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on the come up together since day 1 🔝
A boot never stopped me  #synergydancepa #sdcpafam
#crewmembersonly MERCH like dis coming soon. What do you guys want to see? T-shirt’s, hats, tea mugs?! Should we mix it up?⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ #stayanchored #jzltheempress ✨👑👸🏾
Reflecting on the past month or so and the personal progress I’ve made in my fitness journey. To me, being healthy comes from within and is not just physical. It took me a bit to find this medium and to realize that life is about BALANCE. After all, the point of all of this is to be healthy. Mentally AND physically. So happy and proud of myself that I am working hard towards my goals and being way less rigid. I have learned to literally just LISTEN to my body because it will tell me exactly what it feels and needs. If you just listen to your body and nourish it with what you need/crave/want and desire, you are on your way to becoming a healthier you!  Now it’s time to GROW💪🏼 who’s with me?
My wife is a genius! She pitched the idea. I brought it to life! Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbreads = PIZZA HEAVEN. Want the recipe all to yourself!? Link In Bio! 🍕 #flatbread #pizza #chicken #bacon #ranch #avocado #ilovefood
Tapping tonight...There’s a Fruit in my Brut. Brewed with our friends at Well Crafted Beer Co.  Pull my string why don't ya?!? A juicy, tart, and incredibly drinkable Brut Double IPA, brewed to be as dry and effervescent as a glass of champagne. Double dry hopped with Calypso and El Dorado, and conditioned on heaps of ripe raspberry purée. Delightful notes of cherry pie, raspberry smoothies, sweet tarts, and pastry dough. #wellcraftedbeerco #breweriesinpa #pabreweries #craftbeer #pacraftbeer #drinklocal #drinklocalcraftbeer #phillybeer #phillybeerscene #montco #montcomakers #visitvalleyforge #theresafruitinmybrut #ten7brewing #ten7brewingcompany #relaxhaveabeer
serving looks ↝
dancing behind the bar🦞
New tow vehicle
TL;DR: I know to most of you this is literally just another bikini pic for your timeline but I just wanted to take a moment to be truthful in this platform of lies! (Jk Instagram is cool and we all live for it p much). But anyway, this isn’t me right now, this is me 6 months ago. Not to say it’s not me, but it’s a different me. This time last year I started on a fitness journey like most resolutioners and was getting really excited about my new body (duh, kini szn amirite?) but at the end of the day I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I wasn’t doing it for myself. I was doing it because I thought that’s what everyone else wanted to see. I kept it pretty personal because I think I knew deep down I was bound to trail off. I wasn’t motivated or passionate about it, rather, I was just going through the motions (no pun intended) to get the body I thought everyone else wanted me to have. But in these past 6 months, I’ve learned a lot. The first of which is that in order to succeed you need to do things for yourself and yourself alone. You need to do things because they make YOU feel good, not to please others. I also learned that just because you fall off doesn’t mean you can’t get back up.. I love to listen to people talk about the whole “no days off” thing but that’s not realistic.. success comes from understanding and excepting failure and understanding that just because you messed up once doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely. Yes, perseverance is key but success is also rooted in balance. Balancing the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs and in my case the 6 months of fitness with the 6 months of inactivity 😬 so instead of plummeting entirely and diving into that tub of Ben and Jerry’s the second you miss 1 leg day, let’s just make a promise to ourselves to show up as much as we can and have compassion for ourselves the times that we don’t and instead, use it as motivation to try harder the next day (or year 👀)
just chillin’
showed matilda the art of a mirror selfie and then she took my portrait. she’s pretty good with a camera for a two year old #monkey #tillieb
Just live your life. Who cares what anyone else says. If it makes you happy pursue it with everything you have! I work with a great group of people, and it makes going to work enjoyable. Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. #backday #pump #summershredding #bodybuilding #hardwork #retrofitness #armday
Ave's first trip to the grocery store today.. she slept *most* of the time 😇
New Feed 🥰!
Spotlight Christmas Presentation 🖤 - I won: The Singing Award All-Rounder  Highest Solo Mark Highest Senior Duet Highest Inter Duet Highest Inter Trio Highest Senior Trio Highest Quartet Highest Troupe  Performer of the Year! 💓 - Thank You to the amazing teachers at @spotlightstageschool_ for everything you have taught me this year, I can’t wait for 2019! 🖤
Such a great time watching my nephew Jack play football today on the same field my brother and I once played on. I love my little niece and nephew so much. So proud of my brother and his beautiful wife Katie.
머리부시시 몰폰이여서 표정이 너무  불안불안해보여 😆😆😆😆
One more step, a little bit faster - Pushing your limit a little more every time until you forget you have limits - that’s where the fun begins ✨ That’s when you start doing things you thought you never could. That’s when you stop caring about what you can’t do, because what you can do is better every day. All because you took that extra little step 🏃🏻‍♀️
diablo 👹 #lb7 #duramax
She’s so cute when she’s sleeping. Even when she kicks me in the shin. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. #pokerdealer #missdeal
Well babe, it’s been one whole year! And it’s all because of this place & you. I love you more and more every day. You’ve made all my girly dreams come true, from carrying me to bed at night when I fall asleep on the couch...to slow dancing with me in the kitchen to our song. From taking care of me when I’m sick to endless flowers...to the cutest way of asking me to be your date to the banquet. You’ve done it all. I am a very lucky girl to have found you and I can’t imagine any part of my life without you. Thank you for always being such a gentleman, opening doors, warming up the car and always dropping me off when it rains, carrying the groceries and always giving me a bite of your food 🥰...I appreciate everything you do for me. You are the love of my life and you are the best part of me! I can’t wait for many more years with you my sweets. Happy Anniversary to my best friend and my love. 💋♥️
Wide-grip preacher curls - targets the inner head of the biceps. #armday #bodybuilding #progressionismyobsession #fuelyourambition #igfitfam
First time playing this room and looking forward to it... TONIGHT: (12/15): SOLO ACOUSTIC. The Pour House (North Wales). 29 Airport Square. North Wales, PA. (8-11pm). brianquinnguitar.com facebook.com/brianquinngtr
well it’s been a good 13 year run, but i’m officially the shortest ricciardi again and i’m not happy about it
The man the myth the legend Mr Katz
She Could Have A GRAMMY , I Still Treat Her Ass Like A Nominee...😏
The celebration never stops! ❤️ Happy Holidays from our getting-bigger family to yours! 🎄💚
it’s freaking bats...
My favorite pants, favorite store, favorite puerto rican🥰
Great to see my best friend @falnicholas in our hometown #lansdale! ❤️her!
Always keepin it cozy #yogaeverydamnday
11.15.19 📸 @jessnaegelephoto #justsaidyes @weddingwire
Love my bella❤️
loving these copper tones 🤩🔥 #societypagehairstyling
Soul searchin’ on a Monday 🥀
BLACK, educated & blessed! 🖤 these guys!
You have about 3 hours of daylight left in this snow day. Better make them count!
OnLy AcCePt ThE bEsT🌪