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New Haven, Connecticut

Instagram photos and videos at New Haven, Connecticut

MY PODCAST IS HERE 💥 @hatchlingpod is born! it's a weekly show where i answer questions about what it takes to build a career as an artist. i cover everything from money to mental health, self-esteem to social media. hatchling is a toolkit for the artist who wants to earn a living. it will help you navigate this crazy digital landscape and start selling your work without losing your passion. • alright, enough description—just go give it a listen! remember to subscribe to get new episodes each week. please leave a rating or review as well, those are crucial for getting a little baby show like this off the ground. once you review, you can dm me here and i'll thank you in my stories! 🐣 this show is the product of months of dreaming & editing so it's very special to me. can't wait to hear what you all think ✨ photo is by the incredibly creative & talented @ct_photographer
Since the @ncaa won’t let me go to @yalebasketball @marchmadness game, I’ll stay back and guard the 🏆
Edward Hopper ‘Sunlight in a Cafeteria’ Oil on Canvas 1958 _ On View Yale University Art Gallery @yaleartgallery _ “Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world.” -Edward Hopper
This was a very powerful moment for me in my career so far , Who knew as a hairstylist you could make such a difference in someone’s life . You have no clue what someone is going through. This beauty hasn’t seen her hair in over 3 years not expecting a head full of luxurious tress to appear She also drove over an HOUR!‼️ I can simply say that I feel accomplished ‼️ #silkpressatlanta  #ctsilkpress  #ctsilkpresmaster  #silkpressmasters  #voiceofhair  #thehaircompanyusa  #designessentials  #ebinedgecontrol  #essencemag  #norelaxer  #babylisspro  #redbykiss  #redbykisshairtools  #thecutlife  #mobhair #thecutlife  #blondmeschwarzkopf #behindthechair #njhairstylist  #nychairstylist #theglamexperience
#hdrepost SHEEESH. There’s a lot to unpack here. ••• Which would you choose? 🤔 (Via @the.nba.ace h/t @dunk)
And still... Mom’s favorite @chayse_ierlan
. BRUTAL_ARCHITECTURE FEATURE SHOT OF THE DAY ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ This incredible shot was taken by Dmitry aka @please_defeat_vicious and features the Pirelli Tire Building in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, designed by Marcel Breuer, built in 1970 (now owned by IKEA and sadly sat empty) and thoroughly deserving of being the Brutal Architecture Shot of the Day. 🇺🇸 🛋🇺🇸 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow @brutal_architecture and use the #brutal_architecture tag for a chance to have your Brutal Architecture shots featured ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Founder: @thefasthog ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #betonbrut #brutalist #brutalism #architecture #concrete #modernist #modernism #marcelbreuer #usa #america #breuer #ikea
I missed my Ro Ro 👯‍♀️💗
Wednesday - middle of the week! Today the sun is shining and spring is in the air.  I wish you a beautiful day.  Francis Hayman (1707/8–1776, British) „George and Margaret Rogers or Margaret Tyers and her husband, George Rogers“, between 1748 and 1750, Oil on canvas, 90.2 x 69.9 cm Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection, Accession Number	B1976.7.36 https://collections.britishart.yale.edu/vufind/Record/1670987 #yalecenterforbritishart #britishart #francishayman #18thcenturyfashion #18thcentury #landscape #vanityfair #ellemagazine #voguemagazine #paulmelloncollection #yalebritishart #bluedress #clubrocaille #zeitreise @yalebritishart
Let me tell y’all something. I absolutely love @thewallsgroup it’s always fun when we get the chance to see each other. I call the “funny ones” @ahjaaaahhhhhh & @rheawalls (Mary Mary on steroids), @alicwalls “The Cool One” (Drake on steroids) and @musiqcity “The Serious one” (The Worshipper on steroids). I love y’all for real!!
Here’s to my first dance💃🏽🕺🏾🏆... Exposing myself in pictures 6 & 7 cuz y’all seem to love it. #marchmadnessmaux
Braids on braids on braids with some texture spray in between, what else do you need for happiness? 😍😍😍 #behindthechair #btconeshot19_braids #btconeshot19_upstyling #btconeshot19_wigs
It’s all over! Prep defeats NDWH 5-2 to win Div. I State Championship‼️Proud of our team‼️#ciac #cthk #final #prephockey #prepathletics #thewhale #prepbrotherhood
All that melanin coming through on #matchday was so inspiring!!! The IG feed was lit up 🔥 with great news of #blackmedstudent s getting matched with dope placements for their residencies!!! ... So so proud!!!Congrats to @naijadoc_ who is off to Yale University Hospital, and all of the docs who were #matched last week!! 🙌🏾💗💪🏾 ... We need you, sis!!! * * * #blackdoctors #blackfemaledoctors #womeninmedicine #melanindocs #blackdocs #blackdoctorsmatter #blackwomendoctors #blackgirlmagic #blackivyleague #yalebound #emergencymedicine #yaleuniversity #nahimthedoctor #whatadoctorlookslike
Finally home from work but I need company 😏😌😭
First week back to school after spring break is always the hardest.. so I’ll just be here dreaming about the weekend 💭
How you look when your patient is on the phone. This technique leads to rapid cessation of phone conversations 100% of the time. Side effects however, include, but are not limited to the following: . -Patients responding with “I’ll do whatever you say doc.” . -Nurses asking you to go pay a visit to the patient that is making them feel uncomfortable. . -Being asked by Anesthesia to unscrew extremely tight luer locks/IV connections . -People thinking “oh he’s got it” when it’s time to lift & move the patient. . -Having the seat next to you remain vacant when flying Southwest. . I’m sure more side effects will come to mind later. 🤷🏾‍♂️ In the meantime, #getthescope
thankful for u always
FI-NUUH-LLY🙌🏻🤩🙌🏻 The modern ceiling fan of my dreams!!! No more in-camera cropping, babay!! Talk about small change = MAJOR impact (swipe👉🏻before). Many social media moons ago, I put together a shortlist of five fly af (a.k.a. actually attractive) ceiling fans on the bloggity... ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Welllll, after hangin' around all boxed up in my office for the last two months (whaddyagunnado 🤷🏻‍♀️), and with a little 'let's go girl' nudge from my bestie, I took on this ceiling fan installation with some serious gusto and I'm happy to report SHE. IS. IN!!! 🥳⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ That's right, fronds; I installed this bladed babe all by lonesome. In today's ⚡️Yes You Can! ⚡️blog post, I've compiled a quick and easy HOW-TO video tutorial that walks you through exactly what you gotta do!! 🎥💪🏻🔩 ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ You don't wanna miss this!! LINK IN PROFILE 📲⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ❌⭕️,⁣⠀ Jessica⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ #magreadyforlife⁣⠀ #boldbohemians⁣⠀ #urbanjunglebloggers⁣⠀ #mystylewednesday⁣⠀ #myhousebeautiful⁣⠀ #makehomeyours⁣⠀ #homedecorideas⁣⠀ #sodomino⁣⠀ #finditstyleit⁣⠀ #ilovemyinterior⁣⠀ #apartmentherapy⁣⠀ #ggathome⁣⠀ #myeclecticmix⁣⠀ #manteldecor⁣⠀ #jungalowstyle⁣⠀ #showmeyourboho⁣⠀ #thenewbohemians⁣⠀ #howiboho⁣⠀ #bohodecor⁣⠀ #bohemianmodern⁣⠀ #lovelyinterior⁣⠀ #handmademodernhome⁣⠀ #showemyourstyled⁣⠀ #myhouzz⁣⠀ #smallspacestar⁣⠀ #dwellpow⁣⠀ #verandamag⁣⠀ #ckstyleaccordingly⁣⠀ #ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme⁣⠀ ⁣⠀
@handsomedanxviii always makes sure  @yalelacrosse has pebbles on deck 🦴🐶
3 REASONS WHY YOU STOPPED MAKING GAINS 😳 Have your numbers on your main lifts stalled? Have you stopped seeing muscle gain? If this is you then chances are you need to fix one of these three things!  1️⃣ You’re overtraining. I used to suffer from overtraining on my lower body from training legs 3x a week and doing 8-10 exercises per lift. Because of this, I was stuck for MONTHS hitting the same volume/numbers on squats and deadlifts. This is because of an accumulation of CNS fatigue, or not giving your body enough time to recover. An easy fix to this problem is to take a rest or deload week.  2️⃣ You’re not eating enough! As you gain muscle and increase the intensity of your lifts, your body requires more food/energy. To correct this, you’ll need to slowly increase calories to maximize muscle growth and to support recovery.  3️⃣ You’re simply not going hard enough. It’s easy for people to fall into a rut where they just go through the motions and don’t give their workouts much effort. Don’t get me wrong, if you go till failure on every exercise and spend 3 hours killing yourself in the gym, you’ll be doing more harm then good. BUT, when you’re in the gym make sure your phone is away, you’re focusing on your lifts, and you’re not getting distracted by chatty gym partners. If you’re not sweating and breathing heavy, try and push yourself harder!
Who is having #funwithfries 🍟: @lordofthefries_nyc ・・・ Happy 2019! My New Years resolution is to post more because I’m sure you guys have missed me very much ... so here I am , coming into 2019 HOT with some HOT fries ‼️ 🔥  these were HOT and crispy AF. Lacking salt tho but I rather my fries be under salted than over salted. You guys agree? . . . #weekend #fries #rkelly #cheatday #delicious #tasty #cteats #newhaven #ct #yummy #nycfood #nyceats #brunch #scrumptious #delicioso #nom #noms #foodporn #football #fries #newengland #foodphotography #foodie #eats #pizza #love #peace #footballseason #potatoes
Can the pigmentation in your irises reveal secrets about your health? According to practitioners of iridology a person’s state of health can be determined from irregularities in the color, texture, and location of pigments in the eye. Based on the belief that the body’s organs are represented by corresponding areas on the surface of the iris, iridologists use maps such as the ones seen here to make medical diagnoses. These images are from two bound together titles, Disease diagnosed by observation of the eye, by F.W. Collins and The diagnosis of disease by observation of the eye, by Peter Johannes Thiel, which is a translation of Der Krankheitsbefund aus den Augen.  #iridology #iridologist #iris #ophthalmology #eye #eyes #alternativemedicine #naturopathy #pseudoscience #medhist #histmed #librariesofinstagram
My daughter on her way to meek ❤️loveeeYouNoot have fun 🐞#easy #dadtags #stori🐙
Fairfield Prep wins the CIAC D1 State Championship #cthk
You didn’t understand me, I got more precise. #lastrep #explore 📸: @bangleydesh
Cat Focus: This distinguished fellow's name is Chuckles and he is looking for a home! He is a more low-key cat, but can definitely be playful when the mood strikes. He is very sweet with the kittens here, often grooming them or being gentle when playing with them. Chuckles deserves a family as amazing as him! 😻💕
Thank you EVERYONE! My HighSchool Basketball Career At Amistad has now ended, but it’s been more than I could have dreamed of. This school has helped & watched me grow from a boy to a young man. 💯 The bonds that I’ve made w/ my teammates will last for a lifetime ❤️✊🏾! Really taught me what a BROTHERHOOD was like. We came up short of that 1 GOAL, but this is not a career I’m ashamed of!  My father has ALWAYS told me to LEAVE A LEGACY 💫 & I believe I have done that by being a First Team All-State Player, In my mind being ONE of the BEST GUARDS in CONNECTICUT🙏🏾 & by being the first In Amistad History to be a 1000+ Point Scorer!  So I wanna say THANK YOU to all my teammates: Cyp, Justin, Sheem, Arthur, Kyle, Eli, Isaiah, Au’marion, Jaden, Tyrone, Brandon, Rob, Tariq, Herbert, Will, Toby. Also wanna say THANK YOU to all the coaches that helped and worked with me through my years: Coach Ott, Coach Shawon, Coach Malcom, Coach Dave, Coach Rick, Coach Rob, Coach Langley, Coach Bernard, Coach Draughn, Coach Greg, Coach Tolson; sorry if forgetting anyone! Thank you for this INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE & AN AMAZING 3 YEARS! #floorgeneralout💔
Happy #firstdayofspring from your friends at the Yale Art Gallery! This gorgeous hanging scroll in the Gallery's collection is called Early Spring, and was painted by Japanese artist Takeuchi Seiho ca. 1925–30.  May your spring be filled with beautiful moments of growth and renewal.  #takeuchiseiho #earlyspring #hangingscroll #japaneseart #scrollpainting #birdonabranch  #spring2019 #springsolstice #artandnature #freeandopentothepublic @yale #yaleartmuseums @artnewenglandmagazine @ctarttrail @infonewhaven
One question I kept asking myself after last year's SRC election was "what am I going to do after this?" I didn't get an immediate answer but I just kept being the same guy I was before the election and kept pushing harder than before with all the lessons I took from the election.  I must confess that its not been an easy journey since then. Its been extremely difficult, rough and tough with a lot of expectations. There were times I did feel like I've had enough but the thought of all who look up to me kept me moving. Couldn't afford to let anyone down.  I made a lot of sacrifices, cut off a lot of friends and family, skipped plenty lectures, failed papers, got broke all for the right reasons. I didn't really feel worried about those things because to me what matters most in this world is for you to succeed.  The saying that blessings come in disguise never made meaning to me until after losing that election. It all makes sense now. It's a year ago and I already have a lot of testimonies to make.  Look, the world doesn't care where you come from, it doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter your past life, all that matters is that you know where you are headed and you work at it and make sure you win.  Fawzia Karim and Salima Karim. I cannot appreciate you guys enough for the constant support. You inspire me to do more. God bless you both.
I’m back 🏎💨 👀 #siclub #siclubconnecticutchapter  #hondacivicsi #ep3society  #jdm  #kseriesonly #skunk2racing @vraceworks_ma #k20a #typestrans @modded.world @siclub_ct_chapter
I just had an old friend hack into my account and delete all my pictures (& DM’s which is weird lol) out of malice and envy. The same person I took endless pictures had someone threaten me. Whatever the case may be I am overjoyed for my days on this Earth and I give all thanks to my God. I’ll also take this as an opportunity to post more meaningful content and smile more. ❤️ To the individual who found the need to give vengeance because of my undeniable support and motivation for you I truly do forgive you @kali_ph0enix . I pray for your growth and spirituality to be restored in all the tribulations and trials you’re going through. Social media is not real but your actions are truly disgusting. I am so sorry that you are not surrounded by true love by your family and you have the spacious time to take someone’s joy but have failed miserably. I will reiterate to you on here as I have this entire time that you do not have to carry yourself with NO self respect or esteem. I hope you find a way to love yourself. You do not have to be a stereotype or hold your worth by the men who give you money through sex or your friends who aren’t really your friends. I hope you take time to get your life back in order and you find no time for these games. It is in your best interest to not become a product from the environment you were raised. You have my attention like you desired. I hope you feel happy.  Exodus 23:22 🙏🏾
Macro shot of a backlit geode. 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 #macro #macrophotography #macrophoto #macroclique #macro_perfection #macro_captures #macroworld_tr #macro_vision #macromood #macro_freaks #macro_brilliance #top_macro #macroworld #igbest_macros #bns_macro #macro_highlight  #macro_spotlight #macro_secrets #macro_holic  #macroshot #macrogrammers  #macrogeeks  #photography #photographer #geode #geodemacro #geology #crystal  #hdmacros @hdmacros @hd_macro #hdm
“Mass Appeal” off Debut EP “The Making of A God” ft. @conradomuluc (produced by @3rdeyefree) Drops April 2nd 💫‼️‼️ #sevenkings #cthiphop #undergroundhiphop #ctgraffiti
Today marks ONE YEAR at @wtnh8 , so I figured this is a great opportunity to show you some of my favorite moments! Three segments, lots of Yard Goats game day live shots, and a healthy serving of Brass Bonanza. This year has been absolutely incredible. Link in bio.