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Red Mountain Pass

Instagram photos and videos at Red Mountain Pass

Sunset’s Executive Editor @jenrunsworld gives a sneak peek of this week’s shoot in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. She’ll be taking over our stories when she returns from the outback, but for now, we leave you with this heavenly sauna. . . . . . #sunsetmag #sosunset #colorado_creative #colorado #coloradountamed #coloradooutdoors #visitcolorado #sanjuanmountains #snowmageddon2019 #backcountryskiing #coloradobackcountry #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #theoutbound #outboundcollective #folkgood #alifealive #folkscenery #thecoolmagazine #roamanywhere #wanderxwonder #scandinavianstyle #scandinavian #scandinavianstyle #sauna #tcmlivingwell #iamwellandgood #themountainiscalling #themountainsarecalling #redmountainpass
Climbing The Wall on Poughkeepsie Gulch is probably some sort of cheesy metaphor for getting through the week but I'll spare you. This was one of my favorite trails from FJ Summit. It was nice rolling with @tx_pxl_pusha too!
Outdoor Education has a group of first time ice climbers at Ouray Ice Park this block break. The view proved to be a happy part of today’s lesson.
Yet another Valentine’s Day with this tall, abused, fat Japanese girl. 5 years and still going strong...sort of. Definitely been neglecting our relationship recently and been thinking about a lot of other women (Ultra4 racetrucks). Crazy she’s still with me after all the abuse/beatings/cheating with @trailboundlx470 - Be sure to check out @cbioffroadfab @prinsudesign @vtxwheels @treadwright @srqfabrications @extremeledlightbars @team4runner @envision_fabrication - - - Cool hashtags👇 #team4runner #toyota #offroad #yota #cbioffroadfab #cbifamily #prinsulife #prinsustudiodesigns #vtxwheeks #vtx #treadwright #letsgoplaces #extremeledlightbars #beatnotbabied #srqfabrications #trailbound #explore #adventure #rockcrawl #adventurestartshere
The end of a great day of pow! Come enjoy this epic snowfall with us! @sanjuanmtnguides #thelocalexperts #backcountry
Presidents' Day Weekend is upon us! 👊 We are forever grateful to those that support the Park. If you are heading to #ouray to climb, you too can support the Ouray Ice Park by becoming a member, or by purchasing some swag. Stop in at Dick's Chalet over the weekend and our awesome volunteers will greet you with a smile and some @firstascentcb coffee! ☕  #hoorayouray #getyouraxeingear #presidentsdayweekend . 📸 @johnlagphoto . . Link in bio to sign up online as a member: www.ourayicepark.com/membership
"The Ouray Ice Festival was so amazing! Amazing athletes and a crazy mixed route! This route combined ice, rock, and a comp style free hanging wall complete with trapeze bar! If you have never checked out an ice climbing competition you're missing out! Here is the winner of the womens comp (@verticalmarianne) transitioning onto the trapeze, complete with figure four" PC: @ofallnationsmedia
Climbing steep rock with knives on one's hands and feet that fit perfectly into and onto the rock is such a cool thing to do. Mixed climbing combines the craftsmanship of ice climbing and technique and movement of face climbing. ⚒ I wish we would have had more time to check out other good routes in Ouray.
No creature I’ve met embraces the spirit of winter like @baloointhewild. #fluffywhitestuff @haydenbackcountry [@sonyalpha A7riii w/gmaster 24-105mm]
Just some good ol’ fashioned powder skiing... with a shoutout to @mikaelashiffrin. We got the chance to tour off Red Mountain Pass today, and now we’re inbound to Aspen for @xgames. But will we be able to hang on the Aspen level tonight? 😜🥂 @salomonfreeski #unscripted
swipe to see how i spent the last two days ❄️⛏ #iceclimbing
Just posted Day 2 to my YouTube channel. You can find the link in my bio or by searching for Koda Exploring on YouTube. Dont forget to show your support by Subscribing to my YouTube channel. I would greatly appreciate all the support I can get :) Featured is @jaker56 crushing it on his 1st ice climbing trip. The next day, george it or not, this guy lead a climb on only his 2nd day of climbing ice. Props to you @jaker56 👊 . . #ouraycolorado #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #nakedplanet #tourtheplanet #worlderlust #adventurepic #coloradoinstagram #coloradountamed #coloradolife #colorado #colorfulcolorado #iceclimbing #lasportiva #blackdiamond #roamtheplanet #hikingtheglobe #ourayicepark #tradisrad #freesolo #roamtheplanet #in2nature #exploremore #lifeoutdoors #throwbackthursday
...because it’s so trendy these days! #sheeple
Today’s drive home from the office! #gooutside #redmountainpass @peakguides @petzl_official @fischerski
SNOWED IN at the Addie S cabin for our AIARE Level 2 course. Nice to have the Red mountain pass to ourselves!
Ouray 2019, @smileysproject. As always my main goal was to climb the route, done, but it finished on a trapeze bar so I just had to hang and flip, way too much fun! This year they added a wild swingy bits section at the end that had the strong field flying through space and saddling up to get it done. I finished only seconds behind my first place friend @bookofsamuel, who @nerd_in_nature and I warmed up with in Ouray’s warm sun. The route, set by @andresmarin22 and @icevince was excellent—four tops, not too sketchy, just good cranking and some techno route finding at the end. This year wasn’t easy for me as @huens is on the injured reserve, more on that later, so second place feels like a huge win to me. Very impressed with the younger Durangotangs coaches by @mgclimber1. I feel really lucky and inspired  to be competing against the grown children of my friends. I’m also happy to climb well in a place that feels like home after more than 20 years of competing here. Long live the @ourayicepark and the Ouray Ice Festiva community! Thanks to all the volunteers who make it happen!#iceclimbing  #ourayicefestival
Sunset @redmtnalpinelodge! So much snow!! Come get some awesome skiing in! Season will be longer! @redmtnalpinelodge #backcountry #backcountryelevated #mountainliving
Red Mountain Pass is not a forgiving road especially in winter. Paul Wilson, with Colorado Department of Transportation, drives a snowplow clearing U. S. Highway 550 on the southern side of the pass on a sunny day. #mountains #mountainpass #snowplowing #snowplowlife #sanjuanmountains #redmountainpass #cdot #coloradodepartmentoftransportation #snow #winter #dangerous #dangerousroads #dangerousjobs #swcolorado #colorado #coloradophotographer #durangoherald #heavyequipment #bigtruck #plowtruck #plowing
One of my favorite images from my visit to Ouray, Colorado over this past summer. I was with one of my best buds, Dave. He’s been healing up from a broken leg after a skiing accident about a month ago. Praying for a quick recovery.  I hope you’re out and about hitting the trails or powder soon!  @wolfboy1205  #nature #ouray #colorado #trails #hiking #stump #outside #adventure #explore #seetheworld #getoutside #roam #observe #wander #explore #seek #hike #travel
Sorry not sorry, I’m in love with @mcmahonerinm and I want to shout it from the mountain tops! Happy Valentines Day, I love this life we’re building together and I look forward to the new adventure we are about to begin with our little guy 👶🏻 . . . . . #valentines #mushyloveydovey #happywifehappylife #adventuresinmarriage #marriedmybestfriend
Gratitude in 2019. Moving to Colorado has not been easy for me. It’s been really fucking difficult actually. I miss my family, I miss my routine, I miss my therapist, and I really miss my dog. Lightening kept striking within the first few months of me moving here. I was working two full time jobs. My spiritual practices went out the window because I just couldn’t find the time. The only feelings I ever felt connected to were anxiousness, exhaustion, envy, and longing to return to my home. But these last few days have been a reminder of how lucky I am. I work for an incredible organization that has afforded me the opportunity to not only document but also participate in excursions like these. I went ice climbing in Ouray, CO and snowboarding in Telluride, CO with 20 other 20-somethings, all in recovery and working toward being the best versions of themselves each and every day. They remind me to be grateful. They reminded me of the laughter that I have been missing, the introspectiveness that I have stepped away from, and the feeling of “home” that I have been longing for since my move across the country. I am so grateful that when I am missing my family, I go to “work” and have another one waiting for me. I truly have love for each and every one of you and I appreciate the powerful stories that you embody and continue to write each and every day. They inspire me. I can’t believe that this is my job.
Long hair?! WYA
Ol Red Mtn Pass yesterday as the storm followed us over the mountains and snowed us in here in Durango. Happy Valentine's! There's definitely over 8 inches of fresh, very wet snow out there and counting, and the power almost just went out. Expecting 10-15 on Molas and Red Mtn. Zach saw a semi almost go off the road that caused 3 cars to crash a couple hours ago. Tyler says we're gonna go buy a shovel and chains for the Element tomorrow before we start our drive back when it gets a bit warmer. It's our only window of no snow before it starts up again in the evening. God, I love winter so much.
27. Still doing twin things.
My forever Valentine
Spent the week getting lost in the mountains. I’ve never been out to SW Colorado before and I fell in love! Ouray is by far my favorite city I’ve been to in the US! 🥰  The biggest and best preroll from @livwellcannabis_ 💚 . . . . . . . #highhikers #preroll #denverweed #travelgoals #denverdispensary #denver #denvercannabis #livwell #livwellcannabis #joint #marijuana #puffpuffpass #ouray #indica #sativa  #weedgirls #recreationalmarijuana #weedstagram420 #leafly #weedgirls420 #womenofcannabis #weedbabes #weedmaps #hightimes #cannabiscommunity #cannabisgirls
Livin life in beautiful Ouray Colorado! Fun, snowy day getting out on the ice with a fun crew! #blockbreak #iceclimbingisforeveryone
Everyone... wish @jonburtt a Happy Valentine’s Day, it’s his favorite “holiday” !! 💞Happy Valentine’s Day stink butt 💗 Muahhh💓 #loversday #vday #prrrrr #getsome
So excited to be heading back here today. 🧗🏻‍♀️ #ouray #iceclimbing
I don’t really have words to explain how I feel about the town of Ouray, and the community, and the Ice Fest. It’s brought some of the very deepest connection and inspiration to my climbing life. It’s here that I usually have some real reflection about my life. I feel a more immediate and intimate connection to the whole procession of time and community and life. I believe this happens because the festival is near after the new year — an always powerful moment for me, also it’s really the only climbing competition I do — pressure and expectation and anxiety, and undeniably because of the annual memorial on the Sunday afternoon — heavy duty confrontation with mortality and loss and confusion. There’s a lot of emotion for me that swirls in the days of the fest. It’s been that way for over a decade now, I think. /// This year I won the comp. It’s something I’ve wanted for a really long time. It’s strange. I like care and I don’t care. My priorities have shifted. I guess I just have a more balanced and appropriate attitude about competing/winning/performing/life styling/existing now. It’s all wrapped up and complicated. This win is like validation for me about my grander life setup and choices and self honoring/trusting, and was honestly best because it was shared. Anyways. I’m still processing, but I’m stoked. /// Much love and respect to the ice climbing community, and the town and people of Ouray and the Ice Park. @ourayicepark @ouraybrewery, Photos by @xander.bianchi 📸🔥🙏🏽 /// @thenorthface @blackdiamond @scarpana @jaybirdsport @bluewaterropes @frictionlabs @climbskinspain @gnarlynutrition @sendclimbing @shrinecrew
Spent last week learning from the best mountain wizards and sending with my peers of the AMGA track.  Everyone was on point. Sharp. Fun. The essence of the mountain craft.  Special thanks to the Craig Luebben Education Fund.  AMGA Scholarship and the Denver Mountain Guiding Scholarship @denvermountainguiding . @mikeclimbs @mike_ofthemountain @simoore @mtnguidejoeyt @icevince @bergfury @wesonrock @amga1979 @mattskorina @cmason35
#unscripted Day 5! We are en route to @aspensnowmass to watch @jameswoodsy in the @xgames big air final! But on the way, you told us to go ski touring off Red Mountain Pass, so we did! And it was epic. @joshdaiek found a couple faceshots in Sam’s Trees.  Stay tuned as we try and stay out of trouble in Aspen and vote on when we will go next. #timetoplay
Never thought I’d be able to say I’d be living a dream come true, but this is my dream, and I’m livin’ it.
Cold 🗻
Making moments. Valentines day get-a-way in Ouray.
No one I’d rather spend my life with ❤️ #love
I fall in love with you every single day ❤️ @kiara_ashley16
Valentine's stroll up to Cascade did not dissapoint ♡ Not too long now before Ouray turns the waterfall back on 👌🏻
ice ice baby
Game of Thrones. Season 3. Episode 6. ❄️ #iceclimbing #coloradoice #ouraycolorado #gopro
Congrats to @veronica_hw, our #sheadventures winner for January. For spontaneously jumping into an ice climbing speed comp at the Ouray Ice Fest, we’re awarding her a San Juan Jacket ($169). Keep posting to #sheadventures! We nominate a new winner every month. #outdoorresearch