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Whitney Museum of American Art

Instagram photos and videos at Whitney Museum of American Art

“Alexa, play Norah Jones, Sunrise” 🌅 I loved the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney — so much color! 🌈 Hope everyone has had a great weekend! #makeyousmilestyle
Mother nature ain’t got nothin on me ❄️ (but lowkey sick of seeing so much beige on my feed 😂 should’ve brought more than one coat)
Proud to announce that I’m the boss, CEO and chief of @cocacola now! So sick thank you Oprah 💯❤️🌈
S O U P  D U  J O U R 🍵🥣 • • • This is the last photo of my Andy Warhol, Whitney Exhibit series. • Does anybody know the reason why Warhol choose Campbell Soup to paint?👇🏼 • • • Some say it is simply because he loved soup (a man after my own heart....I can have soup morning, noon and night). Others claim, he wanted to take the mundane and make it art. He wanted his viewers to think about it from a different perspective. Perhaps both reasons are true but either way, soup is the ultimate symbol of comfort, don’t you think? • I offer you some comfort this Monday morning with my soup image from the Warhol exhibit. • And the question I have for you, what is your favorite Campbell Soup flavor???? • • • For me, it is literally a tie between Chicken Noodle and Pea Soup. 🍵🎨💎🥣™️♥️ • • • • • • #soupdujour #campbellsoup #whatisyourfavoritesoup #andywarhol #whitneymuseum #fromatobandbackagain #iconicart #popart #changinginpublicrestrooms #backwardinheels #backwardinheelsinspiration #backwardinheelsstylingtips #fashionwithmeaning #keepyourvibeshigh #alwaysanoptimist #influencer #blogger #bloggerstyle #nycinfluencer #nycbloggers #womenwithstyle #streetfashionstyle #whowhatwearing #curatorofcoolstuff #ootdpic 📸@roda.dpr
To have people you can be yourself around is an incredible blessing ♥️ my forever sister @tinakarajerry #3pineapples
Meet me where I’m at
life update: I got bangs that don’t cooperate with the wind🎱
Todavía no sabéis quién es la maravillosa artista de 103 años Carmen Herrera?? 🧡♠️ En mi libro #faceless os la presento💥 #carmenherrera
Some pics w my sister! Whom I miss! In a city! Whom I also miss!
the art was nice but check out this view
wait you’re supposed to stop moving when someone takes a pic??
it cold !!
We love some Warhol #rtrrep
Señorita intelectual.
la felicidad 🤩😬
Spontaneous trips to the Whitney with my fave 🖤
❌welcome to warhol’s world ❌
첫날부터 바람에 많이혼남,
Tag yourself, I call Tomato
I wear my heart on my sleeve...and my Valentine on my chest 🧡 @jamesrichardmiller #bemine #happyvalentinesday #warholatthewhitney You’re always with me...even when you’re not. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone 😘
you thought we went just for the paintings? art you funny  pc: @serendipity.jl @chengnotchen double pc: @kevinnb.98  triple pc: @khushii.shahhh
eat your green beans 🌱
two things i’m sure of: 1. I love @bigbudpress and 2. I miss new york
Andy Warhol — From A to B and Back Again open through March 31
Love this city 🖤🦋
girl with painting. 2019, whitney.
🖼 ✨
warhol’s world 🥄
utterly moo-ved by Andy Warhol 🐄
По времени перестроились ✅  В исторический отель заселились ✅ Крупнейшую выставку Andy Warhol посетили ✅  Место посадки Салленбергом айробуса А320 на Гудзон увидели ✅  Бургер в Хардроке клацнули✅  По Хайлайну прошлись ✅  По Гринвичу и Челси пятнашку мотнули✅  И это все до обеда...) Нью-Йорк в жизни такой же душевный  и миловидный, как в мультике про черепашек ниндзя😎
Warhol ✨
Andy Warhol — from A to B and back again  Whitney Museum