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Naples, Florida

Instagram photos and videos at Naples, Florida

Proud to be part of this team raising $$ for @childrensnational  @bretbaier  @amyhbaier just Wow. Great work!
You guys are the BEST, Matt and I had so much fun yesterday reading all of your baby name suggestions! ❤️ Spent the day on the beach 🏖 and finishing the book “Bringing Up Bebe.” I loved it! Do you guys have any other book suggestions 📖 (baby prep or just a good read)?! Let me know in the comments!  This suit is a new find and a great price point (non-maternity + comes in 4 colors). Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! #naples #naplesflorida #instagood #stylethebump http://liketk.it/2A0CB #liketkit @liketoknow.it #32weeks #pregnancystyle #babymoon #bumpstyle #ltkbump #ltkunder100 #ltkswim
Daily goals when home in NapLes :  sunrise and sunset beach walks ☑️
Melty California Grilled Avocado Chicken 🌱🌞🥑🍅 #happylongweekend By @cleanfoodcrush ~ makes 4 servings  Ingredients: 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, about 6 oz. each 1 Tbsp avocado oil, or extra-virgin olive oil 1 tsp dry Italian seasonings  1 fresh garlic clove, minced sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 4 slices high quality mozzarella cheese 4 large slices ripe avocado 4 large slices fresh tomato 4 large fresh basil leaves 2 Tbsps high quality balsamic vinegar 2 Tbsps raw honey  Instructions: In a large glass bowl add chicken, oil, garlic, Italian seasonings, sea salt and pepper. Toss well to get chicken coated.  Heat a grill pan or an outside grill to medium-high.  Grill chicken for about 4-5 minutes per side (about 10 minutes total) , or until cooked through and no longer pink in the center.  Top chicken with mozzarella, avocado, and tomato slices, and cook for an additional 2 minutes, just until cheese is melted.  In a small glass bowl whisk balsamic vinegar, honey, and a pinch of salt.  Drizzle this balsamic mixture over the chicken and garnish with your fresh basil leaves. Enjoy! ❤ ~ #mealplan #mealprep #lunchbox #madaboutfood  #foodstagram #eatrealfood #fuelyourbody #goodmoodfood #healthyish #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #findyourowncontent  #food52grams #eatwellbewell #eeeeeats #makesmeswhole #bonappetit #thenewhealthy #feedfeed #intuitiveeating #allrecipes #tasteofhome #realfood #homemade #recipe #foodblog  #thekitchn #realsimple
Dime baby pa donde vamos ? tú eliges
If Sunday mornings mean your kids jump in your bed raise your paw  #mamaaqua #baloubie
A great shot from our weekend event of Paul with the amazing heart surgeon who saved his life - Dr. Richard Jonas @childrensnational @amyhbaier #blessed #countyourblessings
Sun-day with bae ☀️♥️
She for keeps
2019 Lamborghini Urus. 🇮🇹 il piu’ bel SUV mai realizzato 🇮🇹. #naplesmotorsports #carreviewsunplugged #lamborghini
Another one🏆 @chubbclassic @pgatourchampions #championstour
pizzaaaa by the ocean
________________________________ به حال ماهي قرمزا حتا سياها غبطه ميخورم اين روزا، نه اونايي رو كه ميندازن توي تُنگاي شيشه اي تَنگ و بوگندو و به زوور مينشوننشون پاي هفت سين ! به اونايي كه توي اقيانوس و درياچه ان حسادت ميكنم. بخاطر حافظه ي چند ثانيه ايشون! فكرشو بكنين؛ انگار هميشه هرچيزي رو براي اولين بار تجربه ميكنن...اولين بوسه، اولين دوست، اولين طوفان، اولين مرواريد، اولين جلبك خوشمزه ي زندگيشونو هر روز با لذت ميخورن... زندگي بايد براشون از سحر تا غروب پر از كيف و هيجان و تجربه ي بكر باشه.... البته بديهايي هم داره؛ مثلا نسل ها يادشون ميره به نسل بعديشون ياد بدن كه: هيچوقت يه طعمه ي سر قلابو گاز نزن!!🙄 ولي من فعلا دوست دارم به جنبه ي خوب بي حافظگيشون فكر كنم و به حسودي_دردم ادامه بدم..😋 #ياسمان_نوشت  #ماهي_كوچولو
I wanna be a lifeguard
Really wishing this was still our reality ☀️
It’s been so nice to have a few days off (busy ones) and get in some beach time! Before this week I hadn’t had a full day off since Christmas!! 🙏🏼✨🔮🌙 . . . #yoga #igyogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #healthylifestyle #positivevibes #yogaeverywhere #yogi #yogini #igyoga #yogajosey #yogajourney #vegan #namaste #naplesfl #naplesflorida #yogagirl #yogagram #yogalife #yogalove #beachyoga #healthy #yogateacher #yogapose #split
🌞 > ❄️
☀️I’m 11 Months Sober today!☀️ I truly can’t believe it! Before I answer two commonly asked questions about my sobriety, I want to fill you in on how I’ve been. These past two weeks have been a STRUGGLE. I don’t know why but I’ve been craving alcohol so badly! I’ve been having a daily battle of “well it’s just one drink”//”it’ll be fun and I’ll feel more relaxed.” These thoughts and more have been persistent! And I just keep saying NO. because I know they're Lies. One drink Will lead to more. I will not feel relaxed, instead I’ll be extremely disappointed and in a worse spot then I am now. So I’m still holding on strong. Being almost at the 1 year mark has helped me too!  So here’s to of the most commonly  asked questions I get about my sobriety:  1) Do you still have a sip here and there? Did you really have Zero alcohol these past 11 months? ◾️No, I did not have any sips or small drinks. I have to admit I’ve sniffed a few drinks lmao but that’s it. I’ve had ZERO alcohol.  2) How did you do it? ◾️I quit cold turkey. No weeing off or cutting down drinks. For me that’s not possible. I had to cut it out completely. For the first few months I didn’t step foot in a bar to avoid temptation. This sucks for me because my bf and I enjoy playing pool. So we cut that out for a bit. Also, I avoided social events and parties for a few months. Most all of the family and friends I hang out with drink. There’s always liquor around! So I stayed away until I felt I was strong enough to handle it. Most importantly, I open up to my family, friends, and Instagram when I’m struggling. The encouragement I receive helps me remember what I am doing is Hard but not impossible. And that this temptation will pass! I remember clearly the drunk nights, my horrible attitude, and regretful actions that took place because of my addiction to alcohol. I choose Sober Cirsty every day and I do Not regret that one bit.🥰 ❗️If
Early evening sun rays
stay close to people who feel like sunshine 🌞
the past three days felt like one long deep breath. out of my mind happy to smell the smells of plants and earth and warmth and life. to let my skin sweat and feel the sun and walk outside barefoot with nothing on my body but my swimsuit and a smile and shells in my hands.
swipe to see the vacay pic cat and i finally took together
happy presidents’ day! 🦖🦕🐢🐛🐝🦑🤠
Burnt to a crisp, but I regret nothing
First Golf outing of the year, first eagle, not a bad start! #naples
I’ve got my toes in the water bum in the sand, not a worry in the world, give me that treat in your hand🎼🤣 @lolatheterrible . . Want us to share your photo rocking your Frenchie Bulldog gear?! Tag us in your photo and use the hashtag #frenchiepetsupply 🐾 . . #frenchiepetsupply #frenchiesofinsta #pugsofinsta #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram #pug #frenchies #reversibleharness #frenchiehoodie #thedodo #frenchieharness #dogclothes #dogharness #frenchiegram #dogsbeingbasic #frenchieoftheday #instafrenchie #bulldogs #dogstagram #frenchievideo #cutepetclub #bestwoof #frenchies1 #ruffpost #bostonterrier #bostonsofig #animalonearth #dog #dogs
Snowing in providence... beach please
Знаешь, раньше люди, которые регулярно занимаются спортом были для меня сродни сектантам. И ... Я точно не хотела быть на них похожей😂. . Сейчас я не слишком близка к спорту, но Ежедневно встаю и делаю свои 15000 шагов. Зачем? . Попробовала сформулировать свои ответы на вопрос зачем. А этот вопрос всегда главный в моей жизни. . Самая главная причина вообще не из спорта. Причина - утро и улица. Это все по научному и про энергию. Утро=улица правило, которое со мной уже не один год. Как вы думаете откуда во мне столько энергии? . Весной этого года в @w меня протестировали. Анализ показал, что в Риточке лишних 18 кг жира и 9 из них на туловище. Я, конечно, допускаю, что 2 из них - титьки, но 7 тоже слишком много. 🙈 И все эти килограммы-это жир, полученный из хачапури и прочих прекрасностей задва года. И он обволакивает все мои органы. А это уже не жир на заднице. Это опаснее. . Мои 10 км Ежедневно позволили убрать 6 из них и это для меня достижение. . Ещё одна причина - задница. Моя всегда была в обхвате около метра. Но я предпочитаю, чтобы этот объём был распределён правильным образом, а не висел лепешечками, по
Bae watch 👀
Mcloving it!
[SOLD] 534whp 2014 Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee in Plum Crazy with 15K miles for sale! This low mileage Charger is in great condition, exterior is 9/10 and the interior is a 10/10! The highly desirable eye catching Plum Crazy Pearl Coat paint looks amazing! Fully optioned from the factory! The owner also has a set of 17" Weld Racing Wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street R Radials that can be sold with the car. Dyno sheets can be provided to interested parties. Shipping can be arranged. Willing to trade for a low mileage or boosted C5 Z06/FRC. Clean title!  Engine: MMX Molnar Drop-in Piston & Rods Package MMX NSR Boost Cam Edelbrock Victor II Intake Manifold Nitrous Express Kit (jetted for 150 shot, can go higher) LMI Intake  Suspension: Rear Lower Control Arms to Fit 17" Wheels & Drag Radials  Dyno: 534whp/547wtq  Price: $30,000 Location: Naples, Florida  #streetcarmarket #racingfx #dodge #charger #srt8 #superbee #nitrousexpress #cammed #mopar #streetcar #forsale
back in florida & i think i’ll stay
i liked this one better idkkk
I happily spent the day with my husband taking advantage of where we live (we rarely do beach days, as sad as that is). I looked around and consciously sat in the gratitude for the chance to just be there and sit in the sand, for simplicity, for how the beach takes you away from your worries for a while. It felt good to soak up the sun. Now I’m burnt. But it was life giving & I’m proud of work victories like rest, even on weekdays.
Each step may get harder, but don’t stop. The view at the top is beautiful 🔝 - - - -  My training programs 👉🏽 bodiesbycarlos.com - - - #personaltrainernaplesfl #bodiesbycarlos #mensfashion #streetstyle
on my own
2.18.2007 ~ Specialist Brandon Gordon 🇺🇸 > #ophawkeyeremembers #brandongordon #airmedal #160thsoar #nsdq #supportoursofcommunity #operation_hawkeye > > 📜 https://www.soc.mil/Memorial%20Wall/Bios/Gordon_Brandon.pdf 📜 http://www.veterantributes.org/TributeDetail.php?recordID=2020 📰 https://www.nbc-2.com/story/10684614/naples-soldier-killed-in-helicopter-crash-in-afghanistan 📰 http://fortcampbellcourier.com/news/article_188c2dc7-268e-5639-80c2-288cad73c3ef.html 📰 https://www.fold3.com/page/637408543-brandon-gordon 🎨 https://www.fallenheroesproject.org/united-states/brandon-drew-gordon