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Fountain City, Tennessee

Instagram photos and videos at Fountain City, Tennessee

It’s the season for cozy sweaters, warm tea, and cheaper electronic bills.
Get up and face the challenges you been avoiding! #livingmybestlife #1life
Best mechanics in town!
Just listening to mom beg me to come inside while I lay here and pretend I’m deaf. #baloo #baboo #aussie #australianshepherd #aussies #aussiesofig #dog #dogaday #dogsofinstagram
Told my buddy Tom that we would just keep taking pictures every few years to show how old we are getting. I am so glad you got to visit with us tonight Tom-Cat.
Quit doing crunches trying to get abs ,all your doing is hurting you neck 90% of the time .  Try controlling your own body weight before you try machines or hardcore core exercises !
My thoughts at 5am. Life is constantly developing us. We just got to recognize it. #perspective #mondaymotivation #livefull