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Canadian Museum of History

Instagram photos and videos at Canadian Museum of History

i love dancing and my dance family if you didn’t already know:) #shinedancecompetition #awkwardfoot
POV2: thank you for last night ! #riversidefestival #gatineau 🇨🇦
เรื่องมันยาว #คิดถึงพี่จุก  #คิดถึงแคนาดา #อยากแวะไปเที่ยวอี๊ก #ภาพแรกไม่เกี่ยวกับเนื้อหาของคลิป #
Selfie en canoa con perro 🐕
A lovely Sunday spent today at the @canmushistory. Happy Sunday pals ♡ what are you up to today? . . . . . #sundayvibes #happyheart #happykids #simplelife #dailyreminder #theeverygirl #theeverymom #momtruths #lifeasamama #mybeautifulmess #ottawalife #tinysquares #photooftheday #siblings #sisters #kindness #spreadlove
The guy who taught me how to cook beans married our national genius, and the party was something for the history books #niyoncuti
Bravo Alyssa pour tes belles performances et tes classements! 💙  Costume: @couture_mb
First competition done!! Some great awards, moments and much more! Thank you @shinedancecompetitions for an amazing experience 😘😘
No matter how grateful and how positive I can try hard to be,2018 will always be for me the year I lost my papa. And there is absolutely nothing positive about that. Nothing to be grateful for about that.  Yes, I was blessed in some other ways. Yes, I can find small things to be thankful for but I can't simply disregard the fact that so many more years creating memories with papa were robbed from me. So allow me to not be all excited and hyped up about this new year. It's for sure going to be a year full of ups and some downs (see my positive attitude here☺️) and I am ready for all of it. • Only thing I full heartedly wish each one of you is health. And growth. Everything else will come around. • Happy twenty nineteen Instafam.  P.S: I opened up a little more about my past year in a blog post. The 🔗 to it is in the bio😉#cancersucks • 📸 Brice Ntwari
No matter where my sister is she'll always be with me💪💪💪
A few pics from the @shinedancecompetitions Facebook page :)
Get a feel for the neighbourhood vibe when you visit the @canmushistory and check out Alex Janvier’s stunning mural, the “Morning Star”. 📷: @budgettraveller #wheninandaz
@shinedancecompetitions we love you
Ottawa Canada who knew? #blast #greatshow x ❤️🧡
More photos from Nutcracker 2018💙
The show is starting now!! @annemariemediwake is live in Ottawa at the @canmushistory to tee up what's happening on #canadaday 🇨🇦
One of my most fav places ever!
she did Jennie justice @_michellelo #kcccanada @kcccanada
Semi was weeks ago but these pictures were better so cheers 🥂
photobooth tings 🎞
Favorite Edo Boy! 🔥
Wish i could be back in Quebec right now taking in some history again
I Ottawa besökte vi Canadian Museum of History. En omvälvande upplevelse!
🌅 via @avolossov #ottawa #gatineau
Ottawa'da Kızılderililer müzesi... Beyaz Adam gelmeden önce bu renkler, bu totemler, bu rengarenk figürler gerçek hayatın içinde idi. Şimdi ise paralı bir müzede...! Bu arada ben en çok 5. sıradaki totemi sevdim. Kabile reisi olsaydım çadırın girişine onu asardım 😊✌ Asagidaki alıntı da son fotodaki heykeli yapan ressamın  kaleminden... "Here we are at last, along way from Haida Gwaii, not too sure where we are or where we're going, still squabbling and vying for position in the boat, but somehow managing to appear to be heading in some direction; at least the paddles are together, and the man in the middle seems to have some vision of what is to come." From Bill Reid's foreword to The Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Bill Reid's Masterpiece, by Ulli StelVer (Douglas & McIntyre, 1997). #ottawa
Every year I want to speak at the #cspc2018. It is imperative that our government not just listen to #science, but support and engage with researchers. We have made tremendous #progress together in advancing #cdnscience, and we have more to do. —- Chaque année, je tiens à prendre la parole à la #cspc2018. Notre gouvernement doit écouter à la science, mais aussi soutenir et collaborer avec les chercheurs. Ensemble, nous avons fait du progrès remarquables en #cdnscience et nous avons encore beaucoup à faire.
A day at the museum 🗿 feeling girly today 🖤 #ootd
Fin de semaine remplis d’aventures , de plaisir, d’amour et de rires ❤️ coudn’t ask for a better week-end at @festivalriverside 🙌🙌 #riverside #kayzo #loudluxury #matoma #deorro
Wardrobe malfunction. A really really good producer is ready for anything... Thank goodness for @devjohns @yourmorning
Chocolate drip 🍫
me n my girls in trudeau’s hood
Ottawa K-pop Gala 2018: La Vie En Rose - IZ*ONE [DZ*ONE] . Literally moments before we walked on stage I was yelling at everyone to be careful not to slip on the roses, yet I’m the only one who ended up slipping 😭 a million thank yous to the 11 of you for making this stage possible and biggest shoutout to @jh.shine for being an absolute angel and helping us out to make sure our stage would be perfect 사랑해 언니 ❤️ you can find our full performance in the link in my bio, along with all the other performances, including my other team’s performance of DDU-DU DDU-DU ☺️#kcccanada
Architecture by Douglas Cardinal (1989)
One of our favourite pics from the fall season this year in Ottawa! 😍 Have a great weekend everyone! 📷 @caustin89 #myottawa #ottawa #discoveron #explorecanada #fall
In #budget2018, we committed to increased access to #mentalhealth support for #black Canadian youth.  Today, with Min. @mrdginettepetitpastaylormp, we announced $10M for initiatives focused on addressing anti-Black racism, cultural diversity & well-being. I invite all Canadian stakeholders, organizations, researchers and community groups to submit their applications: canada.ca (search mental health in the Black Community)  Together we can, and will, end #mentalhealth stigma.
Jingle bells. ❄️
PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Canadian Museum of History (pt. 1/6) . The Canadian Museum of History’s emblematic dome acts as a visual reference point throughout most of the museum pathway. As the dome is an immense structure where it is impossible to install lighting, the team had to use a special approach: “We wanted to use this constraint as an advantage. That’s where we got the idea to use the dome to create light with indirect lighting. We wanted to make it the centrepiece of the museum’s ecosystem”. After many colour tests, the team was able to create their desired effect: a timeless tone for a comfortable atmosphere where visitors feel as if they have stepped into the museum’s very own world. . City: Gatineau, Canada Client: @canmushistory Architect/Designer: @gsmproject Photo Credits: Gordon King Photography  #museum #architecture #led #lightingdesign
Had a lovely time at the Museum of History with @barnieldanett today ☺️
Aucuns mots peuvent décrire à quel point nous étions heureuses ce soir là.
Wait ... do you really put milk before cereal ? 📸: @just.steeve