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Round Rock, Texas

Instagram photos and videos at Round Rock, Texas

Austin Day 1 Fun
Clean headlights, new emblem, and bumper quick release. Im somewhat ready for the meet and cruise tmrw.🔥
The trip to Austin has come to an end...thanks for a fun weekend my dude! @count_on_counts
My pillow princess! Keeping me company while I try to get better! #rubyroserobinson #sweetestgirl
Headed out for some bbq and to see Pacquiao VS Thurman fight. Never watched Manny fight before, a first and I couldn't stop eating a bag of Cheetos throughout the entire fight.
life’s good ❤️
To our lovely daughter trinity Graciela Molina You spent nine months in the womb and now here you are being 9 months old & small but definitely a bundle of joy for the family your giggles are definitely contagious. Thank you for bringing so much happiness to me and your daddy’s life We wish you would never grow up and always stay the same, I know that is impossible though so I will just wish you the happiest 9 month Birthday ever today!  Xoxo mommy & Daddy #yesterday #mydaughteris9monthsnow #mylove #mybabygirl💕
City of Round Rock PARD Night Rider 2019.
You have made me a better person. I will love you forever Steve. 🐶❤️
Best part of my trip to Austin has not been fighting bit spending some real quality alone time with this little guy.  Love this kid.
LEGS DAY! Getting back up the weight slowly 165lbs... my reps looks awful but still did it.💪 #crunchroundrock #keepaustinfit
“I’m walking to the top”🌟🤫
The people have spoken! A fresh batch of our new flavor “Drunk Cherry” just got sealed up! Super excited for this one 🥃 Drunk Cherry: bourbon & cherries
Always good to see professor @namarratrip @ribeirojjnorthtexas  Congrats my friend!  #ribeirojiujitsu #6blades #austinopen
Blackened Alskan Pollack fish 🥗 for dinner and strawberries, raspberry,pompom seeds,blueberry and blackberry for dessert. #healthyeating #health #fruit #salad #healthyfood #fish #alaskanfishing #alaska
Dinner menu for the week. She's recovering from her Lasik. Right eye swelled. But I noticed her scribble on the board at the fridge earlier. Looks  like a bistro's daily special menu. Oh well, wherever she wants for dinner, I make. 😊  #chefstable #happywifehappylife #menu #homecooking #texasliving
*slow small hair flip* 🌼
I’m so excited my new 🏡 is not burning fossil fuels anymore! 😍#gosolar #solarrocks☀️🤘🏼 #freedomsolarpower #urbanpermie
Approach with caution!! 💋Twenty-Fine Loading #redlips #reddress #redbottoms
Keanu Reeves themed birthday party. Each guest (save for the guest of honor who was surprised) picked their favorite Keanu to go as. I went as Keanu Reeves playing Keanu Reeves in #alwaysbemymaybe 🖤 #keanureevesparty #keanureeves
Saturday In The Pool With Dylan
He likes to hold nature, look at it, and then let it go.  #anole #lizard #texas #greenanole #malelizard #backyardfinds #backyard
My friends are back in town!☝️Check out my story to see thousands of purple martins swirlin🌪 #birdnerd #texassky
Fun little #zigcleancolorrealbrush Works well with my water brush too!
It may be hot, but the fishing is still hotter! #brushycreek #livingwatersflyfishing #flyfishroundrock
Sous vide and seared on a cast iron to perfection.  #sousvidecooking  #nystrip  #steak  #beefitswhatsfordinner
Echoes NEW Phone Grips!
Echoes NEW inventory!
I believe in myself and the POWER I carry within. I believe in my magic, even the magic I haven't discovered yet or forgot about, that lives in my genes. I'm a fuckin Emperor. I'm a priest. I'm an OG. If u don't believe me ask my lil homies. Ask the ones that I taught that there was more to black life than being a nigga. My Mojo reigns supreme cuz my royal ancestors say so. I ain't got no quit. My destiny will be fulfilled and my great great great grand kids grand kids will be blessed by it. #riffonbaby
Suns out, tongues out👅🐾☀️ Low-key still staying inside all day though because it’s 💯 degrees outside. Stay thirsty my friends! 💧  #goldenretrieversofinstagram #goldenretriever #austintexas #cute  #hot #saturday
@vulcania_bar lighting. Fantastic! #hometikibar #texastiki #tiki #tikiaf
@vulcania_bar is fantastic. Everything one could hope for in a home tiki bar! #texastiki #hometikibar #tiki #tikiaf
Come through tomorrow 😏. 📸 @eatsnstyle
Ouuuuuu pineapple she so sweet 🍍 #riptheotherphoto
Here’s your first teaser for one of the tracks on my new upcoming LP! This song is called “Yellow Days”. Show your support and spread the word! @dan_earl_music
Look who I met tonight! I sat with a group of experienced TNR Queens. Between them and @the_original_trapking, I learned a lot and am ready to take on the rest of the neighborhood cats. ♥️ #johnnyandjune #tnrsaveslives
Someone wanted to play “nail salon” and have nails just like me......her uncle Chris made it happen! ❤️❤️❤️
Best neighbor's ever! I'm gonna miss living next to this crew so much!
Had no competition.. literally 🎾 #nextserenawilliams#tennisislife#undefeated
🇺🇸Today I fought Austin summer open I made 5 fights  thanks God for everything went well ... Listen to advice and accept instructions, and will end up being wise. Many are the plans in the heart of man, but what prevails is the purpose of the Lord. Proverbs 19.20,21  thanks @paradigmtrainingcenter  my favorite gym ever @captain_brelion thank you for the help in my conditioning class to pushed so hard 😴😬 my coaches @marcusbellobjj @wancleroliveirabjj @bruno_alvesbjj  much love ❤️ my sponsorship #equinoxgroup @soltinho_kimonos_angola 🇦🇴Hoje lutei o Austin summer open fiz 5 lutas graças a Deus deu tudo certo ...Ouça conselhos e aceite instruções, e acabará sendo sábio. Muitos são os planos no coração do homem, mas o que prevalece é o propósito do Senhor.provérbios 19.20,21 obrigada  @paradigmtrainingcenter my favorite gym @captain_brelion thank you for the help in my conditining class push me hard 😴😬 meus professores @marcusbellobjj & @wancleroliveirabjj  @bruno_alvesbjj much love ❤️ meu patrocinador #equinoxgroup ❤️❤️❤️
Foam Party!!!!!🔥🔥🔥
First time I was glad to have gone to an antique store. #vintage #finsup🐬 #miamidolphins #finsfan