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Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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Sure, you *can* see glimpses of the neighbors from this on-the-market log house, but it's still pretty easy to imagine that you're on a cozy getaway in the woods, rather than in suburbia. 🏡 Check out more photos of this stunning cabin — and its spacious add-on — at the link in bio. 📷: Bright MLS images via Long & Foster Real Estate
Hi everyone my friend Tyler Stevens is in Chop and he needs lots of prayers from all of us on Social Media please take a time to pray for my friend Tyler he had his back surgery to be done and he’ll be out of School for 6 weeks. Pray for a speedy and safe recovery until he returns next month or so #tylerstrong
"We love the things that keep on bringin' out the kids in us" ▫️ ▫️ 📸-@thelifeofscxtt - ▫️ Sauce a follow to the boys⬇️ @burbs.media @mk6.jetta  @m.burk @e28.bake  @bean.sti - ▫️ #subaru #wrx #subieflow #subiedaily #fa20  #socalsubies #boost #turbo #subiedistrict  #wrxnation #subaru15 #subiegram #subieculture  #eatsleepsubaru #subiesocal #subienation  #subiegang #subielicious #2016wrx #enkei #nt03  #seibon #love #photo
Snow days!! ❄️💙❄️
🔥205 lbs🔥 • • • Tbh I could go heavier, but after doing 7 sets prior to this I moved on. I’ve never pushed myself past 185, so it felt good doing 205 for two sets. I tend to sell myself short, especially in the gym, but I’m working on that by increasing the weight where I can and going for extra reps at the end of each set. With all the changes I’ve been making I’m hoping to see some serious progress by the time summer rolls around ☀️
good to be back🥰
My favorite part of working with rescues, is being able to do the smallest things that I know will mean the world to them. Glad I could get this handsome boy out of that stuffy room and out on a great adventure.  If anyone is interested in Boyd (the goodest boy ever) let me know! He needs an amazing home where he can have a million more adventures! Thank you @megtaylor98 for being a part of this great day
Not sure if I am teaching a class or going to a 90’s Costume Party 🎉😜 #babyspice  #ashleenormaneducates
welcome to the font sugar tits
these sunflowers are finally dry.. now the real question is to varnish or not to varnish? 🤔🤔#sunflowers #oilpainting #paletteknifepainting
Merry kilt-mas (we pregamed church) 🎅🏼 #dadwaslit
🐾Life is not a problem to be solved but its reality to be experienced💛
Get you someone who will  1. Risk their lives to watch a train ride over your head because it makes your crazy ass oddly happy  2. Yell at traffic for you when you have places to be 😂  Neem, you are the weirdest person I know.
Range day 🔫
Just some light paused sets of 4 at 240, nothing special
Never let your woman know when you’re insecure
Lyla & Cybill on a snow day
Life is like a balloon..If you never let go, you will not know how high can you rise..... #instafit#instaphoto #phnjabism#gotmylove #k
Dinner and some drinks with @geminisisternails
October is Physical Therapy Month! Throughout the month, we will introduce you to some incredible patients who have benefitted from physical therapy! Meet Brendan – he is 8 years old and suffered a knee injury that required surgery. After surgery, Brendan started physical therapy at our Specialty Care & Surgery Center in Bucks County, working with his sports physical therapist, Matthew. CHOP sports physical therapists primarily treat sports-related and orthopedic injuries, typically between the ages of 8 to 22 years old. Their role is to prepare each patient for the physical demands of their particular sport and focus on optimal participation level and injury prevention. After several weeks of PT, Brendan has been able to transition back to running and jumping!
Tonight's the night!  Good Pizza, Great Cause! Our dance company 'Momentum' invites you to our Pizza Night at Dominick's in Chalfont.  All proceeds go towards dance opportunities and initiatives for the company dancers!
Thankful for so many blessing in my life. My salvation, Family, and this beautiful girl are just three of them! #blessed #thanksgiving #yeashesmine
“ Oh you single single “ 😛
they said @tjoshie7 would be here!?
gettin lit for baby jesus
Late merry Christmas! ❤️🎄
Lol almost died trying to mess with rack height #imdumb
Lookin’ good in your NL gear and camo pants ladies!! #twinningfriday 💪👯‍♀️
font 📹: @vx_pete
#whatsonmyplate lunch from today 💫 mixed greens with quinoa, chickpeas, Brussels, and sweet potato. . . For dressing I used balsamic vinegar mixed with oil from a can of sundried tomatoes.. 100% need to try
OohhhhKay. I just discovered the BEST pancake recipe eveeeerrr (and it just so happens to be vegan🤩) even my hard-to-impress dad thinks so!! haha Recipe goes like this: ((in the vitamix ofcouurse)) - 1 ripe banana - 1/3 c. almond milk - 1c. Rolled Oats - 1 T apple cider vinegar - 1 T maple syrup - 1 tsp. baking soda - 1 tsp. baking powder & BLEND — and keep blending until reeeally smooth, then cook on a pan like any other pancakes and add any mix-ins ya want! blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, coconut— U name it😜 I topped mine with some homemade sunflower🌻seed butter (see my highlights for deets) and PA’s voted best maple syrup in the state from my family’s land in Potter County🥞🧡🍌 seriously, i’m not even a pancake person and these were soooO gOod💝let me know if you guys try it, I’d love to know what you all think!!
tonight we shared stories. this is mine. p.s. totally disregard i’m wearing the same shirt as my last dance video oops
Favorite superhero, favorite baseball player, favorite team and favorite holiday🎃....besides Christmas of course