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Kaaterskill Falls

Instagram photos and videos at Kaaterskill Falls

ชาบูน้ำตก #falls #frozenfalls #frozen
Good morning to all. Its starting to feel like Spring and what better place to watch spring roll than in than the #saugertieslighthouse. Did you know you can spend the night in the #lighthouse?
When 35-year-old blind Ashley, terrified of humans, and her 33-year-old son arrived here in October of 2016, we thought they had just weeks to live; they were dangerously attached to each other and had myriad health problems. In fact, Ashley's back end gave out when she walked. But expert and exhaustive care (even helping them up when they couldn't stand), exercise, and an abundance of love, likely gave them the best 29 months of their long lives. With their health rapidly declining and falls more frequent, it was time for our final act of love. Goodbye, teachers. Goodbye, old friends. Goodbye, Ashley and Pliers. You are forever in our hearts.
Getting ready to one day be an Avenger. I guess that photographer really wanted to get the sack of potatoes and the garbage in the shot. I get it. You’re only young once. #tbt #avengers
《One Year》 - - - Today on my story I shared how far we've come in the 1st year of our new house! Crazy to think that much time has already passed. Hopefully you enjoyed what I had to share!! - - - - -  #firsttimehomebuyers #ourfirsthome #homeowners #mylittlefamily #happyspring  #homerenobeforeandafter  #happywednesday #nymomblogger #happymomma #momlife #motherhoodisgrand  #newhouse #mommahood #instamomma #homereno #girlmom #momofgirls #realmomlife #ig_motherhood  #girlmomma #nymomblogger #lifestyleblogger
.....balancing home life and tour life 📸 @ktbenevento
hi! it’s been a short much needed break with a stack of read books, the celebration of maribelles fourth, and my first time public speaking. the Lord has shown us so much these past few weeks, and priorities have been tremendously realigned. I’ll be culling through who I follow for nothing more than my own weaknesses, and will only be peaking on here for the remainder of lent to keep up with long distance friends. here’s a quick picture from this weekend visiting @summmerlace in the snowy catskills. keep exploring and hitting airplane mode, friends. 🌝✨
big things coming‼️‼️ • • • #npaccepted #college #nami #mentalhealthawareness
simple edit because today is monday 😴😴 #fhpequestrian
Location: @homesweethudsonco | This caption is going to be a bit of a rambling rant: two years ago I left behind my full academic scholarship to follow a passion for creating. I say creating because I didn’t consider myself just a photographer. I loved creating photo and video work, music, fashion designs, writing, and bringing business ideas to life. I had a love for traveling and a passion for living life to its fullest. With pressures of growing a business and propelling myself to the next level I lost sight of my love for the craft of creation. I became just a photographer, it’s where I saw the most success and growth. I transitioned from all sorts of creative concepts and travel ideas to purely vacation rental work. Please don’t get my words twisted, I am extremely blessed to be doing what I’m doing and I would never give it up for anything. BUT I have been reflecting hard on my work and my life and realized that to be happy I have to keep doing different things. I have to push myself creatively rather than just work on creating the same work for multiple people. SO, I will STILL be working on vacation rental work as it’s something I’ve grown to love, but you will be seeing some more travel and creative ideas being posted on my feed too. I want to fuse my old passions with my new ones to work simultaneously bringing me happiness and success. Thank you all for the overwhelming support and I can’t wait to show you my creativity✌🏻
a series
Spring has officially sprung at Little Blueberryy... Free People is HERE! 🌸
Bones & Spock have kitty fight club going on 23/god damn 7.
We read this new book “Where’s Buddha?” from #balabooks today to our pre-k/kindergarten class and fell in love with this illustration in particular. Thank you @balakidsbooks #buddhistbooksforchildren
Playing for cookies
Here! Now! Super worm full moon on the vernal equinox! -which hasn't happened within 24 hours of a full moon since 2000! Happy spring folks! No futzing- it looks like this : 0
Trying to find the balance between mountains and city
Happy Spring 🌷 would have loved to get to the bottom of the trail but I didn’t bring my ice skates, maybe next time
Maggie Simpson and the frozen tide.
🧜‍♀️ 😃
Freshies as of last night. Triplets again! Check out the last photo to see what a difference 14 days makes in growth! The runt here is the size of my iPhone and is working out some atrophy in its hind legs. We’re helping it along but send those good vibes.
Ready for a three-week tour! Reggio Calabria, Sardinia, Amsterdam and Wehdel-Germany.
#sculpture #contemporaryart #saugerties #crosscontemporaryart #11janestreet #internationalsculptureday Very excited to be in the window looking out! 5.10 and 25cent store!! 30th March Opening Group show of local sculptors work.
Would kill for a warmish day and my happy place 🌿
Hello Spring 👋🏻 On Wednesday’s we hike, except we don’t hike very far cause most of the trail is still a sheet of ice 🤷🏻‍♀️
Happy Spring Equinox!  My head is full of green and blue
little throw back to saugerties this past summer! this was one of my most proudest show, i got reserve out out 22 people! he was a 🌟
Had a couple *super deep*caption options, but ‘Don’t Walk Away’ by Jade kept replaying in my head sooooooo.... 💃🏻🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻
The natural light pouring in at our modern ‘Basecamp’ in Saugerties NY #basecampny @redcottageinc @upstatehouse @fdesign.co #howyouhome #northofnyc #upstateny
Unconditional love
COMPANIONSHIP is a collaboration with West Kill Brewing and the Dutch. This Basil IPA is herbaceous with layers of strawberry, citrus and pine. Stop by the Dutch tonight for the West Kill Tap Takeover.
Guests can stroll through the barn to meet and greet the horses during cocktail hour 🐴🍹
Residential Dining Room Incorporating Original Remnant Wallpaper in 1880's Georgian.
“Meet our new #ruggable! We really wanted a light colored rug in the kitchen, but knew it wasn’t the smartest decision unless we found something super durable and easy to clean. Enter ruggable, the perfect rug system that allows you to detach the rug from the base and wash the rug easily. Btw, this isn’t an ad. Just a happy washable rug owner. 😉” —@barndeimona ✨
Already missing you 😍 #sis #snowboarding #roadtripusa