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SHE is Jossa Carreon a person with disability for over 22 years. Jossa, whose muscles are too weak to support her body, is fully reliant on a wheelchair for most routine tasks. But, her life is not defined by her limited mobility. With the support of her family and her positive persona, SHE lives life just like anyone would live their life. 💕  SHE sent a message to SHE Cosmetics asking if I could join her for a collaboration. Upon checking her IG and YouTube reviews, I was impressed by how SHE’s able to communicate her passion and hope and run her business, @dyosangjossabeauty. SHE wants to share that “EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL”. ✨  Finding out that SHE’s a graduate of Marketing major in Advertising in DLSU Dasmariñas and the SHE-E-O of @dyosangjossabeauty cosmetics, SHE is now part of my team as Marketing Executive, right there and then.  Welcome to @shecosmeticsph fam, @jossacarreon! Love, your twin ❤️ Youtube : Dyosang Jossa (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NgfkSU3G32urXrP4oAjJg) Instagram : @jossacarreon
I’m so serious about this weight loss. My thighs burn when I walk😫
God  is mY firSt loVe  عشـــق اول من خداســــت
Weekennnnnd! ⚡️ Don’t forget to drop by our store! #artworkaccessories
Kembaran dong jaket e:v ••• W/ @zadd_it ••• Coleb doang yg:’ @muser.generation @tiktokofficialindonesia @tiktokglobal @tiktoksitionid @tiktoksition_id #lfl #fff #tiktokhot #musergeneration
#latepost Hope you had a greattt, colorful & fun-filled HOLI!!!! 😊💗💚💜🧡❤️ . . Here’s a picture with my fur boy at home, whom we made sure stayed away from the colors. & gulaal (He doesn’t even like them too) . He was however treated to some yummy dog treats whilst we binged on the holiday food, sweets and savouries from Holi. 😊😁 . . How was your holi? Does any of you have dogs at home? I hope you didn’t smear them with colors? Did you? . . #beautifulfoodie #manmeetk#happyholi #holiwithmyfavorite #holi #gsd #germanshephards #dogsofinstagram #doggie #instadogs #germandog #dog #doggie #gsdofinstagram
Thinking about our grades after this hell week. At least we look fresh asf
. ظاهراً دنیا به دو دسته آدمای خوب و بد تقسیم میشه.  خوب‌ها شبا رو راحت تر می‌خوابن، بدها، روزاشون رو جالب‌تر می‌گذرونن! 🕴وودی آلن
“Fuck you, pay me” Tags¿
#vintage vibes 🤙🏻
start of intrams !! yay
♔⚇ 🇬🇧:ωнєи мємσяιєѕ нιт уσυ ιт нυятѕ
😅 카톡:megafollow . 인스타보고 문의 주시면 깜짝 EVENT 제공!! 이벤트 항시 대기중 ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ . 메가팔로우와 함께 하는 SNS성장스토리 👯‍ 인스타그램 전문가와 1:1 무료 상담 후 최적의 인스타 마케팅으로 홍보 효과를 직접경험해 보세요 ~ 😁 인스타그램 리얼 팔로워 상승과 인스타 로직에 기반된 특급 노출 비법이 여러분들을 기다리고 있습니다.🙄 . 메가팔로우 샵 OPEN 😉 어려운 주문방식 빠이~ 😗 간편 주문하고 새로운 이벤트 참여해보세요 🙈 . 😙인스타그램 운영 대행 😀지역 업종 성별 연령 관심사에 맞는 고객맞춤형 타겟 설정 😙문의상승 매출상승 . 🙂인스타그램 인기게시물 등록 . http://megafollow.co.kr/ . . 대행사전용ː̗̀٩꒰ꋃ꒱وː̖́ SNSFACTORY👯‍⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ SNS 국내최강 마케팅 . . 😎 팔로워 좋아요 작업해드립니다 😮 . . www.snsfactory.co.kr . 마케터전용👯‍ 셀프로 관리하는 인스타 ଘ꒰ ๑ ˃̶ ᴗ ᵒ̴̶̷๑꒱و StoryGram 😍 자동 관리와 동시에 예약 포스팅 DM발송 댓글관리 까지 한번에 스마트한 인스타그램솔루션 🙋‍ . . www.storygram.co.kr . . . 😉 . . . . .  #인스타그램마케팅 #안성반영구 #장항2동배달 #고기사랑 #청주반영구 #여수요가 #대구꽃집 #평택pt #서면속눈썹 #민락2지구헬스 #창원카페 #김제배달 #포천왁싱 #고양네일 #중앙동배달 #논산네일 #광주맛집추천 #주부부업문의 #아기레깅스 #원피스공구 #sns홍보 #주문제작 #아기옷 #봄신상 #스토어팜 #베베드피노 #아기실내복 #8트랙
Holi hai🎨 I had no idea I created a heart😌💖
02 / 16 / 19 COLOSSAL: Mr. & Ms. DLSMHSI 2019 👑💜 Credits to the photographers 💕 #lateupload
juss want notifications 🧩.
I can't explain the beauty 😊
Don't you like it when the ocean matches your outfit? 😂  Photographer @q_xtra
“Sisters don’t need words. They have perfected their own secret language of smiles, sniffs, sighs, gasps, winks and eye rolls.” - unknown . .  Okay.. let's emphasize the eye rolls 🤣 and let's not forget about the extended wardrobe. 👌 To my forever best frienemy, happy birthday ate @erikaabe_ ! I love you so much!!!
|| Slow progress is still progress 💯⛔️ ||
last night
dito ko na lang ipopost hindi nag match sa feed ko sa isa kong account hahahaha. i will miss you guys 💓 thanks sa solid na samahan 😢🎓📖 #vsco #vscocam #vscoph #vscox #lfl #l4l #fff #f4f #a4 #vscophotography
Di ko din alam bat ganyan paa ko dito...
Me, chillin’ with people I just met 😆 #tb #prism2018
Happy holi 2 all my friends.. ✨✨💦💦 celebrations holi #2019 wid sisters💞💞
—multi-fandom collab this was a really fun collab to join uwu and everyone in it is so talented omg ••• my part: 7- daisy johnson (from agents of shield) ••• make sure to check them out! parts: 1- jake peralta @brxxlyn.99 2- allison argent @tliperaltiago 3- will robinson @dcspaceedits 4- jason mendoza 5- dwight shrute @holtscheddar 6- leslie knope @noicsantiago 7- daisy johnson @peraltasplace  8- louisa clark @peraltarocks 9- elena alvarez @bullshirtsantiago 10- veronica sawyer @littlechillibaby 11- amy santiago @b99editz 12- micheal @ninetyninthprecinct 13- barry allen @eunoiamy 14- eleanor shellstrop @pobodysnerfect_ 15- cheyenne lee-thompson @eleanorsprecinct 16- veronica lodge @terrylovesfroyo 17- phoebe buffay @sxftdiaz 18- kara danvers @pvraltiago.stylez 19- penelope alvarez @thesunkencasino.99 20- gina linetti @cheddarscake 21- loki laufeyson @avengeeersx_ 22- rosa diaz @peraltiagostreasure 23- sansa stark @sunshinsebby 24- amy sosa @santiagosimms 25- alex alvarez @jakeslonelyisland 26- caroline forbes @ginalinetea 27- captain raymond holt @cheddar.not.shredder 28- meredith grey @brooklyn9noine 29- terry jeffords @fxverdreams 30- abed nadir @peraltiagominds 31- thirteenth doctor @lesbianspacewives 32- petra solano @therosaplace ••• tags: #brooklynninenine #b99 #b99edit #graphic #graphicedit #multifandom #edit #aos #agentsofshield #marvel #thegoodplace #tgp #supergirl #dc #theflash #superstore #parksandrec #odaat #riverdale #theoffice #collab #tvshow #daisyjohnson #daisyjohnsonedit #aosedit #fitzsimmons #chloebennet
Years of love have been forgot, in the hatred of a minute.
#jumma_mubarak #classic_pic #jumma_xpecial_pic #smarty
Hello mga HeiressLoves na taga Dasma, Cavite date tayo sa Saturday? 😉 ayieee! Ako'y nagbabalik for the second time 💜 Make-up sesh tayo uli plus may pa raffle din ng make-up set from @lagirlphils and wait there's more! hihi pipili ako ng dalawang HeiressLoves sa mga participants at makakasama namin sila nila tatay Luks, Sky and Pat and Coleen na mag dinner after the event. Yey! Excited na ko, for sure masaya to kaya I hope to see you ngayong darating na Sabado March 23, 2019 -3pm. 🙂
Collab x @liverpoolfchdii x @griezmannhdii follow them❤️🙌🏼🔥 Part1: Tom Part2: Corey Part3: Me Who’s had a better season so far⁉️ IB: @golazo1st @thenationprods 🙌🏼❤️👑
Buy 2 Take 1 promo from Feb.14-16❤️ Happy Valentines to our valued customers☺️ @bonappeteadasma @bonappeteaimus 🥰 Taas kamay ng mga THIRD WHEEL  diyan😂👋🏻
🌺Isang dalagang pilipina🌺  #selfiesamuseo #museodelasalle