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~Shine bright like a diamond💎
Apology  Accepted,  Trust  Denied. @arjunt_photography Tnx for the click.😘
We Finna Fuck 2019 Up💯🖤💉🤫 ........ #2019 #trevotakeover #explore #explorepage #blahblah
Hoje tem @thebaggios em Torino, Itália  Ilustração do poster de @duduilustra  #baggioseurotour #vulcaotour #baggiosvulcão #vulcãoeurotour #yummytrufflescollective #brainproductionsbooking
you never unravel me.
•you hurt people that you love  And love people that hurt you•
B L A H love @oskholy
I’m everything a nigga want but can’t have
Anything's possible,you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles😍👅❤🔐 J.Cole😭🔐❤
The lion may be more poweful💕 but the wolf  doesnot perform in circus😍
•The world is a book. Wanna read it together?•❗️🌎 . . . . . Approvals : meri gf 💖🤪🌎😂
Revenge is something pretty. ⚡
Selamat Tinggal Kenangan 😞🍃
don’t you love when I come around 💕
Who ya MCM bit I make em sweat 💦
Dgn hobi ni ramai yg aku kenal Ada sahabat Ada musibat
Dev4pt2/W1/D3 — Hadn’t low bar squatted since this glute thing started a couple weeks ago. Didn’t go great. Bench still feels pretty nice. Want to say a special thanks to @logan_yager for his caring (and mostly professional) hands on exam. 🙏 — 1-3. Squat Frustration - 505 single pretty ok / 505 triple no bueno / 415 last try triple also no bueno.  Increasingly bad as reps go on and pretty sharp at end.  Feeling strong and liking how these look, though. Just need to get my butt fixed. X. Leg Press - 12 plates x4x12 - Been like a year since I did this. 4-5. Shirtless Spoto PR - 335 (maybe) and 350 (definitely). Also did 315x4 and 300x3x5 X. Flys and Tricep PD — #22ndstreetbarbell #22bb
Ho rotto tutto quello che potevo,per te,che eri tutto quello che volevo.
My theme’s coming out nicely I think I wanna start again again again😪
To do nothing is the way to be nothing 😑
Like this if you hate brown jackets
Yesterday my folks @exoticautospa came and blessed me!!!!! #mistressclean #f250 #superduty #hulksmash
just a little dysfunctional but meh they all still cuties 💛
yellow mellow fellow🐥
A10 Istam❤️✨
Certi nodi  o li  S T R I N G I  o li  S C I O G L I
New Lp “Evil Flatmates” out today! First show of the tour!  Puntuali ore 22. #torinotonight #blahblahtorino #annibalerecords #thebluesagainstyouth #tourlife
The moon only glows when kissed by the sun🕸
I wanna be your Healing.
Daar was monsters in die donker,  Toe vind ek jou. 🍃
A születéshez hozzátartozik a halál, az ifjúkorhoz az öregkor, az élethez magához pedig a megfelelő forma és az előre behatárolt időtartam.