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Instagram photos and videos at Southend-on-Sea

Behind the scenes #pavementboutique prep for a mini ‘testing-the-waters’ selling night with a lovely bunch of peeps. See you tomorrow! 🧡
It’s getting chilly! I miss the warm sunshine ☀️
Keeping the little people safe too... 👦🏼💙
T R A N S F O R M A T I ON ▪️ T U E S D A Y ▪️Left photo was November 2016. As you can see I was very underweight as well as unhappy within myself and how I felt both physically and mentally. I always had very little energy and was very self conscious of what I was eating and how  often. At this stage I only ever did cardiovascular training. ▪️Middle photo was June 2018. I was experiencing a lot of serious life changes at this time causing stress and several other emotions and I sort of lost myself which effected my eating habits. Eating irregularly and not giving my body what it needed therefore I was still not at the healthy weight for my body stats. Still exercising regularly both weight and cardiovascular training. ▪️Right photo September 2018. Taken shortly after returning from a nice, relaxing and well rested holiday with the two most important people in my life. I came back from holiday more motivated than ever to become the best version of myself I could possibly be. Enjoying weight training and still generally doing some form of cardiovascular training just not as much as the first photo. ▪️Never give up💪🏼
No job, relationship, environment etc is worth your happiness. Be brave enough to make the change and trust the universe will do the rest 👊 - Dan | @danwfurlong  #lifehack #happinessquotes
Repping 🇬🇧 but praying for Cali, LA 🙏🏼 @offspringhq @unionlosangeles @jumpman23  #offspringhq #offspringhqaj1union #offspringhqcommunity #offspringhqaj1unionsize85
Shout out to our first clothes rail customer!! Thanks for the great feedback. Was a pleasure to design this with you @hjkdavies . Please message us for order information or design enquiries ! #handmadefurniture #industrialdesign #bespokefurniture #reclaimedwood #clothesrail #storagesolutions
Finally getting around to trying these! Late to the party I know! 4 for £3 in @asda so I grabbed these and an extra coconut; thought it would go well in a chicken curry! 😋  #lindahlskvarg #lindahl #quark #lowsyn #slimmingworldsnack #lowsyntreat #slimmingworld #nestlelindahls #nestle
The stories you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit. - I will never forget how scary it was to open up about my struggles. I had wanted to reveal all many years before I did but fear kept me from doing so. I was so worried about the stigma and then I realised something. It was selfish of me to not tell it. - If I share open and honestly I can carry a message of hope and recovery. I can get people to help and ultimately well. They can then do likewise to others. - So if you have a story be brave and share it. It will help you heal I can assure you and it gets easier every time you tell it. - Sending love to all - Dan | @danwfurlong  #maleanxietydepression
23... 🎂 #celebrations #food #jokes #selfie #snapchat👻
Taken me a while getting round to trying my beers from @sirencraftbrew brewing but it was was the wait. This was fruity, smooth and light. A real easy drinker and look at that hazy colour that it pours. This is an awesome beer #craftbeer #beer #craftbeerliving #ukcraftbeer