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Caerlaverock Castle

Instagram photos and videos at Caerlaverock Castle

TODAY WAS OUR KIDS’ FAVORITE DAY SO FAR  We took a fabulous day tour with Mark and Lesley of Solway Tours to Dumfries and Galloway. There we explored the Devil’s Tub, Grey Mare’s Tail, Sweetheart Abbey, and the Maxwell family castle (Caerlaverock), pictured here. (See all the photos in our IG stories). We learned so much about the Maxwell history and the kids really enjoyed exploring the family castle. We had magical weather too, so I can’t complain! Have you ever done a tour to learn more about your roots? . . . #travelpartner #solwaytours #lovedandg #caerlaverockcastle #dumfries #seesouthscotland #visitscotland #instascotland #gnomads #travelocitypicks #igersscotland #lovescotland #familytravel #wanderlustmomblogger #travelwithkids #lovegreatbritain
Het driehoekige kasteel Caerlaverock in het zuiden van Schotland door @dinfinito_ #visitscotland #lovegreatbritain
Caerlaverock Castle 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #scotland
Have wanted to visit this castle for a long time. Very romantic and photogenic place. #caerlaverockcastle #historicscotland #dumfriesandgalloway
Caerlaverock Castle and The Crichton Campus. Grey and windy here today 🌫🌬🌚 . Still great to get back out on the bike 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚴‍♂️✌💙🌞
You can't beat a castle with a moat! #brilliantmoments
Prime property with excellent air conditioning #goldenretriever  #dogsofinstagram
Just out here living my best life
Complete with picture-perfect moat and a grand, turreted entrance, Caelaverock Castle truly is epitome of the medieval stronghold.  This amazing photo was taken by @yvonne_miller_photography  #hiddenscotland
Kelpies in every loch and cows on every field (also sheep but I've seen so many sheep I'm a little sick of them ngl)
Fajną tę apaszkę masz @karolina_lao #scotland
I’m so ahead of my time, late means I'm early
Gooood morning Scotland ⚔️
#Замок Керлаверок  Открыт для посещений в течение круглого года. Но в Шотландии.  #координаты 54°58′32″ с. ш. 3°31′26″ з. д. / 54.97556° с. ш. 3.52389° з. д. / 54.97556; -3.52389 #ворота #дом #безопасность  http://vorota-servis.by/
A favorite shot from my @SolwayTours yesterday. Exploring my #clanmaxwell family heritage in #dumfries. Such a GREAT experience. #caerlaverockcastle #myscotstory @MyLastBite #lovedandg
I am the conqueror of my own. 👑
Just casually looking at some real estate #nexthouse?
Nice little stroll around #sunday #instagay
Very very old and (almost) brand new.
🏰Sightseeing in Schottland - ein kleines Schlösschen mitten im Nirgendwo!😍Zeit mit der Family - das wertvollste was es gibt 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Sightseeing in Scotland🏰a small Castle somewhere in nowhere😍 spending time with the family, the most important thing in our life 🙏🏼 #relaxing #happyholidays #family #familytime #diekolenitchenkos #myhomeismycastle #castle #sightseeing #countrystyle #countryside #holiday #holidays #vacation #urlaub #dumfries #scotland #schloss #sightseeingtour #oksanakolenitchenko #weihnachten #weihnachten2018 #familie #familygoals #blessed #happy #happyme #loveit
yesterday was my favorite day of the mission trip and this was one of the reasons. I am so thankful for what God has done these two weeks. I've met and grown with some of the best people and seen lives CHANGED. so thankful.
What's YOUR favourite Scottish Castle? 🤔 (It's a tough one, we know!) @abbibkellyphotography has taken this amazing pic of Carlaverock Castle, one of Scotland's great medieval fortresses ⚔️❤️ #caerlaverockcastle #dumfries #dumfriesandgalloway #lovedandg #seesouthscotland #scotland #visitscotland #scotlandisnow #vsdumfriesgalloway #castle #igersscotland #instascotland #lovescotland #scotlandsbeauty
More of Paul’s castle. Paul lords about his kingdom being a fair and just ruler. He does behead several wives in a short amount of time, but history will remember him lovingly.
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Hello my name is Alice and apparently I'm in Scotland
Guys, I want a castle. 👸🏼🤣
Knock and the door shall be opened for you - Matthew 7:7 Long post, but I've had so many breakthroughs this week, y'all!! He is a good, good father for sure.  Jesus is opening so many new doors in unexpected places!! Scotland has been such a blessing so far, even if I wasn't expecting to turn out this way. I spent last spring break on a mission trip, so taking this spring break for a study abroad trip was a big decision. I want to chase after God, but I thought this week would be about something totally different. THANKFULLY God doesn't let us drift when we're coming up on something big. The Holy Spirit is doing the most, y'all (in the best way possible!!!) and I'm so excited to see what's on the horizon. If you haven't already, set your eyes on eternity and everything will fall into place. Jesus WANTS to answer our prayers!! But you gotta pray so He knows what you want!! It's so simple but so many of us are missing that link. Knock on the door and it'll be opened. Ask and you will receive. The key thing is that you've got to ask!!! God knows what you need, He is almighty and powerful, but He is also a loving father. Your dad knows you love that candy bar, but he'll wait until you ask for it to buy it. God knows what you want in life, but He wants you to ask for it before He gives it to you. There is no dumb prayer. There is no prayer too big or small for our God!! He just wants you to talk to Him. You can't have a relationship without communication, so if you're sitting around waiting for *something* to happen but you haven't even told God about what's going on, take a second and reevaluate. Do you want to do something for someone who has never talked to you? Not really, right? Well God loves you unconditionally whether you talk to Him none or a ton, but He desires that communication. God wants to hear from you, just like you want to hear from you friends. It's time to turn and knock on the door. Take the leap of faith. It's so worth it.
New shades of green at the Caerlaverock Castle. #scotland
The Bride the Groom and the Indian Boy👰🏼
Entering in the castle, from above. #dji #djispark
debochada mesmo.
Never expected Scotland to be this pretty.
A #castle with a unique triangular shape, surrounded by a lush green moat... it can only be Caerlavrock Castle! 📷 IG/mallmartin #lovedandg
@Glencoo en el castillo de Caerlaverock 😍 😍 ¡Cómo nos gustan las vacas escocesas!
Caerlaverock castleに行きました。 珍しい形のお城でした。 #3がつ13にち