My heart is full ❤️ biggest thank you to my dad’s great friend of 20 years friendship @fabian.strutz and lovely partner @nussbaumernicole and Lily too 🐶 🙇🏻‍♂️ It clearly shows sincerity at heart is gold #friendsforkeep #friendsforlife
Hiking with Josef! Hard but totally worth it!!💪💪
Showing off some real talents of mine 5'900 ft above sea level with some complimentary views
Lite svajigt med 12 m/s på 1750 möh.