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Tesla Gigafactory 1

Instagram photos and videos at Tesla Gigafactory 1

It’s official, breakfast tacos are now available Mondays 😎🍳🌮🌶🔥🍊 Come catch a case.. #caseofthemondays  @mikography for the bomb art
Perhaps label makers don’t make the best of gifts to begin with... #teslawordoftheday
Map not to scale. #teslawordoftheday
Cuál es tu número?
Love the lunch at my job #lovemyjob #lunchtime
Gotta Love being able to see nature like this in the wild!
PERIOD. !!!!
Happy Father's day! Great memory with my dad touring the gigafactory #tesla
gf at gf1
Introducing the future of automobiles to family!😄 #workplace
👩‍💻 #advancehighlight Meet Carolina Uribe-Gosselin, our UPE SparkDev Director who landed an internship at Tesla and is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy! 🚗  Carolina was a Packaging Program Manager Intern at Tesla in their Gigafactory I, located in Reno, Nevada. During her 4 month internship, she managed packaging solutions for Tesla Energy products such as the Powerwall and Powerpack. Her main areas of focus were reducing packaging costs, eliminating foam in Gigafactory I, and improving warehouse efficiency. After her internship at Tesla, she started another internship as a Program Manager at Microsoft, joining 13 other UPE members this summer (more on that soon!). Congratulations Carolina! We’re so proud of all your accomplishments and can’t wait to have you back! Want to find out about upcoming internship and job opportunities like these? Become a UPE member and join our community! Sign up at http://upefiu.io  #upefiu #fiuscis #fiucec #fiu #miami #tech #worldsahead #futureisus #internships #jobs #stem #computerscience #informationtechnology #coding #womenintech #upeadvance #tesla #microsoft
A long word for a long week. #teslawordoftheday
All things Tesla for the next 3 days. 2x factory tours and shareholder meeting!
A very Monday word. #teslawordoftheday
Beautiful Sunset!
It’s just cause I like booze! #itsmyfriday
It’s been real, @teslamotors.  To NC on Monday.
TB to Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada, our first Tesla road trip. Thank you again @teslabargain for the VIP Tour invites! Wow, what a day that was. Gigafactory tour set  at 3:00pm sharp and Abbey and I were set to arrive 15 minutes early. With just enough charge to get there, I planned to plug in at the chargers upon arrival. I assumed that my Tesla would just instinctively know how to get to the Mothership, so I was just following the nav and looking for a Tesla sign. Suddenly, my navigation redirected, and went from saying we were 5 minutes away to an hour and a half! We were now heading to the next city like 50 miles away. What just happened?!? I was on a newly built highway pretty much the boonies and nowhere to turn around. I pulled a u-ey driving over the median, now going back in the proper direction but my charge was dwindling 4%, 3%, 2%. I called @teslabargain waiting at the Gigafactory. I began telling him what happened but I lost all cell reception and we got disconnected. Driving on 0% but still going strong. That’s when it happened. Vivienne completely died. I used whatever momentum we had left to pull over to the side of the empty highway. I had no idea where I was, car dead, no cell reception, road deserted and the tour was about to start. I was screwed.  But I drive a long way for this and I was determined to make it.  I told Abbey to stay in the car while I waited on the side of the highway. A car flew by, I waved, they didn’t even look. Then a truck, I flag it down and in the driver’s window told a woman in a flannel the situation. She agreed to give us a ride, but she didn’t know where the Gigafactory was. So we got directions, got to the Gigafactory and we had JUST missed them! But the woman called the tour guide and they came back for us. We signed the NDA and joined the tour! Then we just had to deal with rescuing Vivienne after the tour was over. I will just say, we were at the Gigafactory very late that night. And the people who
Have a good weekend all!
Work Flo $$$
$$$$!!!! 💯
Another Day another $$$
Some perspective...
A very successful visit yesterday to our newest customer; the Tesla Gigafactory. #gigafactory #tesla #panasonicenergy #sparksnevada
Gettin it in ! #teamteslafam
One year done and dusted #tesla
working here has helped me through me a lot . i love it and hate it here . pray to god this will be my last job ever. i want to be an entrepreneur and i will be an entrepreneur. cant give up . my time will come🙏. #godisgood #renonevada #motivationalquotes #money #success #fashion #follow #entrepreneur #entrepreneur #entrepreneur #entrepreneur #entrepreneur
We are officially part of the Tesla team.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I am thankful for everybody for supporting me.  I am excited to start my career with one of my closest friends.  I look forward to this journey.  I love you all.  Thank you.  #tesla
Today marks the END of the BEGINNING of my next challenge! Already, I have been exposed to so much knowledge and learning opportunities. I am excited to see the results after my time at #tesla #gf1
I can, in fact, confirm that this word did happen. #teslawordoftheday
Ein Besuch in der #gigafactory von #tesla in Sparks - recht spannend, was die da so treiben #powerwall #model3
We really enjoyed our tour of Tesla’s Gigafactory 1! Lots of career options on the horizon. Thank you Tesla!
Today, nine men will go for the top (and, at the back of the grid, six will go for the final three spots). #teslawordoftheday #thisismay
No pictures allowed inside the Gigafactory, so this is the best we could do.  We look really small, but you should see us versus the robots inside.  Thanks to @teslamotors for the tour.  The Gigafactory is amazing!  #tesla #gigafactory1 #reno #nevada #renoonfire #svecapital #electricvehicles #sustainableenergy #innovation
Moving your car away from everyone lol #subieflow #wrx #subie #subaruwxr #fa20 #turbo #subaru #subienation #subiegang #subiesquad
Sorry it’s so small; there was a lot to write this time. #teslawordoftheday
Tesla model Y at work, smaller version of our model X. With full self driving right around the corner I’m tempted to sell my truck.