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Interlochen Arts Academy

Instagram photos and videos at Interlochen Arts Academy

What a great couple of days at the Interlochen low brass Institute! Really enjoy playing for and working with these fine students. #miraphone #teamwarburton #euphonium #tuba #trombone #lowbrass
beware of the black squirrels👊🏻😾
@_lolalama_ day 2 pics from @interlochenarts #summercamp. L👀K at that stage! Seats for days and a view of the lake. Whaaaaat?!
made it ‘n i love it
Visiting my high school before heading to @kerobong ‘s wedding in Grand Rapids!
Thank you for all the donations! Follow the LINK IN MY BIO. Literally any amount helps! Take the detour for some Junior year highlights.
Enjoying the amazing Interlochen Conducting Institute led by Dr. Jerry Blackstone!
#day52  gonna miss you a lot😭 we have been through so much these two years together... Thank you so much @aaronreiley for did such a amazing job to brought her back nice and strong🤩 please.....be nice to her for whoever gonna use it at the academy next year🙏🙏🙏 don’t let it keep cracking... Also....No superglue⚠️⚠️⚠️ I may see you again in the future....my little Pullman❤️
If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you
Into the woods!! @joshgroban #bridgestour
Guess who is singing and wearing an orange suit ?
It’s been almost 2 weeks since graduation and I miss these people (among many others) more than ever! Thanks for an amazing year ❤️
Last time you’ll see me in green #goblue
...and that’s a wrap 🎓
Congratulations to my youngest son Gabe, who graduated on Sunday from West Senior high school with honors. He is one of the hardest working, principled, self directed and internally driven humans I’ve ever met. He never took the easy road and always opted for the most challenging classes that would teach him the most about the subject matter and himself. He fearlessly faces & slays any obstacle thrown in his path, an example being last spring & summer’s six moth epic of school, track, volleyball, a landscaping job & modified workouts, all with a broken wrist, casts, surgery & eventually PT & a brace. Not only has he excelled in his academics throughout his years as a student, he has pushed himself in sports, lettering in track, and continually making strides physically and otherwise to become his best self. I ponder every day how I was so lucky to be his mother. He is kind, funny, an amazing friend, son, & grandson, a steadfast brother, and one of the most stellar human beings I have been blessed to know. He will be going to the University of South Florida this fall, fully paid for, with the academic scholarships he has received. I am beyond excited to see what is in store for him in this next chapter.💓🌟💖💫#stepin #myboy #proud #blessed #graduate #newchapter #congratulations #workoutpartner #son #mother #limitless #possibilities #yogastudents #yogateacher #writer #crossfitters #usf #writersofinstagram #love @gaberhinelander
Grads of 2019 🤩🎓
Proud of you buddy. Remember to call Mom often, and when she stops picking up you’ve won.
proud of you!!🤪💖
the costume room is lonely and maddy’s a drunk aunt 🤩
congrats everyone! i can’t wait to see how you all use the pythagorean theorem, y=mx+b, and polynomials in the next chapters of your lives!
Congratulations Aage-y!!
Happy GRADUATION day to those pictured and the MANY not! We will miss you! 🎓💛🖤
We did it
Catering with Naomi today! 💜@interlochenarts 😁 catering by @the_hofbrau_interlochen 🤤
Kazoo gang prevails.... we got that bread
05.25.19 #graduation
Listening to @forthegirlspodcast and loving hearing the voices of @jasonrobblack & @westratenick teaching me things I never thought I needed to know about Diane Keaton’s latest movie. Look at this photo of me and Jason as babies at high school then go listen to For The Girls Podcast. #forthegirls #throwback #highschool
Thank you for giving this moment to me 💚
Goodbye Interlochen. Thank you for all the wonderful friends you’ve given me, I will cherish them forever.
wow.  My year at interlochen was full of passion, creativity, and lots and lots of music.  The days, and nights spent here will not be forgotten.  Thank you, for everything  #classof2019
Graduation is gonna be hella beautiful
I’m already really missing these lovely people and this lovely place💕
Last performance at inty thanks to isabella shared with the whole community at graduation commencement. I am in shock of everything occurred. I lost track of time and everything it’s been gone in an instant. A shift from the routine to the “outside of inty life” and the beginning of a new summer, the continuation of life. I love, love, loved my time shared with the most extraordinary people on earth. We all happened to be at the same time, same place, to live this magical coincidence. And interlochen has given me so much, SO MUCH, and changed me massively in all aspects, learning constantly every single day. I am so grateful for life. And for this portion of my life at inty. Can’t wait to see the things we’ll do but even more if the future will reunite us again. Meanwhile I’ll do everything to keep you all close to me. Big meep, big thank you. ❤️
Incredible two years at Interlochen 🎓 It’s hard to say goodbye but I will miss all the people sooo much!!!❤️#classof2019
I graduated on Saturday. There are no words to describe how I truly feel about these past two years and the people that have formed who I am and have helped me grow. Thank you for everything I know.
I have so many pictures..🤣 gotta post probably two more times but I will miss everyone so much💕
3 years story at Interlochen has finally become a memory. Thanks to everyone for helping and supporting me to successfully graduate. I love you guys all❤️ #classof2019 #interlochenarts
Dear Interlochen Family,  Thank you for teaching me countless life lessons. Thank you for giving me wisdom, kindness, and patience even on my darkest days. Thank you for catching me when I fell. Thank you for showing me the beauty of nature and of people. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Thank you for introducing me to amazing new people, ideas, and opportunities. Thank you for inviting me to make your campus my home. Please know that I will continue to miss you dearly in every day that passes. Know that that includes the pesky uniform reminders, lake touching restrictions, and signing in at night as well as the beautiful starry nights, trips to TC, quiet walks in the woods, and quick bonding of friends. Know that I will never let a call go unanswered and navy blue will always remind me of you. You have influenced my life in an unimaginable way and I cannot thank you enough for everything.  Missing you already, A New Interlochen Alum
Graduation week/celebration for @elena.altmiller was unforgettable.  So proud of  you!! Enjoyed our week with @kandbfrank @oberon6 @dianev61 @bridgitfrank
We did it!! Thank you to everyone who made this the best year of my life. I still can’t believe it happened and it’s now over. I’ve grown so much as a musician and a person this year, and I’m so glad I got to share that journey with all of my amazing friends. I’ve never felt more loved and supported. Saying goodbye to this place and these people is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Thank you for all the unforgettable memories. Interlochen will always have a special place in my heart❤️
Definitely not related.
Two years in the middle of nowhere Michigan studying creative writing and I still can’t read. Currently using voice to text to type this.
So long, guys ❤️
so i didn’t actually get any graduation photos on my phone here’s a photo that still means a lot to me at a place that does too
So this extraordinary young man graduated high school today!
These two years in a bubble of incredible culture in the middle of what felt like Siberia has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. From filibustering lobby clean up and breaking res life to walking to class in temperatures lower than the North Pole, it was the two hardest years of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing
“there is no such beauty as where you belong” ~ unbelievably grateful for the people who made this year possible and the people who made it wonderful. I left my heart at @interlochenarts ~ love you all so much! 💙🎓
As Drake once said: ”skadabucci”
Made it out alive by the steri-strips on my chinny chin chin... thank you all for an incredible two years ❤️
Class of 2019!!! We did it! #organists
We have a graduate!!! Two very proud parents!!
“For ever, and for ever, farewell, If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why, then this parting was well made." - Shakespeare (you know I had to) // thank you Interlochen, for all the friends, the laughs, the tears, the heartache, the memories, the stress, the sleepless nights, the love, the joy, and most importantly, the art. #graduated
Somehow your fave siblings graduated from granola elementary school AND artsy high school school together
Nathan, You mean the world to me. And yes I know that is probably the most cliche line in the book but I don’t care, because it’s true. I never realized how easy and fun a relationship could be until I met you. I wish someone had told me at the start of this year to go and fall in love with you. But at the same time I’m glad we started dating when we did. No matter what, you always find a way to put a smile on my face. Even when I am moody and confusing for no reason! Im going to be very direct for a second. This long distance thing is gonna suck. It’s gonna suck not being able to see you everyday. It’s gonna suck not being able to hug you. Or kiss you. Or hold your hand. It’s gonna suck, but at the end of it all, we’re still together, and that’s all that matters. I want to be with you until we can afford to get matching Gucci slides just for the hell of it! I love you Nathan Lee. I’ll see you soon💕 Love, Your girlfriend who loves you with all her heart
congrats lola more than eli (im still the better dancer)