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Edina, Minnesota

Instagram photos and videos at Edina, Minnesota

Me in 2009!  #10yearchallenge
Kind of fun to see my poster on Friends this morning. #ymcabike #halfasleep
When you come down for a quick post op visit in the cities you can’t leave without a quick stop at the Cheesecake Factory to bring back yummies for the fam! #nothingbetter #foodie #toomanygoodrestaurants
Me and my bro Joe! Just so you know I had a big day yesterday! Big ol mass was removed from my mouth! Everything went smooth tho!!! And now I got some pearly whites and a post surgery hazy buzz! Whatever you might be going through, power up, find support, let it all unfold, rest & react. Sent with love, Tilly
A nice women had this on her writing desk. I’m sure it’s inspired a thing or two.
Pizza date on a day off! #emrylynny